Govt statements sustainable energy for all


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Ensuring Universal Energy Access

Italy and the U.S. announced the launch of Lighting India, which will bring modern lighting services to two million people by the end of 2015. This builds on the success of the Lighting Africa program, which has already accelerated market-driven delivery of quality off-grid lighting devices to 2.5 million people in Africa. Both of these programs are affiliated with the Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP) announced today to promote market-based delivery of low-cost, quality-assured solutions to consumers who currently lack modern energy options. Other Global LEAP partners include the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, the UN Foundation, the Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), the African Development Bank, the Global Environment Facility, the UN Development Program, and Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry. More than 100 private sector and civil society organizations have expressed support for its principles.

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Govt statements sustainable energy for all

  1. 1. Clean Energy Ministerial & Sustainable Energy for All **Statements for the Press**UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Edward Davey“I am delighted to welcome participants to the UK for this year’s Clean Energy Ministerial. This week, wewill see countries working together to accelerate the rate at which clean energy technologies aredeveloped. We will see how investing in clean energy can help us all to create economic growth, jobs andimproved energy security. The UK is currently rated the 5th best place in the world to invest in cleanenergy, and number one for offshore wind. But, we want to do more to encourage investment to the UK,so this week, I will be working with visiting Ministers and industry to forge ahead with ensuring thatprogress is made in developing renewables, energy efficiency, carbon capture and storage and cleanenergy entrepreneurship.”UK Secretary of State for International Development Andrew Mitchell"We must develop trade and investment in renewable energy and help the poorest countries get theenergy they need to grow and develop. And in a world increasingly affected by climate change we shoulddo everything we can to support clean and sustainable energy sources. Government support cannot solvethis alone. I am excited to see that there are even more opportunities now for private capital to invest in asustainable and economic future."U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu“The Clean Energy Ministerial brings together public and private sector leaders from around the world totake concrete steps in accelerating the deployment of clean energy technologies. Our energy challengeswon’t wait, and neither can we. By working together, we can seize the clean energy opportunity – savingmoney for consumers, promoting sustainable economic growth, and protecting the planet for futuregenerations.”Dr. Sultan Al-Jaber, UAE Special Envoy for Energy and Climate Change“This year’s Ministerial marks the launch of the newest CEM initiative, the Global Sustainable CitiesNetwork, an idea originated in Abu Dhabi last year. The network is a platform for knowledge-sharingamong pioneering urban sustainability programs, examining clean energy technology applications in urbancontexts. For a nation such as ours facing exponential growth and resource demand, this network can be acritical tool for our rapidly evolving cities, and we are honored to serve as Secretariat for this group. Oncethis year’s CEM comes to a close, the world will focus its attention on the UN Earth Summit later this year;a reminder that creating a sustainable future for all will hinge on empowering ourselves to use ourresources responsibly.”
  2. 2. Stefan Kapferer, Deputy Minister for Economics and Technology, Germany“We have made significant progress in international cooperation on policies and projects that acceleratethe worlds transition to a clean energy system. It is a pleasure to announce that Germany will participatein the 21st Century Power Partnership initiative that will promote large-scale energy efficiency andvariable renewables deployment through smart grid solutions. Here in London, the Multilateral Solar andWind Working Group has launched the first prototype of its Global Solar and Wind Atlas. I am convincedthat this multi-stakeholder initiative will make a substantial contribution to the global increase ofrenewable energies.With its membership in six CEM initiatives Germany shows its strong commitment tothe Clean Energy Ministerial process.”Dr. Karsten Sach, Director General for International Cooperation, German Federal Ministry for theEnvironment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety“Germany is convinced that renewable energies form a crucial part in achieving a global secure,sustainable and affordable energy future. Together with our partners in Denmark and Spain we areleading the Multilateral Working Group on Solar and Wind Energy Technologies in the Clean EnergyMinisterial. With the launch of the first prototype of the Global Solar and Wind Atlas we aim to facilitateenergy planning and enable investment into renewable energy projects. We thereby aim to contribute toan accelerated deployment of renewable energies worldwide.”Anna-Karin Hatt, Minister of Energy, Sweden“To support and ensure the development and deployment of clean energy technologies we do need towork together to facilitate the best conditions for companies to innovate, grow and expand, within and inbetween our countries. This is why the Clean Energy Ministerial is such an excellent initiative. It can reallymake a change when it comes to pushing the clean energy technology evolution in the right direction byestablishing better conditions for new clean technologies. These technologies will in the end be part of thesolution to avoid further climate change.”Charles Holliday, Chairman, Bank of America; Co-Chair, UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Group onSustainable Energy for All“The CEM commitments to action announced today in support of achieving Sustainable Energy for All areterrific examples of the power of partnership. Providing sustainable energy for all by 2030 is an ambitious,yet achievable goal. But it will only be achieved through collaborative action by the private sector,governments and civil society.”Kandeh Yumkella, Director General, UNIDO; Chair, UN-Energy; Co-Chair, UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Group on Sustainable Energy for All“Sustainable energy powers sustainable development. Sustainable Energy for All will boost economicgrowth, improve social equity and preserve our environment. The CEM commitments announced todaywill help children study after dark, support hospitals and health clinics to function properly and spur jobcreation and other economic opportunities.” April 26, 2012