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West cork local 26 jan

  1. 1. 2 1 0 1 /0 /2 WEST CORK LOCAL vents 6 2 www.localcampus.com 26/01/2012 - 02/02/2012 | walter@localcampus.com E ‘Tit Bonhomme’ Fundraiser exactly part of the plan. In any conflict split Jan 27th from 5pm to 8pm at the Paragon the opposition, get them fighting amongst Bar, Skibbereen. Details on page 15. themselves. There will be so many iends In Oz candidates in each constituency in the lia Day! next election it will be a complete farce. All Book Launch - West Cork Inspires by that wasted anger, energy, and fuel driving Alison Ospina around the Country to anti this that and the Happy Austra ur Jan 27th at 7.30pm at the West Cork Arts other meetings, just to end up back to Centre. To All O where we started. It is probably good to vent the anger, it is all part of the process. I Families & Fr do respect people taking a stand. Each Acapellabella Acoustic Session issue is the straw that is breaking the Jan 27th from 6pm - 9pm at the Country People’s heart. Store in Ballydehob. Full details on page 6. Or … we get together in a positive Cork LETS January Gathering movement soon collectively and forget Jan 27th at 7.30pm at “We made this” South about the outdated Political Systems. The Pres, Evergreen Street. Full details on page 13. D AY ! biggest mistake we might be making is to HAPPY AUSTRALIAi e n d s In Oz be playing the same old Political game. I To All Our F amilies & Fr would prefer all those TDs and Senators Cape Clear Ferry Meeting would go home, take out a spade, dig, and Jan 28th at 8pm. Details on page 11. prepare the ground for planting spuds and C o r k So ut h We s t C o -O p G e ts Started veg – something productive. Leinster Outing With Irish Wildlife Trust House should become a museum. Jan 29th at 2pm at Timoleague Abbey. WalkAs I write this there is yet another Political household tax, teachers and nurses However the greatest tragedy would be if grade: Easy. Bring warm clothes.Party being launched in Cork City.. Soon leaving employment in their droves, they sold our National energy resourcesthey will be running out of names! Earlier Garda Stations being closed, ambulances and infrastructure before they went home.today I heard of two more.. Another cut, hospital beds cut, small schools But of course that is also part of the Troika Kilmeen Ploughing Championshipgroup last Saturday planning some under threat, businesses desperately master plan, who in themselves are Jan 29th in Kilmeen.serious lobbying of Politicians. Facebook trying to keep their doors open, families puppets for others. There must be a muchis full of comments from various groups trying to hold on to every last fiver. better way of doing things. We are so set Cheval Ridetrying to better each other. Hard-line Bishop Martin and Enda Kenny are in in our ways, our thoughts, our systems, Jan 29th in Skibbereen. Leaving Fairfield yard atloyalists of a main Political Parties Davos, Michael Noonan looks ever more our expectations. There wont be jobs for 12 noon. Proceeds to Temple Street Children’scontinue to defend the greatest lies and exhausted, while junior Fine Gaelers are everybody. We cannot keep borrowing Hospital, Dublin.u-turns ever made by any Party in the thrown to the lions on ‘Tonight with money. The era of exponential growth ishistory of the State. Today a busload of Vincent Browne’, with their well rehearsed over. The financial system is well and trulypeople from Galway marching in Dublin lines which they are told to repeat despite bust. Doom and gloom – not a bit of it. Schull Garden Club Lectureagainst the septic tank proposals, the questions asked., So much anger! There is a much better much happier, and Feb 1st at 11am in the Church of Irelandmeetings every night against the And yippee say the big-boys - this is Continues Next Page parochial hall, Schull. Spaces limited. 1
  2. 2. Continued From Previous Pagemuch more realistic life ahead. We ‘Tit Bonhomme’ Fundraising Coffeeare all living in complete fantasy land, Morning & Cake Saleenjoying presidential fanfares, and Feb 2nd at 11am in Bere Island Heritagewaiting for the next imaginary villains, Centre, Ballinakilla, Bere Island. We will bediversionary tactics, this time Iran. No holding a Fundraising Coffee Morning & Cakeit’s not funny, but yes we are all Sale to support all those affected by the ‘Titcaught up in it, and going along with Bonhomme’ tragedy. Please come along and showit. your support.Anyway let’s forget meetings, reports,tribunals, wasting time and money. Harvest Moon Music Festival - QuizLets get to