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West cork local 2nd august 2012


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Local and Sustainabiliity focused Cork West Newsletter

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West cork local 2nd august 2012

  1. 1. 2 1 0 8 /0 /2 WEST CORK LOCAL vents 2 0 02/08/2012 - 09/08/2012 | E both heard growing up in Scotland. John Doherty - Marine Objects Art Exhibition The Skibbereen Children’s Festival Family Now - Aug 8th at the Warren Gallery in Day last Sunday moved to the rugby Mary Ann’s, Castletownshend. Liss Ard ground and what a great success that turned out to be on a brilliantly sunny day with just enough breeze to wrap everyone West Cork Fit Up Theatre Festival in a rainbow of bubbles. A bubble machine Now - Aug 19th. For further information see: gun with two refills of bubbles at €6 was simple but compelling fun for the little Sky Garden, ones. Who needs Fireman Sam and DVDs Castletownshend Maritime Week when you have a bubble machine gun? Now - 5th Then there was the balloon magician who transformed balloons into a belt with a holster for a sword for one aspiring pirate, Castletownshend Festival Of and into all sorts of animal shapes. There Classical Music was face painting, bouncing castles, one Aug 2nd. For more info CLICK HERE. ARD with an obstacle course and there was SKY GARDEN, LISS sumo wrestling too. Then there was the Clonakilty Waterfront Festival opportunity to hold a gecko or lizard, have the creature scramble up your arm or on to Aug 2nd-5th. For more info CLICK HERE. your head although I understand the offer to hold a tarantula was declined by most. Kilmacabea GAA Community F e s t i va l F u n B y C a r o l Gi lbert Best of all for we older children was FestivalI’ve an exciting four days ahead of me If you missed Iarla O Lionaird and Steve catching up with friends you hadn’t seen Aug 2nd-6th.with the opening of the Five Cooney in concert in Abbeystrewry for a while, mutually admiringPhotographers exhibition in Apple Betty’s Church of Ireland last Friday, you missed grandchildren and promising to catch upCafe, Skibbereen, on Friday night by 90 minutes of bliss. Even though I barely soon, hopefully before next year’s festival! Kinsale RegattaSteve Redmond. Then it’s the Liss Ard understand a word of the Gaelic it didn’t Aug 2nd-11th. For further info see weekend and to crown what is matter as the emotions and stories so I’ve missed most of the Skibbereen Artsprobably the most thrilling weekend for beautifully interpreted in voice and guitar Festival because I am in the final week of a Skibbereen Arts Festival - Yeats Inme is the news that the Baltimore Singers made language unnecessary. I am though Start Your Own Business Course throughare opening for the Hothouse Flowers at very grateful to the Gaelic speaker sitting the West Cork Enterprise Board. It’s great NohGlebe Gardens on Bank Holiday Monday. to my right who generously translated value at eight sessions of three hours for Aug 3rd, 7pm. Aug 4th, 1pm, Baby Hannahs.Katy Salvidge our musical director has after each piece. Strangely or perhaps €75 and I have learned so much in the lastorganised this and we will be singing not so strangely many of the pieces of two months. The tutor, Veronica, is brilliant, Courtmacsherry FestivalMary, Viva La Vida, Shadowlands and Fix music were familiar from my native and so patient with our group as we tend Aug 3rd - 6thYou for anyone else in the choir who, like Scotland. My fellow Scot sitting on my to talk a lot and interrupt with contributionsme, missed last Tuesday’s rehearsal. left confirmed these were tunes we’d Continues Next Page 1
