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Membership Expertise Profile Tutorial produced by the Women's Council of REALTORS.

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  • Today we are going to talk about some of the tools we have to help us exercise our potential as entrepreneurs and industry leaders.
  • This presentation is based on a program originally presented at the May 2008 Member Network Strategic Forum. Feel free to customize this presentation for your chapter. For example, you might want to replace the member quotes or graphics with ones from your own chapter or state. ____________________
  • So lets begin… Are You putting your best face forward? How many of you have used the new Referral Center? How many of you have updated your Member Expertise Profile? Great! Today we are going to demonstrate how to complete your Expertise Profile and to use the greatly expanded Referral Center for referrals, business contacts and MORE! Why is this now more important than ever? Women’s Council has gone Green. In 2009 we transitioned from a print roster to a better more accurate on-line referral center with lots more information that we can enter about ourselves to grow our business and better utilize the resources that members have to offer to each other …Do you know that we can now list ourselves in 5 cities in addition to our standard listing with our business address/ city…. and its FREE. We get to create our own ad on the WCR Web site using this system…for FREE. And if we want to further enhance our presence on the WCR Web site we can purchase photos or banner ads online…we will talk about that a little later on.
  • Note to Presenter: Consider customizing these testimonials with ones from members in your chapter or state. Add member photos to the slides. These are fantastic tools that yields many “prizes” but you have to “enter” to win
  • Interested in Sending or Receiving Referrals?
  • Interested in Networking with members from around the Country?
  • Lets get started. For those of you who have not completed your Member Expertise Profile, we are going to quickly show you how easy it is… National Web Site: www.WCR.org. As a Member, you will sign in. You can do this in 2 locations: 1) Sign In OR 2) Member Center Either spot will get you to the Log in Page
  • Sign In, enter in your Username and Password. If you need this info sent to you use the easy password retrieval system – enter your email and the info will be sent to you immediately.
  • Click this link to access your Profile. Note that your contact information (Name, phone numbers, email, web site, etc) is automatically added to your profile from the National database. And you can quickly update the info in the database on this same page. Moved? Update your Profile with new Company, address, whatever has changed, save, and the WCR database is updated automatically. But the other 90% of the information is only there if YOU enter it and keep it updated. So what kind of information can you include in your Expertise Profile?
  • Select up to five additional cities that you serve that you want to be listed under. Click on REALTOR designations and certifications you currently hold. Designations will be added to your name in all search results and certifications are listed in your expanded profile – you will see how this looks in a few minutes.
  • Tell other members what your Professional Focus is…pick up to five areas including Residential, 1031 Exchanges, Condos, Luxury Properties and so on
  • Share your expertise in Technology, Marketing, Communication, Industry Involvement, Chapter Management, Community Expertise.
  • Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the Expertise Profile and Click on the Post Changes Button to load your information onto the Web site. For security purposes, the system is designed to time out after about 10 minutes so be sure to post changes often to ensure you information is saved and uploaded.
  • Ok, lets use the Referral Center to do a search. Once you are in the Referral Center, you can see all the different Drop down Menus for searches. You now have the ability to search on all these areas of expertise. Let’s walk thru an example of a networking search: Scenario.. You are thinking about running for a local government office and you want to talk with someone who has done that and can share their experiences with you. You know no one personally …so you go to the WCR site and search…. You would go to: Community Expertise…Then to Local Government-Elected
  • Note to Presenter: You might want to customize these 2 search results slides with ones featuring someone from your chapter or state. There were 4 records founds….Note the Realtor Designations after Betty’s name. These are all selected in her Profile. Now here’s the exciting part…if you pick a listing…and click on EXPANDED MEMBER RESULTS…LOOK At All the Information you can find!
  • Visually you can see how much more information we can share with each other. When you set up your profile…the more detailed you are the more opportunity to share your expertise with our members Just like in our businesses, the details count. Be concise so it’s easy to read.
  • Access this information on the Benefits and Services page of wcr.org There are 2 additional opportunities to enhance your listing. Web Photos and Banner ads. The prices are deeply discounted from typical print rosters where you pay for the listing and photo for each placement. AND No more March 31 deadlines for ads so you can enhance your listing when you are ready. Guidelines: Web photos and banner ads will display in the "Cities Served" (up to six) that you have specified in your Member Expertise Profile . Web photos will be published as 72 pixels wide x 88 pixels tall. In the next few months, this will also be automated so you can upload the photo directly upon purchase. For banner ads, once your payment is submitted, you will receive an e-mail confirmation that prompts you to create a banner ad using one of five available template designs. Please have your photos/text ready before placing your order. * PMN rate applies for Designees and Candidates in the Performance Management Network Designation Program.
  • You will select the banner ad from these choices… In this search for Realtors in Scottsdale, 89 members are listed…the banner ad appears at the top of this list. Ads rotate if there are more than one banner ad per city search.
  • The Member Expertise Profile and Referral Center deliver on one of the most important Core Values of the Women’s Council… The Power of Relationships— Success in business today is achieved through positive, productive relationships. The Women's Council of REALTORS® provides an environment of collaboration in which members can form, build and maximize relationships for business and personal success. When members share their time, talent and experience, the entire industry is advanced. Use these tools to build relationships, network and build your business!
  • ACTIVITY: Share some additional ideas on using the Referral Center …
  • WCR Membership Expertise Profile Tutorial

    1. 1. <ul><li>We are a network of successful REALTORS ® empowering women to exercise their potential as entrepreneurs and industry leaders. </li></ul>
    2. 2. How to Use the Member Expertise Profile and Referral Center for Referrals and Beyond
    3. 3. Are You Putting Your Best Face Forward?
    4. 4. What Members are Saying about the Member Expertise Profile and Referral Center… I believe that our web site profile is one of our biggest benefits and I talk about it often when I am promoting WCR membership.   Sandy McAlister , Stuart, FL
    5. 5. REFERRALS My clients are moving to another city and wanted to start getting information on homes in that area.  I searched for a WCR REALTOR® in the area and contacted her. ….It was an easy process and I feel confident that they will be  well taken care of. Tish Narendorf , Houston, TX I try to match up a WCR REALTOR® that has the same interests or life experience as my relocation client and vice versa. It's a wonderful tool! Robyn Link , Olympia, WA
    6. 6. NETWORKING BEYOND CHAPTER AND STATE It is a great social network, and a way to stay on top of what is happening outside of your local area. I have met some great agents and enjoy hearing about what their real estate world is like. Karen Stone , Logan, UT
    7. 7. Getting Started
    8. 8. Member Sign In
    9. 9. What’s in your Expertise Profile?
    10. 10. Cities Served, Designations, Certifications
    11. 11. Professional Focus, Languages..
    12. 12. Share Your Expertise
    13. 13. Last Step
    14. 14. Starting a Search
    15. 15. Local Government - Elected
    16. 17. Opportunities for National Members to further publicize your business...
    17. 18. Select the banner you want from these 4 design options
    18. 19. Networking... Networking... Networking! <ul><li>Relationships... </li></ul><ul><li>Relationships... </li></ul><ul><li>Relationships… </li></ul><ul><li>= REFERRALS! </li></ul>
    19. 20. <ul><li>What other ways can we use the Referral Center? </li></ul>