work, and build a real Night Fundraiserpeople’s economy, with our local Co- Feb 3rd from 8pm - 11pm in Regan’s Pub,Operatives. No borrowing, no waste, Pier Road, Schull with local quiz master Seanno greed. No more ridiculous salaries OConnell asking a wide range of both difficultfor mediocre effort, no more cover- and not so difficult questions. €20 per team,ups, no more spin, Let’s rid ourselves number of people in a team is unlimited (withinof all that rot. We must produce more reason of course!).food and energy, and import less. It’snot rocket science, it is a much moreproductive, satisfying and happier West Cork Campaign Againstway of life. Household Charges - Fundraising ConcertRecommended articles: Fe b 3 rd a t 9 p m i n t h e E l d o n Ho t e l ,http://news-beacon-ireland.info/? Skibbereen.page_id=1172http://www.guardian.co.uk/ Septic Tank Legislation Seminarcommentisfree/2012/jan/24/zombie- Fe b 1 o t h , 9 a m - 1 p m , O r i e l Ho u s e ,banks-ireland-debts-cancelled Ballincollig, Cork. Attendance is free. For further info contact bernadette@cef.ie.West Cork Links www.ballydehob.ie The Future Of Money www.baltimore.ie Feb 16th, Boole 1, UCC from 6.45pm until www.bandon.ie 7. 4 5 p m . A t a l k b y Pr o f. Ma r y Me l l o r www.bantry.ie (Northumbria University) & Dr. Ella Kavanagh www.castletownbere.ie (UCC). www.clonakilty.ie www.dunmanway.ie Schull Drama Group Presents - The www.drimoleague.com www.glengarriff.ie Birthday by Harold Pinter www.goleen.info Feb 18th, 19th, 25th & 26th at 8pm in the www.kinsale.ie S c h u l l Co m m u n i t y Ha l l . Ti c ke t s € 1 0. www.macroom.ie Concessions €7. www.rosscarbery.ie www.schull.ie Continues Page 6 www.skibbereen.ie 2
  3. 3. size of a find. In the United States, mineral rights belong to the landowner, such that The Impact Of Oil & Gas Depletion the early fields had many owners. It made sense therefore for the Stock Exchange to by Dr. Colin J. Campbell (ASPO) impose strict rules to prevent fraudulent financial exaggeration, while smiling onIntroduction becomes a very sensitive subject. under-reporting as commercial prudence. The rules recognise Proved ProducingIt is a privilege at the great age of eighty Determining the size of an oilfield early in Reserves for the estimated futureto be asked to contribute to this West its life poses no particular scientific production of current wells, and ProvedCork newsletter. The theme of the topics challenge although there is naturally a Undeveloped Reserves for that comingto be covered will be the far-reaching certain legitimate range in the estimates from low-risk infill wells between theimpact of oil and gas depletion on the dependent on finer details and extraction existing ones before they had been drilled.modern world, which is a large and techniques applied. The sum of the The major international companies weresensitive subject. The assessment springs individual fields defines the resources of a subject to the same rules and reportedfrom a career in the oil business, starting country, region and eventually the world cautiously, which gave a welcome reserve It is a complex subject that cannot be coveredas a field geologist in South America and as a whole. The more promising areas growth to their financial reports. Another fully here. That said, reasonable estimates canending as an executive in Norway. A were explored first for obvious reasons, factor is the reporting of OPEC reserves. be made and deliver the pictures summarisedbiographic sketch is included in the book and the larger fields within them were This organisation agreed to cut production in the two graphs. World discovery peaked inPeak Oil Personalities, recently published found first, being too big to miss. to support price under of system of the 1960s and we started using more than weby Inspire Books in West Cork. quotas, based on reported reserves. In found in new fields in the early 1980s. The difficulties in evaluating the situation 1985 at a time of low oil prices, Kuwait Obviously the peak of discovery must deliver aThe Essence of Oil and Gas Depletion arise from ambiguous definitions and lax added 50% to its reported reserves corresponding peak of production after a time reporting practices. There are many although nothing particular had changed gap. A debate rages as to the precise date ofDepletion is an easy concept to grasp. As different categories of oil and gas, each in its oilfields. The other OPEC countries peak, which might already have been passed inevery beer drinker knows, the glass starts with its own characteristics and depletion found themselves having to