Opening Event WEFOUND, 12 February 2014


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A meagre 13% of startups in Germany are represented by women.* We want to change this. We are the change.

February 12th, 18:30, at Potsdamer Str. 98a, was the public launch event for WEFOUND, a young and fierce organisation that emboldens women to PROFIT from their passions. At the event, WEFOUND’s team members publicly introduced their upcoming global crowdfunding campaign.

The program involved a Forbes nominated speaker, Berlin female startups pitches, WEFOUND’s action plan for 2014, arts exhibition and networking that includes accelerators, entrepreneurs, incubators and investors.

GOOD NEWS: over a 100 men & women attended!
BAD NEWS: not everyone got a seat!

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Opening Event WEFOUND, 12 February 2014

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Social Entrepreneurship – Women as Changemakers! Lauren Braun, President and Founder of Alma Sana Inc
  3. 3. Budgets & Timeline -Update population stats for babies & health centers -Update budget - Determine timeline for project: Nov-Dec= planning, est. relationships, manuf, Jan-Jan ‘13= run, Feb-Mar= data and reporting project Product Design -Sketch final prototype -Find graphic designer/ engineer to render it in 3D -Ensure shapes are culturally relevant and easy to remove from bracelet -Size of baby’s wrist Data/ Metrics & Research Design -Research design- test/control vs. past/ present -Best method of tracking data—laptop, paper, app -Best person to track data– interns, volunteers, nurses -Verify metrics with epi expert Key Relationships Manufacture -Local govt MOH officials -Hospital managers -Nurses -Moms -Volunteers -Donors -Timmy Global Health -Ability to rapidly prototype -Fasten it closed -Baby-safe, durable material -Mass customization Bracelets Vaccine Education Program -Develop training program for nurses -Develop specifics of program for moms -Where will we train nurses? - Vet training for moms and nurses through global health education people (PATH?) Marketing/ Social Media Distribution -Establish contacts at the 6 local hospitals -Update/ inform nurses at health clinics, gain support -Update ProPeru- potential receiving center for materials before distribution -Finalize website – add donation option -Finalize grant comm strategy & get approval -Create FB page, Twitter, LinkedIn? -Finalize press release template for various publications -Create listserv of interested people/ potential donors
  4. 4. About WEFOUND Val Racheeva, Founder & CEO, WEFOUND Franziska Nylen, Founder & CEO, WEFOUND
  5. 5.
  6. 6. WEFOUND Crowdfunding PREVIEW
  7. 7. 2 min. presentations women startups & entrepreneurs
  8. 8. Empowering women to fall back in love with themselves, find the man of their dreams and create magic relationships Next monthly open group for singles on February the 19th .
  9. 9. www.jourvie.c om Supporting people with eating disorders during their recovery Ekaterina Karabasheva
  10. 10. Heidi Lidholm Managing Director, Sage Publicity Ltd
  11. 11. Tell us about You! Introduce your Business
  12. 12. Sophie Mayer
  13. 13. THANK YOU!