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Human communications and the io t


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A presentation I gave to the Boston/New England Internet of Things Meetup on June 17, 2013 about the overlooked human communications aspects of the IoT that must be dealt with if its full potential is to be realized! In particular, I argued we will need new management styles and thinking for an era in which every worker can have shared, real-time access to data that would help them do their jobs more effectively and make better decisions. Finally, I suggested we need a new kind of organizational chart -- Buckyball Management -- modeled on the buckyball molecule, in which there's no vertical hierarchy, but every person is a value-creating "node," capable of collaborating with every other person.

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Human communications and the io t

  1. 1. Human Communicationand the Internet of ThingsW. David StephensonStephenson StrategiesIoT MeetupJune 18, 2013
  2. 2. Things we couldn’t do• Share information 2-way, & on real-timebasis:• Company-wide• With supply chain• With distribution channels• With customers
  3. 3. New business language• “we”• “share”• “collaborate”• “empower”• “win-win”• “create synergies”
  4. 4. “Ground truth”• ‘ground truth’ – the deployment ofdevices that create a new stream ofintelligence – device intelligence(DEVINT) that enables decision makersto make more decisions, faster, moreaccurately and with more confidence.
  5. 5. Who else can usethis data?• Must think holistically
  6. 6. Buckyball Management• No hierarchy• Each person a node,creates value• The more people youcan involve the better
  7. 7. Collaboration• Ad hoc human networks