match Kuwait 2008, but misses the point when what mattersfull and ends empty, and the quicker he profile. It is useful to distinguish Regular in varying degrees to protect their quotas is the vision of the long decline on the otherdrinks it, the sooner it is gone. The same Conventional Oil and Gas, which have and hence the oil revenues on which they side of it. The decline is only gradual at 2-3% aprinciple applies to oil and gas provided most to-date and will dominate depended. In short, public data on year, but there is a fundamental differenceproduction. They are finite natural all supply far into the future. It excludes by reserves are grossly unreliable. For between expansion and contraction likely toresources formed in the geological past, definition the following categories, which example, the latest report by the Oil & Gas have major impacts on the world’s economics,such that for every gallon used, one less are generally more costly and slow to Journal, which is one of the principal financial position and politics. The transitionremains. The modern world runs on oil produce. sources, reports unchanged reserves for threatens to be a time of great tension, signs ofand the supply of this critical commodity 66 countries as if it were remotely which have already manifested themselvesthat fuelled economic growth has allowed Heavy Oil, Bitumen and Oil Shale plausible that new discovery and/or with riots from London to Moscow andthe population to rise six-fold in parallel. It genuine reserve growth would exactly demonstrations on Wall Street, as well asis well said that Homo sapiens may not Deepwater Oil and Gas (>500m) match production over the past year. revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East.become extinct this century but the These impacts can be the subject of futuresubspecies Petroleum Man almost Polar Oil and Gas reviews.certainly will. Such conclusions werepreviously dismissed as the ramblings of a Natural Gas liquids from gasplants Advertismentdoomsday merchant, but are now beingtaken seriously. Peak Oil, namely when Non-Conventional gases (coalbedproduction reaches its maximum rate, will methane, hydrate shale gas etc)have a huge impact on the politics of the €20/week | €50/3 weeksworld, which in turn prompts a review of Failure to properly distinguish the differenthistory to try to understand the growth of categories is a cause of much confusion. www.localcampus.com/ad.htmlempires and their financial background. It Another problem arises from reporting the 3
  4. 4. BOOK IS AVAILABLE FROM: www.inspirebooks.ie Price €20 PEAK OIL Personalities by Colin CampbellA fascinating new book, entitled Peak Oil Personalities, has been published by InspireBooks, Skibbereen, West Cork.An introduction explains the issue of Peak Oil that now attracts world attention. Briefly, oiland gas are finite resources formed in the geological past, which means that for every gallonused one less remains. Production from an oilfield begins and ends, passing a peak inbetween, and world supply must follow the same pattern. We don’t exactly know how muchis left, but it looks as it is about half gone. Furthermore, the big and easy fields were foundfirst for obvious reasons, so what remains will be slower and more costly to produce. Thefirst half of the Oil Age was characterised by economic expansion fuelled by these easy andcheap supplies of energy, and logic suggests that the second half, which now dawns, maybe marked by a corresponding contraction. Money has been mismanaged many times inhistory, giving periodic epochs of rampant inflation when circumstances prevented therepayment of excessive debt. The modern world runs on oil, and it is quite possible that thecurrent economic and financial crisis with its far-reaching social and political consequenceswas triggered by a surge in oil price associated with Peak Oil.The introduction is followed by twenty-six biographic sketches of people who have come tounderstand and address the issue of Peak Oil. They have been selected to representdifferent walks of life ranging from oil executives to academics; from a former Los Angelespoliceman to a Norwegian film-maker. It is fascinating to read how their ideas evolved from awide range of backgrounds and experiences, and to learn what conclusions they havereached about the future.Some of the authors have published widely and others explain the difficulties they havefaced in bringing the message to government and industry. There are many vested interestsbent on denial. Previously, statements about Peak Oil, as imposed by Nature, were widelydismissed as the ramblings of doomsday merchants. Economists in particular had faith inthe market to deliver and technological advances to solve all. But now there is a growingawareness and acceptance as governments find themselves having to devise new policiesto deal with what unfolds in this turning point of historical magnitude.The book ends with a brief appendix containing an assessment of the underlying data bycountry. It admits that many of the numbers will prove to be wrong, as public sources ofinformation on petroleum discovery and production are so unreliable. But that poses themore important question of asking: By how much? 4