  2. 2. Continued From Previous Page Sounds Amazing, Ballydehob Aug 3rd-6th. For more info CLICK HERE.of our own. We’re all doing or starting FOR  THE  PRICE  OF  YOUR  LINE  RENTAL  WE  OFFER  A  LOT  MOREdifferent enterprises and what is so wonderfulis the complete sharing of ideas, knowledge Upgrade  to  our  €49.99  PHONE  AND  BROADBAND  DEAL Ahakista Festival & Regattaand experiences across the board. There’s Aug 3rd - for each other too, and admiration for YOU  GETthose who have been put out of work through 30GB  USAGE  ALLOWANCE Castletownbere Festival Of The Seathe collapse in the building trade or the Au g 3 rd - 1 2 t h . Fo r f u r t h e r i n f o s e e :downturn in the economy, but who have UP  TO  4MB  DOWNLOAD  SPEED a germ of an idea forward andprogressed it into a viable way of earning a FREE  EQUIPMENT  AND  INSTALLATION Liss Ard 2012 - A Music, Food &living. Literary Festival 1000  MIN  OF  UK  AND  IRISH  CALLSThere are those who mid-life are changing Aug 4th - 5th Liss Ard Estate, Skibbereen. KEEP  YOUR  PHONE  NUMBER For further info see: www.lissardfestival.comtheir careers, looking to a different future,others who are starting fledgling companies NO  INTERRUPTION  IN  SERVICEand others who are starting out on their own Baltimore Regattafor the first time in their young lives. We’ll be WE  DO  ALL  THE  PAPERWORK Aug 5th - 6that the parting of the ways by the time youread this, but each of us will take the shared Ballabuidhe Races & Horse Fair,experiences of the last eight weeks with us,the fun and laughter, because there has been Family & Kids Fri 3rd– 7.00-9.00pm (all ages & Dunmanway standards)lots of that, and face into our journeys with Aug 5th - 8thmuch more confidence and business skills Activities Goleen Table Tennis Club - €3 entry fee - 12 Tables, all equipment provided.than we embarked on this course with. Goleen FestivalVeronica generously will be our lifeline intothe future wherever it takes us. But we’ll all At Goleen Sat 4th– 12 noon Aug 5th - 12th F a m i l y F e s t i v a l Ta b l e Te n n i sbe looking out for each other whateverdirection we take. Community Tournament Kilbrittain Festival Aug 5th - 12th Centre Mon 6th – 3.30-4.30pm (all ages) Multi Sports Session - €3 entry fee Baltimore Regatta Your Comments Tea, Coffee & Snacks also available at Aug 6th. For more info CLICK HERE. August the Community Centre on these days! Calves Week, Schull Please send your letters, comments Wed 1st – West Cork Table Tennis Camp 4.30-5.30pm Aug 7th - 10th or ideas for publication to: August 13th - 16th. €45 (over 10) Contact Owen Kelly 028-35371 or 083 Indoor Cricket - 1372013 Durrus Fete €3 entry fee Aug 8th from 12 noon at Durrus Rectory. For Check us out on more info see: West Cork Local Archive Thurs 2nd – 5.30-7.30pm (U16) Traditional Games - €5 entry fee - Charity Auction Board Games including Cards, Chess, Village For previous issues CLICK HERE Draughts, Jenga, Monopoly ……etc. Au g 8th, 9pm, Ma r y A n n’s , Castletownshend. For further info contact Fergus O’Mahony on 028 36146 or 086 851 8531. 2
  3. 3. Roy Heyland - A BAFTA TV Society, Castletownshend Festival Of Hobby Horse by Rob Heyland Writer’s Guild & Critics Award Winner Classical Music Aug 9th. For more info CLICK HERE. Jerusalem Paul Ringrose Exhibition - New WorkA test of a film is whether you would want to watch it again, or how it chimes with you, - Small Paintingsor how it stays with you - on that level Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire gets, in my Au g 1 0 t h - 2 6 t h , D o s w e l l G a l l e r y,scorebook, a big fat round nought. Rosscarbery. For further info call 023 884 8137 or see imagine my expectations for the Olympics Opening Ceremony. I was expectingboredom, a sense of irrelevance and above all a huge cold wet tsunami of Schull Regattaembarrassment. Aug 12th, 1pm.But I got glory. And I wept and