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Managing, Developing, Owning and Exploiting Joint IP


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Presentation by Dave Sandbach @Nine Degree Products for the WEAR Sustain webinar: 'Legal, IP & Co creation: Essentials in co-developing wearables and e-textile prototypes, and beyond', Recorded on Tuesday 19th December, 2017.

Webinar video: - aims to aid creative and technology partners to pre-consider legal obligations, IP, contracting and joint development, prior to forming a team and applying to the WEAR Sustain Open Call. A full description of the webinar and our speakers can be found at

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Managing, Developing, Owning and Exploiting Joint IP

  1. 1. Managing Joint IP in Collaborations • Understand the types of rights (IPRs) that can be licensed • Plan ahead - formal IPR costs increase over time. Who owns and pays? • Connect your IPRs to value - don’t just protect what’s protectable! • Ownership is different from rights to use. Use licensing agreements.
  2. 2. All IP Includes inventions, copyright and design rights Background IP (Developer or Client) Was it created as part of the collaboration? yes Client foreground IP Was it created solely by Client? yes Joint IPWas It jointly created / authored? yes no no no Developer foreground IP Foreground IP Joint Development IP - ownership
  3. 3. Exploitation – whatever you agree! Some IP Rights licensing options For example: define by the field Normal Alternatives Client Foreground IPR Client owns it. Developer gets a free license outside the field Non-exclusive license to Developer Non-exclusive free License to Developer Joint IPR   Free for each party to use outside of the Field. Exclusive* License to a Joint Venture within Field Free for each party to use outside of Field. Permission required for Developer’s use Free for each party to use Developer Foreground IPR Developer owns it. Exclusive License to Client for use in the Field Exclusive* License to Client Non-exclusive free License to Client Developer or Client Background IPR Non-exclusive License to the other, for use in the Field Non-exclusive License to Client, for use in the Field No license. Permission required for use.