12.02, Segalas — Working In Groups


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SD Course in Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, 12-23 Febraury 2006

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12.02, Segalas — Working In Groups

  1. 1. Working in groups There is No “I” in Group Work
  2. 2. WORKING IN GROUPS n Building an effective group n Communicating with group members n Handling Disagreements n Becoming a Leader in a Group n Common problems when working in groups
  3. 3. Building an effective group As a member of an effective group, you should q understand that success of the group is shared among group members q understand and agree with the common goals of the group q be willing to share responsibilities and contribute to the group work q be willing to help each other
  4. 4. Building an effective group
  5. 5. Communicating with group members Think of the importance of effective communication. It can help you to: q understand each other’s needs q maintain good relationships q share opinions and expertise q minimize interpersonal conflicts q keep everything going in the right direction
  6. 6. Handling Disagreements Conflict and disagreement should not be ignored in a group. It has to be resolved properly. Otherwise, it can: q affect the group’s progress q ruin the relationships among members q create barriers to good solutions and creative ideas
  7. 7. Becoming a Leader in a Group In your project group, each member has his/her expertise and should be allowed to take the lead when there is a problem that needs his/her specialties. Therefore, leadership should be shared by members. Shared leadership enables the group to: q develop the leadership skills of members q have somebody who has the appropriate expertise to guide difficult decisions q enhance members’ sense of responsibilities and accomplishments
  8. 8. Common problems when working in groups Exercise 1: n Divide in groups of 5 members n Think of what problems can occur when working in groups. n Rank them in order of importance. Exercise 2: n How would you solve/avoid the three main problems.
  9. 9. Common problems when working in groups
  10. 10. Common problems when working in groups
  11. 11. Common problems when working in groups
  12. 12. Common problems when working in groups
  13. 13. Common problems when working in groups n Be active
  14. 14. Common problems when working in groups n Be effective