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Luke Dowdney, CEO, Luta presents at WFA Global Marketer Week 2012 in NYC.

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Luke Dowdney, Luta

  1. 1. A fightwear and lifestyle clothing brand born of real strength 1
  2. 2. In Brazilian Portuguese the word LUTAmeans to fight, to struggle, to never give up.This is the LUTA story… 2
  3. 3. Fight for Peace uses boxing & martial arts combined with education andpersonal development to realize the potential of young people incommunities that suffer from crime and violence.FIVE PILLARS MODEL1. Boxing/Martial Arts.2. Education.3. Social action.4. Job access.5. Youth leadership.
  4. 4. Fight for Peace Academy in Rio Fight for Peace Academy in London• Founded in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro in 2000• Opened London Academy in 2008• Over 7000 children and young people attended in Rio and London Academies since• Winner of the LAUREUS Sport for Good Award 2007• 2 national boxing champions
  5. 5. From the favelas of Rio de Janeiro to many other communitiesglobally, young people display the Real Strength needed to neverquit in the face of adversity, to put in the hours and never stopbelieving in becoming a champion, no matter the odds.This Real Strength is the heritage and inspiration behind LUTA…
  6. 6. Born in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, LUTA is a new fight wear and lifestyle clothingbrand that brings together real fight performance, favela street style and a genuinesocial mission. 50% Profit Share Scheme LUTA is committed to giving Fight for Peace International, registered charity 1137636 (via its subsidiary company), at least as much of the company’s profits as we give our shareholders. Fight for Peace International is a global charity that promotes the use of boxing and martial arts training combined with education and personal development programmes to help young people in communities that suffer from crime and violence.
  7. 7. LUTA PROOur LUTA Pro Range combines the most advancedperformance fabrics and technology with realfighters’ know-how. As part of our fight weardesign and development process we receivefeedback from hundreds of fighters as well astesting our gear on the mat and in the ring withmulti-disciplined champions.
  8. 8. LUTA PRO LASER-TECH RASH GUARD• Super lightweight (175/m2) stretch body. • Four-way stretch inner leg panelling. • Eco friendly 100% recycled polyester.• Antibacterial airtex provides additional ventilation. • Mushroom velcro fly and wrap over waistband. • Moisture management properties.• Laser bonded seams minimise chafing and irritation. • Total leg extension for grappling and striking. • Contoured airtex panels.
  9. 9. TRAINING WEAR Taking its cue from rigours of fighters training regimes and employing the latest in high performance fabrics and design,our training wear is for those who are serious about getting fit.
  10. 10. TRAINING WEAR• Super lightweight four way stretch polyester fabric. • Super-soft feel for comfort and performance. • Elasticated waist to maximise freedom of movement.• Full front zip, two front slimline jetted pockets with concealed zips. • Strengthened flat lock seams provide added durability. • Total leg extension for multi discipline training.• Fabric allows freedom of movement. • Eco friendly 100% recycled polyester. • Embroidered LUTA ribbon.
  11. 11. STREET WEARWorking with designers from Rio de Janeiro’sfavelas, our urban wear collection combines ourfighting pedigree with distinctive style and energyof the favela. Even the LUTA logo was inspired bypixação, an iconic form of graffiti native to Brazil.
  12. 12. STREET WEAR• Made of high quality 100% cotton jersey. • LUTA branding running down both sleeves. • Ergonomically designed. • • Elasticated and tie cord waist.• The ground colours make up LUTAs Embroided badge at bottom of hoodie. signature colour palette. • Ankle zips.• Graphics take inspiration from the Brazilian favelas. • High neck zip to keep neck warm.
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  14. 14. PREMIERE SPORTS RETAIL LUTA pop up Covent Garden, LondonKings Road Sporting Club, London Greaves, Glasgow Suka, London 18
  15. 15. GOOD BUSINESSMarket opportunity:Growth of MMA / fight wear marketsGlobal sportswear brands (Nike, Puma, Adidas) continue to dominate, butfightwear brands are increasingly taking market share. TapouT grew from$12m to $200m revenue between 2006 and 2009 and is now available inmore than 20,000 retail stores worldwide.•Major brands such as Nike and Everlast have begun to create ties to MMA.•Fighters are now recognized as some of the best athletes in the world.•UFC has signed advertising deals with mainstream sponsors like Harley-Davidson, Bud Light, Burger King and Bacardi•Since November 2011 UFC events are being broadcast on network television,reaching 99m homes in the US.However, still some problems around public image 19
  16. 16. GOOD BUSINESSConscious Consumerism:An authentic, non-replicable story gives an additionalreason to purchase.•When price and quality are about the same, 94% of consumers are likelyto switch brands to one associated with a good cause.(Cone/ECHO Global CR Opportunity Study, 2011)•Consumer spending on ethical personal products, including fashion, isworth £1.8 billion. Sales of ethical clothing grew by 72% in 2 years.(Ethical Consumerism Report, The Co-operative Bank, 2010)•Today’s consumers are savvy and cynical of “goodwashing” or PR-drivenefforts. They expect greater accountability from brands tied to socialcauses. Authenticity is a very important driver in a purchasing decision. (JWT Intelligence, Social Good Report, 2011) 20
  17. 17. ADDED VALUE SUPPORT / PR• Pro-bono support from key agencies: Academy Films, What If, BBH Kurt Salmon – Global Business Development Advisor• Association with key socially conscious MMA / Boxing / Lifestyle Ambassadors 21