cheered and hollered with joy. Masters Of Tradition, BantryA funny little man was given 20 million or so, an empty canvas, an infinite palette of Aug 15th to 19th. For further details go to:colours, a cast of thousands and an audience of billions. Billions! And, under the noses a Tory government, with a Tory London mayor and a Tory Lord running the games,little Danny Boyle exploded an anti-capitalist polemic. Bless him. Heir Island Regatta Aug 16th. For more info CLICK HERE.It started with a rather cloyingly sentimental scene of sheep and shepherdesses and fields and cottages with smoke swirling fromchimneys and a water wheel and cricket played on the village green and honey still for tea. And the odd puffy white cloud carried Timoleague Harvest Festivalaround on a string. Charming, but naff and meaningless, in the way that charming things and charming people are. But there was Aug 17th - 26th. For tickets call 086 169 7628a hint of more. The whole scene was overlooked by Glastonbury Tor - with its resonance of ancient spirits and modern rockfestival gatherings speaking of youth and alternative life styles. But alternative to what? Amnesty Flag Day Amnesty Flag Day in Clonakilty and BandonAnd there it was. A moment of genius, a coup de theatre which, unlike Slumdog, will stay with me forever. Danny Boyle, into this on Aug 17th, and Skibbereen on Aug 18th.scene of beauty, injected Ken Brannagh, as Isambard Kingdom Brunel in stove pipe hat, chewing a cigar, and spouting Caliban’slines from The Tempest - “The clouds methought would open and show riches ready to drop upon me that, when I waked, I criedto dream again.” - yes, it really was that strange - and Brunel surveyed the scene and with one chomp on his cigar, and flick of his Silent Art Auctionhead, had the elysian idyll swept away in a beat and replaced with a dystopia of steel and smoke and chimneys. Aug 18th, Sailing Centre, Schull.One minute we had beaming busty bonkworthy bucolic bumpkins, next we had menacing malevolent manufacturing malcontents. Baltimore Deep Sea Angling FestivalAll played, it must be said, with utter conviction, by the thousands of volunteers. Au g 2 3 rd - 2 6 t h . Fo r m o r e i n f o s e e was a startling and horrific picture of what we have done with our rural birthright. Our green and pleasant land.And on he went for three more hours with suffragettes, a huge human CND badge, the NHS, the World Wide Web, the contribution Ballydehob Dog & Pony Showmade to society by the many and varied racial groups absorbed into that great glorious soup we know as London. I’ll have to stop Aug 19th, 2pm. For further info contact Barrybefore I soil myself. O’Brien on 028 37191 or 086 387 2821.The show was exactly like London itself. Messy, noisy, energetic, disorganised, shambolic, magnificent. Cape Clear International Story Telling FestivalThe opening scene alone justified the many longeurs, the Mary Poppinses and dancing nurses, and all the other bits that didn’t Aug 31st to Sept 2nd. For further details go to:really work or make sense. It even justified the final horror of Paul McCartney having a senior moment by forgetting he had a live and singing along to the canned music, out of time and out of tune. Continues Next Page 3
