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WEC Inside 
July 2014 
Welcome to WEC Inside, your exclusive
briefing from your WEC network
LatAm experts wa...
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Anteprima WEC Inside - Luglio 2014


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Il WEC Inside è una pubblicazione mensile del World Energy Council (WEC) contenente interviste a rappresentanti del WEC e dei Comitati Nazionali, overview e aggiornamenti sulle attività recenti e future del WEC in tutto il mondo e, approfondimenti sulle ultime news in ambito energetico. La versione integrale del WEC Inside è disponibile nell'area Servizi Informativi, riservata ai soli Associati, sul sito del WEC Italia.

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Anteprima WEC Inside - Luglio 2014

  1. 1.     WEC Inside      July 2014  Welcome to WEC Inside, your exclusive briefing from your WEC network News  LatAm experts wanted for WEC Scenarios workshop The WEC’s World Energy Scenarios team will be hosting a workshop in the Latin America and Carib- bean region this month. Energy strategists and other decision-makers from the region are encour- aged to attend. The regional Scenarios workshop, hosted by CACME, the WEC Argentinian committee, will be held in Buenos Aires on 28 July. At the workshop regional experts will inject their on-the-ground expertise of regional energy issues – with discus- sion hinged around the findings of the latest World Energy Issues Monitor – and interrogate the plausi- bility of broad scenarios storylines. On the follow- ing two days, members of the WEC Scenarios study group will hold in-depth discussions to ex- plore the scenarios storylines based on the region- al workshop discussion. Gerald Davis, Executive Chair, and Karl Rose, Senior Director of the study, will lead discussions at both the workshop and study group meeting. This workshop presents an opportunity to test and explore how the global insights, as presented in the 2013 Scenarios report, manifest in the re- gion. The 2013 report finds that for the LAC re- gion, even in the best case the growth of energy supply will still be insufficient to meet the rising energy demand associated with economic growth. The study sees total primary energy supply to grow by between 2.3 and 3.8 times, while meeting ener- gy demand in electricity alone will require at least US$1.33 trillion of investment. (See Inside Insight, page 4.) July 2014 WEC Inside1 WEC Inside: your exclusive update from the WEC network In response to readers’ feedback, we have made some changes to how we communicate with our members via WEC Inside. From now on, WEC Inside will focus on show- casing WEC members’ news and achievements, serving as an internal platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration. Energy news and analysis will instead be cov- ered in a new e-magazine that the WEC has just launched earlier this month: World Energy Fo- cus. More on this overleaf. With the World Energy Focus as an enhanced monthly offering of the WEC, WEC Inside will be published once a month only, in the middle of the month. But other things will remain the same. WEC Inside will remain exclusive to WEC members. We continue to welcome your news and feed- back. And we continue to encourage you to share it more widely among your members. Keep on reading and sharing. Monique Tsang Editor, WEC Inside continued on page 2 ... These initial explorative results will provide the basis and framework for a further regional deep- dive, which would be complemented by quantita- tive modelling by project partner, the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Switzerland. The Scenarios team will present initial findings during the week of the WEC Executive Assembly in Cartagena, Colombia, this October. WEC members are encouraged not only to attend but also to invite colleagues who are ex- perts in the field. Contact Zulandi van der Westhuizen ( and Tom Tirins ( for more info. Catch up on the 2013 findings for the Latin America and Caribbean region on: QyhSSD. Also available in Spanish and Portuguese. ■ Member committee news Ecuador joins WEC Ecuador has joined the WEC as its newest member committee. The new committee is hosted at the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy. It is chaired by Esteban Albornoz Vintimilla, Minister of Electricity and Energy, while Gabriel Arguello, Executive Di- rector of the National Centre of Energy Control, serves as Secretary. The newest addition of Ecuador brings the num- ber of WEC national members in the LAC region to 9 and the total number of WEC member committees to 93. Bolivia puts on major energy congress Where is the gas industry moving towards? What is the future of petroleum? And what are the new technologies driving the energy sector? These are some of the issues to be discussed at Bolivia Gas & Energía on 20–21 August 2014 in Santa Cruz, and WEC members are invited to attend. The congress has been held every year since 2008 by the Bolivian Chamber of Hydrocarbons and Energy (CBHE), the WEC Bolivian national commit- tee. It is the largest event of its type in Bolivia. Evo Morales, President of Bolivia (pictured below), spoke at last year’s event. The 2014 event will be held under the theme “Energy globalisation: the future of petroleum, gas and other energies”. It will look at the following topics: global trends in petroleum and gas, nuclear, Alternative fuels: your views Are consumers aware of alternatives to traditional fossil-based transport and fuels? If so, would they pay for ‘greener’ alternatives? What role should government play in shaping our attitudes? Our Future Energy Leaders (FELs) are conduct- ing a study on consumer preferences to alterna- tive fuels, highlighting implications for future mar- kets, business models and urban design, inform- ing decision-makers and investors across indus- try and government. Please take 5 minutes to share your thoughts on alternative transport fuels from the consumer perspective. Complete the survey, available in English, Spanish, Portugese, French, and Russian, on: ■ WEC will host a regional workshop on Latin America and the Caribbean in Buenos Aires courtesy of CACME, the WEC Argentinian committee