  5. 5. has become a lawyer. And international trade is born. Hobby Horse #9 by Rob Heyland Shane, a doctor with a drink problem, But we have too many paper pigs on our Roy Heyland - A BAFTA TV Society, now spends all day in the bar, by the open island so we peg our currency to theThe Pig Note Writer’s Guild & Critics Award Winner door of the store room and enjoys a new bigger island where they have the cow game. He and the customers can see note. And all’s well for a bit, until we findThere is an island, on which the woods, through the door to the various shelves we owe the bigger island more pigs andfields and rivers provide everything where the notes are stored. One for Kath, cows than we could breed in severalneeded for the 25 souls living there to one for Pete, one for Fred the fisherman generations. So, in the name of cutbacks,enjoy a good life. 10 of those 25 do the and so on. Shane takes ever more we sack all the teachers and doctors butwork. imaginative bets with the customers on keep the same number of people pushing whose shelf will have the most notes at paper in the shed. And we pay for themOne of those 10 people, Kath, is a the end of the week. He usually wins, with borrowed money.proficient farmer. She hears her neighbour after all he spends his whole life there soPete wants to get rid of his sow and she he knows which shelf will be fullest. Thanks to the three guys in the shed, thefeels it would be a valuable addition to Shane has invented share trading, hedge island has got itself into quite a pickle.her farm. She goes to Pete who agrees funds and credit default swaps. That early flush of enthusiasm has beento sell her his sow for 100 chickens. Only replaced by a fairly ghastly world wherehe doesn’t want the chickens now. He’ll The 3 paper pushers realise they will everyone feels as if they are walkingtake them in dribs and drabs. To that end increase their earnings by encouraging around with a rucksack of rocks, in theKath takes a piece of paper on which she more and bigger transactions. So they form of debt, on their backs.writes “I owe Pete 1 Pig (100 chickens)”. pay Adela to paint wonderful picturesA 1 PIG NOTE. They are both delighted which subtly imply that if you drink more And every week a boat rows over fromwith the deal. beer, have a newer cart or a larger spade another island carrying a briefcase with Kath can produce piglets, agreeing to let you will definitely get more sex. 100 cow notes in it to cover governmentThe deal is made at 11 o’clock. At five Shane have half the piglets in return for his spending. But because of moneypast 11 they both go into Barry’s Bar, investment. Advertising is born. People begin to previously borrowed the boatmanKath with a pig on a string and Barry with associate happiness with the possession demands a briefcase to take away witha 1 PIG NOTE. At eleven there was one Tim the teacher is kept busy all afternoon of vast quantities of things. And the island him containing 120 pig notes. The islandpig on the island. At five past eleven there writing up legally binding agreements slowly clogs up with far too many houses loses 20 pigs every time the boat visits.are two - one real pig on the end of a between the islanders. By the time they all and loads of discarded but perfectly But the men in the shed say we can’t livestring and one paper pig in Pete’s hand. go to bed, somewhat the worse for drink, functioning wheelbarrows. without it. In fact they say we have to where there once was only one pig on the work harder than ever, for no money, inBarry the barman is smitten with the island there are now 50. I real pig and 49 So we have 3 people playing in the a order that the boat can come more oftenpaper pig and offers Pete four barrels of paper pigs. And nobody has done a stroke shed, with the island chieftain now sitting and take ever money away with it onbeer for it. But Bob the builder tells Pete of work to make this magical multiplication with them drinking beer and being