  4. 4. Continued From Previous Page Harvest Moon Music Festival, SchullIt was a celebration of our strengths. Strengths we will Sept 7th - 9th, Schull. For further details go to:need to draw on in the near future as our financial implodes, our environment and climate collapseunder the strain, harvests fail, droughts come, social A Taste Of West Cork Food Festivaldisorder spreads from the Arab spring and Greece to all Sept 10th - 16th, Skibbereen. For furtherour cities and streets. It was a reminder of how great we details go to: be and how stupid we have been. It was a shout ofwarning and of hope. Baltimore Walking Weekend Sept 29th - 30th. For more info CLICK HERE.Big up Danny Boyle, as they say, apparently. Tel +353 (0)28 27606 AIB Bank Closures - Schull Email: & Ballydehob - Public Web: Meeting Your Comments Schull & District Community Council is holding a public meeting this Friday August 3rd at Schull Please send your letters, comments Community Hall at 8.30pm on the impending or ideas for publication to: AIB bank closures in Schull and Ballydehob. All local public representatives have been invited. Everybody is encouraged to come along to this very important meeting. Please spread the word. West Cork Local Archive For previous issues CLICK HERE Advertisement Rates Standard Ad - 1 Week - €20 Standard Ad - 10 Weeks - €150 Extensive 3 Course Set Dinner Menu Medium Ad (A6)- 1 Week - €40 Large Ad (A5)- 1 Week - €80 Only €25 Full Page Ad - 1 Week - €150 For reservations call: 028 28067 For more info see: Email: 4
  5. 5. Gabriel Rangers L.F.C Summertime Discos Every Wednesday evening in the Parish Hall, Schull. (alongside Church) AUGUST 8th – OVER 12s - 8.30 till 11 AUGUST 15th – UNDER 12s - 8 till 10 AUGUST 22nd – OVER 12s - 8.30 till 11   All Discos supervised Everyone welcome. See posters displayed for more info. 5
  6. 6. Mermaids Restaurant Schull Another Gem! A great tradition returns to main street Schull with the re-opening of a fantastic fish and chip restaurant, Mermaids, now under the fabulous new management of Paddy O’Sullivan from Bantry. Paddy comes from Nottages in Crookhaven and previously worked at the West Lodge Hotel. Everything is cooked from fresh, nothing frozen. He uses the very RESPONSIBLE freshest fish, has delicious hand cut chips, and scrumptious mushy ENERGY FOR A Video 5 peas! The burgers are all homemade and again only fresh chicken is used. Paddy caters for birthday parties, and is open daily from 3pm to SUSTAINABLE PLANET around midnight. The food is absolutely delicious and is great value. If Our vision is that through by deploying you haven’t experienced the new Mermaids do call in for a real treat, tailored technology solutions to harness support local produce, and a great local culinary entrepreneur. specific renewable energy resources, on Prof. Austin Darragh a profitable project by project basis, humanity can enjoy sustainable use of energy decoupled from effects on climate Tel: +353 (0) 28 51951 Farewell Petroleum, Email: Web: Hail Carboleum.To View CLICK HERE 6
  7. 7. Holistic Health Guide Upcoming Events CLICK HEREWestCorkCampus.comFor All That’s Good In West Cork!West Cork Links 7
  8. 8. Kinsale Tennis July 30th- Aug 3rd 021 477 7777/086 Summer Camps in Bantry Beauty Camp for girls July 31st /Aug 1st Every Tues and Wed in Aug 087 9446773 Age 12 to 16 2573289 & club house Kinsale Equestrian 086-8530894 info@kinsale- West Cork 2012 Bantry Driving Academy Aug 7th – 10th 027 56464 Age 10-16 Age 6+ Kinsale Touch For Health, Kinesiology Aug 25th and 26th 087-9626000 Barleycove Surf Camp 0 8 7 1 5 3 2 2 4 8 K i n s a l e A F C S o c c e r C a m p A u g 7th t o 1 0th Age 5 to 14 Rosscarbery Carbery Rangers Cúl Camp August 7th to Barryroe Cúl Camp Aug to 6th 10th 085 713 9951 10th 087 2036871Ardfield Irish Water Safety 7th - 12th August HilaryBennett - 023 8857337 Cahermore Garnish Cúl Camp Aug 13th to 17th 086 Schull Sailing July 30th to August 3rd , Aug 6th -10th, 13th 8524803 -17th, 20th -24th www.schullsailing.ieBallincollig Rugby Camp Aug 6th to 10th 021 4323563 Age Schull ‘International Summer Camp’ Each week in Aug6 to 13 Carrigaline Soccer Camps Aug 13th to 17th 1800 653 653 Age 3-8 Schull/Mizen Fitbones Aug 7th - 10th and Aug 13th - 17thBallineen (Manch) Junior Forest Ranger Aug 13th – 17th Castlehaven