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Indian biscuit industry 2nd deliverable


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Indian biscuit industry 2nd deliverable

  1. 1. Biscuits FMCG One snack fits all !!!
  2. 2. Lets take a walk down memory lane…!
  3. 3. “ G = Genius"
  4. 4. "Swasth Khao Tan Man Jagao"
  5. 6. “ Hara Banao Campaign”
  6. 8. “ HAQ SE MAANGO”
  7. 9. PARLE BRITANNIA SUNFEAST PRIYAGOLD Cream Kreams, Hide and seek, Hide and seek milano, Chox, Tiger chocolate, Pure magic Dark Fantasy, Sunfeast Dream Cream, Special Creams Classic cream, Kids cream, Glucose/energy Parle g, Tiger, brittania Tiger banana, Sunfeast Glucose Don Bourbon Hide and seek bourbon Bourbon Bourbon Bourbon Marie Parle marie, Marie gold Sunfeast Marie Light Marie lite Nutrition Nutri choice, Nutria choice sugar out, Sunfeast Benne Vita Flaxseed Biscuits Milk Milk shakti Milk bikis Sunfeast Milky Magic Big boss, Magic gold Salty / Sweet and salty Krack jack, Monaco, Nimkin 50-50 Sunfeast Snacky, Sunfeast sweet 'n salt CNC, Snacks zig zag, Chatpatta Digestive Parle actifit Digestive marie, Nutrichoice digestive biscuits Sunfeast Golden Bakery, Sunfeast Nice, Special Cookies Butter/Cocoa/Cashew 20-20 cookies, Magix GoodDay, Little hearts, Sunfeast Golden Bakery, Sunfeast Nice, Special Cookies Butter Bite, Cheese cracker, Coconut crunch, Cheez bit classic salt
  8. 10. P 6 B 8 S6 py5 P-8 B 7 S 8 Py 7 P 7 B 8 S 6 Py 5 P 7 B 8 S 6 Py6 P-7 B 7 S 8 Py 5 P 7 B 9 S 8 Py 7 P-7 B 8 S 8 Py 6 P 7 B 8 S 7 Py 6
  9. 12. References