Introducing the WFA


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Some of the benefits of WFA membership...

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Introducing the WFA

  1. 1. Global marketer?You are not alone
  2. 2. You can’t solve every problem by yourself.That’s why WFA members turn to the collective wisdomof our global network for help and inspiration. Cut down on trial and error Join our unique peer-to-peer WFA meetings help me to groups for Global CMOs, IMC plan better by learning how and Connections Directors, and where other companies Media, Digital and Procurement have managed to overcome specialists. problems and succeed. Geoff Seeley, Global Communications Planning Director Save time and money Got a specific question? Get WFA benchmarking feedback from your peers provides a shortcut to solving within 48hrs through the WFA the challenges we face. benchmarking service*. More detail needed? Try our One-to- Gary Lim, One Matchmaking Service*. Regional Connections Director Or maybe the answer lies on our online Global Knowledge Base? Be inspired WFA’s peer-to-peer meetings I’m always struck by the bring together over 25 diversity and calibre of people (on average) of the most at WFA meetings. This may sophisticated multinational explain why I always come out marketers (no agencies or with fascinating and relevant media owners). insights. Mariann Coleman, Director Global Agency Relations and Performance *All WFA services operate within the boundaries of our competition compliance policy and are overseen by our competition lawyers.
  3. 3. Make better informed decisions WFA is a not-for-profit WFA meetings give me the organisation, our agenda full picture. is based on our members’ priorities and our network is Ian Hutchinson, only for client-side marketers. Director Marketing Investment and Media There are no vested interests.Be in a better negotiating position The average sample for WFA WFA enables us to assess surveys represents US$30bn in our recent performance against marketing spend. a pool of multinational peers, not hundreds of SMEs. Get unique insight from our research on anything from Thomas Holzapfel, media cost forecasts to agency Global Category Leader Marketing remuneration.See (and act on) the bigger picture Increasingly, protecting your WFA helps us stay on top brand is as important as of the critical issues that affect building it. WFA defends your us today, forewarns us of the license to operate by working issues of tomorrow and helps with international bodies, such us develop the tools we need as the WEF, WHO and European to address them. regulators, and by shaping self-regulatory responses to Stephen Kehoe, industry challenges. Head of International Corporate Relations
  4. 4. The world’s biggest marketersA unique network of national advertiser associationsArgentina (CAA) • Australia (AANA) • Belgium (UBA) • Brazil (ABA) • Bulgaria (BAA)Canada (ACA) • Chile (ANDA) • China (CANA) • Colombia (ANDA) • Cyprus (CAA)Czech Republic (CSZV) • Denmark (DAF) • Finland (ML) • France (UDA)Germany (OWM) • Greece (HAA) • Guatemala (AAG) • Gulf Cooperation Council (ABG)Hungary (BGA) • India (ISA) • Indonesia (APPINA) • Ireland (AAI) • Israel (IMA)Italy (UPA) • Japan (JAA) • Korea (KAA) • Lebanon (LAMA) • Malaysia (MAA)Mexico (AGNA) • Morocco (GAM) • the Netherlands (BVA) • New Zealand (ANZA)Nigeria (ADVAN) • Norway (ANFO) • Pakistan (PAS) • Panama (ANDA)Paraguay (CAP) • Peru (ANDA) • Philippines (PANA) • Portugal (APAN)Russia (RAA) • Serbia (SAA) • Singapore (SAA) • Slovakia (SZZV) • Slovenia (SAA)South Africa (MASA) • Spain (AEA) • Sweden (SA) • Switzerland (SWA/ASA) • Turkey (RVD)United Kingdom (ISBA) • United States (ANA) • Uruguay (CAU) • Venezuela (ANDA)