Cúl Camp Aug 7th to 10th 086 2521099 086 2404709 Age 6- 13023 8822823 Schull Irish Water Safety 7th - 12th August Fiona Malone Castletownbere Cúl Camp Aug 7th to 10th 086 8882397 086 1691717Ballinhassig Cúl Camp August 20th to 24th 087 6738745 Schull Kayaking Every week July and August 028-28554 Clonakilty Computer Camp August 7th to 14th 086 Schull Equestrian Centre Aug 7th-9th, 14th-16th 028 28346Ballyanly Muskerry Rugby July 30th to August 3rd 021 8512358 or 023 8833756 or 087 4163563 schullec@gmail.com4323563 Age 6 to 13 Clonakilty Rugby Aug 7th to 10th 087 8361995 or Ages 7 to 13. Sherkin Irish Water Safety 7th - 12th August CarrieBallydehob / Schull Gabriel Rangers Cúl Camp Aug 13th Holland - 028 20224to 17th 086 1018020 Goleen Multi Sports July 26th, 27th, 30th & Aug 1st, 2nd,Ballydehob Kids camp An Sanctóir August 7th to 11th 3rd, 4th, 6th. 083 1372013 Skibbereen Rugby Summer Skills Development Aug or 028-37792  Goleen Arts and crafts workshop Aug 6 th to 9 th to 24th 021 4323563 Age 14 – 15 Skibbereen Rugby Camp Aug 20th to 24th 021 4323563Baltimore - Splash Mania, July & Aug Weekly Tues, Wed & Goleen Mizen Rovers Cúl Camp July 30th to Aug 3rd 086 Age 6 to 13Thurs.5 - 12 year olds 738 9567 Skibbereen Basketball August 9th 086 2307951Baltimore Ilen Rovers Cúl Camp July 30th to Aug 3rd 086 Skibbereen Sports Centre 028 226241605835 Heir Island Sailing Courses John 086 8192342 Skibbereen Greenwood Chair making 1 & 3 day courses throughout Aug 087 635 8086 All ages.Bandon Laser Combat  023 8843998 Kinsale Oysterhaven Centre  -Watersports Multi-Activity Timoleague Argideen Rangers Cúl Camp Aug 20th to 24thBandon St. Brogan’s Cúl Camp August 13th to 17th 086 Camp ( Age 4-17), Youth Sailing or Windsurfing (Age 086 08195518342614 11-17) July 30th–Aug 3rd , Aug 6-10, 13 -17, 20-24, 27 -31. 0 2 1 4 7 7 0 7 3 8   i n f o @ o y s t e r h a v e n . c o m  Union Hall Reen Pier Kayaking July 30th to Aug 3rdBantry ‘The Mighty Ducks’ July 30th/August 6th/ August 028 2105813th/ August 20th 027 50557 Kinsale Art Camp Aug 13th to 18th 021 Ages 2 to 12. Kinsale 1 day Kids arts and crafts classes Aug. 13th 14th Groups everywhere Drumbash/Samba workshopBantry Pony Tr e k k i n g 0 2 7  5 1 4 1 2 15th 16th 17th 021 4777758 available to all Kinsale Cúl Camp Aug 13th to 17th 086 124 Kinsale Morning Madness & Arty Afternoon July 30th-AugBantry ‘Own a Pony Day’ July 31st Aug 15th 027  51412 3rd, Aug 7th-10th Age 085 146 2676 8
  9. 9. July 26th, Aug 2nd, 9th, 23rd, 30th 9
  10. 10. 10
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. West Cork Music Maire Ní Chéileachair [singer],  Carmen Ibánez-Berbel [singer], Séamus Connolly [fiddle], Geraldine Cotter [piano], The Teetotallers left [Martin Hayes, Kevin Crawford & John Doyle]   10.30pm Níos Deanaí Masters of Tradition 2012 Bantry House   Tulla Céilí Band & Stephanie Keane [resident dancer]Wednesday 15 August7.30pm Ceolchoirm Saturday 18 AugustSt Brendans Church 10am Masterclass Mizen Beara Room, Maritime Hotel - tutoredMartin Hayes [fiddle], Dennis Cahill [guitar], Len by Séamus Connolly [fiddle]Graham [singer], Toner Quinn [fiddle] & Malachy 11.30am Coffee ConcertBourke [fiddle] St Brendans Church Kevin Crawford [flute] 7.30pm CeolchoirmThursday 16 August Bantry House10am Masterclass Moya  Brennan  [singer], Carmen Ibánez- Berbel [singer], Cormac DeBarra [harp], Väsen [nyckelharpa, viola & guitar]Mizen Beara Room, Maritime Hotel- tutored by  Toner Quinn [fiddle] 10.30pm Níos Deanaí Bantry House11.30am Coffee Concert Cormac Debarra [harp], Tríona Marshall [harp] & Michael Rooney [harp]   St Brendans Church June McCormack & Michael Rooney,leftMaire Ní Chéileachair, Carmen Ibánez-Berbel,  John Flanagan & Len Graham [singers] Sunday 19 August7.30pm Ceolchoirm 10am MasterclassSt Brendans