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22.02, Group 1 — Concept of sustainable development in built environment


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SD Course in Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, 12-23 Febraury 2006

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22.02, Group 1 — Concept of sustainable development in built environment

  1. 1. Concept of sustainable development in built environment
  2. 2. Contents • Introduction • Highlighting problems • Indicators • On the way to sustainability - vision - solutions and scenarios • Conclusions
  3. 3. Introduction • The phrase built environment refers to the manmade surroundings that provide the setting for human activity, ranging from the large-scale civic surroundings to the personal places. • The layers of civil infrastructures are typically designed for minimum first cost, and constructed and maintained at least cost, with little regard for the negative impact on other layers of service.
  4. 4. Highlighting problems
  5. 5. Problems • Due to existing trend of young people migration from country side to cities, we observe increase in building intensity in cities. Quantity Quality
  6. 6. Problems • Obsolete technologies and extensive way of building sector development results into ineffective energy consumption. Energy Quality consumption
  7. 7. Problems • Huge lack of legislative mechanisms on the land and real estate market. • Corruption and bureaucracy in building sector.
  8. 8. Problems • Almost all construction waste is utilized by landfill or incineration.
  9. 9. Problems • According to road development program to 2011 almost all money will be used for keeping road in current state and as a payment for loans.
  10. 10. Indicators • Urbanization rate (growth of cities population). • Percentage of houses and buildings, which are in emergency condition. • Quantity of energy losses during transportation. • Percentage of ecologically clean building materials used.
  11. 11. On the way to sustainability
  12. 12. Vision • Equally developed regions considering their geographical and resource potential. • By 2030 the usage of renewable energy sources will be near 15 %. • Substantial growth in usage of energy saving technologies and contemporary equipment. • Building industry using mainly ecologically safe and effective materials.
  13. 13. Vision • Government provides support for introduction of new sustainable technologies. • Effective legislative mechanisms for real estate and land markets.
  14. 14. Green Healthy design design Environmental Sustainable design design
  15. 15. Solutions and scenarios • Government program for developing country side (subsidies, loans etc) plus investment. • Introduction of strict ecological control on building process and construction wastes utilization. • Encouragement of usage clean materials for construction. • Mixed-use of community planning for support of continuous pedestrian linkages among the residential, institutional, commercial, and recreational places that support our daily lives.
  16. 16. Conclusion Measures taken • Starting from the 2005 new law about Ecosystem of Ukraine had come into effect. • Government program of improving national ecological network 2006-2015 is already introduced. • In September 2006 Open meeting of business, NGO and government concerning ecology and sustainable development was held.
  17. 17. Conclusion Few examples • Company “Konty-stroy-Ukraine” is going to build a plant for utilization of construction wastes on Kiev outskirts. • Many investment projects for building ecologically safe and efficient houses are developed. They don’t have proper financing though… • New wasteless technology was introduced on Zaporozhsky ferroalloy factory.