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Web 435 week 5 learning team project and presentation


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Web 435 week 5 learning team project and presentation

  1. 1. WEB 435 Week 5 Learning Team Project andPresentationClick this link to get the tutorial: an 8-10 page proposal in which you incorporate the previous week’s draft papers.Continue to build your final proposal by including the following:· Discuss how social networks could be implemented on the Web site.· Explain the advantages and disadvantages of Web 2.0 for your proposal.· In your recommendations be sure to explain the following:o The advantages and disadvantages of using m-commerceo What is necessary to make the e-commerce site available to mobile devices?o Explain the advantages of using XHTML mobile profile 1.0.· The advantages and disadvantages of using Web 2.0 for e-commerce· Methods to incorporate web-based communities such as:o Blogso Book reviewso Sales of used books (the bookstore website takes a small percentage of revenue)o Use of Second Lifeo Individual student personalized web page· Explain methods for infusing web-based commerce to increase sales.Create a 1-2 page executive summary of your proposal that will be presented to companymanagement.Present your recommendations in 10-15 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides with speakers notes in
  2. 2. which you summarize the information from the prior three assignments and incorporate theadditional information from this week’s assignment.