Church Mizen Beara Room, Maritime Hotel - tutoredJohn Flanagan [singer], Michael Rooney [harp], by Moya Brennan [singer]June McCormack [flute], Liam OFlynn [uilleann 7.30pm Ceolchoirmpipes, left] & Steve Cooney [guitar] Bantry House  Martin Hayes [fiddle], Dennis Cahill [guitar] &Friday 17 August friends10am Masterclass   Mizen Beara Room, Maritime Hotel - tutored byKevin Crawford [flute]11.30am Coffee Concert To book tickets, go online at or ring the West Cork MusicSt Brendans Church office on 027 52788.John Doyle [guitar & singer] The Masters of Tradition is generously supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and7.30pm Ceolchoirm Failte Ireland.Bantry House 12
  13. 13. Summer Camp Listing Bere Island Golf Classic Bere Island GAA Club and Bere IslandSchull, Mizen Peninsula Heritage Centre are once again holding our annual fundraising Golf Classic in Adventure and outdoor activities Berehaven Golf Club. Ages 6-13   It will run over 3 days; Friday 17th,Explore the nooks and crannies of West Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th August 2012.Cork – Schull, Ballydehob and environs.  Are you a muck monster? Climb a Teams of 3 mixed or otherwise, €60 permountain and explore old tunnels – bring team.a torch; take a ferry to an island and have  a bbq; orienteering; slacklining; bike/hike/ If you are interested in entering a teamkite; go on a sweet hunt! please contact Una Kingston on 087 2660668.August 7-10 (4 day); August 13-17; Singledays also possible Email: Web Site:  CLICK HERESchull & Fitbones+353 (0)86 2404709 Splash Summer CampsFACEBOOK Baltimore Community SUMMER SAILING Leisure Centre COURSES Phone (028) 20622 Fastnet Marine Outdoor ♣ Swimming lessons for all levels Education Centre ♣ SnorkelingInformation and Booking Forms for ♣ Fun & Games2012 now available from FMOEC office, ♣ Water InflatablesSchull Community College and Time Of Camps Age Cost 11.30am - 1.00pm 5 - 12 Mem: €20 SAILING COURSE DATES – 2012 Non Mem: €30 Course Number 7 - 6 Aug – 10 Aug Course Number 8 - 13 Aug – 17 Aug Dates Of Camps Course Number 9 - 20 Aug – 24 Aug 7th August - 9th August 14th August - 16th August €295 PER WEEK (5 full days) 21st August - 23rd August Prices Frozen since 2009! For More Information Please Contact the Leisure Centre on (028) 20622 13
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  15. 15. The Willis Clan... for Bantry: Sunday 12th AugustThis family of 12 children with their parents Toby and Brenda Willis of Nashville,Tennessee, have been making waves in the USA where they are greatly appreciated fortheir Irish music and dancing talent. With real family charm, they blend Irish, Bluegrassand much more to produce a fresh, exciting 21st century music experience.On their way to the Fleadh Ceoil in Cavan, they have kindly volunteered to do threeconcerts in aid of Focus on the Family Ireland, in Bray, Bantry and Limerick. Theconcerts are unusual in that they are FREE of charge. If you enjoy it there will be anopportunity at the end to contribute to Focus on the Family Ireland.The Willis Clan come to Bantry at the invitation of the Bantry Christian Fellowship,and will be welcomed in the Square by Mayor Kathleen Tessyman and members ofBantry Town Council. Weather permitting, they will do a warm-up open-air gig on theSquare at 3.30pm on Sunday 12th August. Glenilen Farm will be there to support thegig, providing complimentary Glenilen refreshments for everybody who comes out tohear the Willis Clan in the afternoon.Later at 7.30pm the Maritime Hotel will be the venue for the two hour concert whichpromises to be a wonderful evening for all the family. It’s not to be missed!Reservations can be made on the website and furtherinformation can be had by contacting David Ross 086 1735134. Loughbeg Farm B&B and Self Catering Now For Sale At Loughbeg Farm Goats Milk | Soft Cream Cheese | Yoghurt Schull, West Cork, Ireland. Open farm, large vegetable garden, and hill farm walk. Own fresh produce. Enquiries +353 (0)28 27783 or +353 (0)86 1597744. see facebook Loughbeg Farm,, and 15
  16. 16. Green Drinks Wed. 8th August from 7pm @ Tom Barry’s Pub, Barrack Street If you have an interest in the environment or are just curious, this is an informal opportunity to discuss issues with like-minded people and socialise with friends old and new. All welcome. Irish Wildlife TrustThe Cork Branch of IWT would like to highlight Fish Month, 20th July – 27th August, with abeach clean-up and some information. Do you know of any beach in need of cleaningwhich might benefit from such an event, if so, let us know and we will pass it on to IWT orcontact Jill Weyman directly at ConventionThe long awaited ratification by Ireland of the Aarhus Convention finally took place inJune this year. The Aarhus Convention recognises every person’s right to a healthyenvironment – as well as the duty to protect it. It is a legally binding instrument whichpromotes access to information, puboic participation in decision-making and access tojustice in environmental matters. More details are available through this link.Ireland’s Environment, An Assessment 2012This important publication by the EPA is well worth a read as it gives an up to dateassessment of the critical challenges and priorities in respect of our environment. It isavailable to download from their website at the following link.New UCC Masters Degree in Organic HorticultureThe aim of this programme is to provide students with both the scientific principles andthe practical applications of organic horticulture, the growing of vegetable, fruit, herb andflower crops in a sustainable environmentally protective manner. More details here.National Journey PlannerThe National Transport Authority’s new National Journey Planner has gone live. Theservice helps people plan personal journeys, door-to-door, anywhere in Ireland, usingpublic transport and / or walking.  There is also an App available for Android now, withthe iPhone App coming very soon. See here for details. 16
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  18. 18. Your ViewsAIB Bank Closures Walter. Just in case I dont make it to the meeting here is my suggestion.The AIB are closing these branches for economic reasons, I cant imagine any moral/emotional argument will get very far. So my suggestion is we make a deal. If we can get x number of new clients to move fromother banks to AIB (thats move to AIB  not just open new accounts). Then they will keepthe branches open If they dont go for this then we orchestrate a mass campaign to get people to open up(or start using existing) other bank accounts. If we can demonstrate a flow of resourcesaway from AIB and therefore demonstrate our ability to reverse the trend they might thinktwice and take us up on our original offer to actually increase their customer base. For example Im still with BOI because i didnt want to re register all of my online paymentcontacts. But to save the branch I would move.  Best i can come up with anyway. Hopefully see you FridayMike Summer Agricultural Shows   Inniscarra Agricultural Show & Vintage Rally Sun 26th August 2012 Contact: Eileen Collins Rea Bearings Co. Cork Phone 021-7332076    Ballingeary Show Sun 26th August 2012 Contact: Ann Lucey Cahir Ballingeary Co. Cork Phone 026-47182   Bantry Agricultural Show Sunday 2nd September 2012 Contact: Martina Hamilton Dromacussane Bantry Co. Cork Tel: 027-52117 Mobile 087-9371572 Email:  http://   West Cork Horse Breeders Sun 9th September 2012 Contact: Rosemarie Deasy Kilbeg Bandon Co. Cork Mobile 086-1689536 E-Mail: 18