given every trip.that if he gives him five pig notes he’ll happen. the odd pig note for being a damnedbuild him a new house. Pete, using his good chap. And out in the rain there are 7 Welcome to Ireland.one pig note as leverage, gets Barry to Barry is much smitten with this new people having to do the work of 10.write four more pig notes for him (value project. He has a dry and lockable store And the happy ending?1Pig, 4 barrels or 100 chickens) and room at the back of his bar and offers to The system is showing some problems.agrees to pay Barry five chickens in the keep people’s paper pigs in his store. He But they discover that if a neighbouring One day the islanders wake up to theirpig for the loan. puts a table in that room and spends all island, where there is also one pig, sells slavery, leave the fixed poker game day printing new pig notes and shuffling that pig to our island and we in turn sell they’ve been sucked into, default on allJust down the bar Shane has persuaded them about. He has become a banker. our pig to them, everyone miraculously debts, internal and external, print theirKath that she should buy a boar from the gets richer. So we no longer eat our own own currency and have a government thatneighbouring island, paid for by Shane Tim the teacher gives up his job and sits pigs, we eat each others, and get richer.with money borrowed from Barry so that with Barry, writing vast documents. He Continues Next Page 5
  6. 6. Continued From Previous Page Continued From Page 2provides services on taxes levied and Schull Community College - Opennever borrows another cent. DayThe three guys in the shed, the brightest Feb 26th from 2.30pm - 4.30pm. Details onand the best as we are told the city folk page 9.are, who had done nothing socially usefulfor a while, are released back into thecommunity. They spend a while sulking at Car Boot Salehome watching their box sets of Mad Men Mar 4th at 11am at the Sailing Centre,but eventually they come out and do Schull. €10 per car. Further details on: 086 875something useful like teaching or 8652.developing alternative energy sources ordigging spuds. Glengarriff Free Spirit FestivalAh bliss! Mar 14th - 18th. Music & Craic! Your Comments Ballydehob Jazz Festival May 4th - 7th. For further details go to www.ballydehobjazzfestival.org. Please send your letters, comments or ideas for publication to: walter@localcampus.com New Energy Era Forum May 8th - 10th Liss Ard House - Details CLICK West Cork Local Archive HERE. To reserve a place CLICK HERE. For previous issues CLICK HERE West Cork Chamber Music Festival, Bantry Acapellabella Acoustic June 29th. to July 7th. 2012. www.westcorkmusic.ie. Session West Cork Literary Festival, Bantry Jan 27th from 6pm - 9pm at the July 8th to 14th 2012. www.westcorkmusic.ie. Country Store in Ballydehob. This event is being organised by 5th year Fastnet Inter national Schools student Ryan Crowley as a fundraiser for the street children of Calcutta and Regatta the Hope Foundation. There will be July 23rd - 26th 2012 - Fastnet Marine & Outdoor performance slots by several local Education Centre. For further info and notice of musicians, and all are welcome to bring race contact info@schullsailing.ie. instruments along and join in. Wine will be sold by the glass, alongside other refreshments, and there is a suggested Masters Of Tradition, Bantry donation of €5 on the door. August 15th to 19th 2012. 6
  7. 7. Cork South West Co-Op  This weeks introductory offer ……. Starting in the Mizen and Carbery regions RaisedVegetable Bed – with seaweed and compost - made fromgood second-hand scaffolding boards. Price €35, or €25 for members of Cork South West Co-Op Delivered and constructed. While stocks last !   Contact walter@localcampus.com To become a member please CLICK HERE to download membership form or join online 7
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. Notice From Skibbereen Town Council Skibbereen Town Council anticipates that "The Mart" Car Park at Bridge Street/ Mardkye Street, Skibbereen will be surplus to The Towns parking requirements with the development of the The Marsh Car Park. Skibbereen Town Council being acutely conscious of the need to uphold its Democratic Mandate though open and transparent dialogue and communication with its citizens, invites Expressions of Interest from all interested persons, Companies, Groups and Public Bodies (without limitation) concerning the future of The Mart Car Park including but not limited to its use, development, sale, lease, letting or other activity. All Expressions of Interest or Submissions or Outline Proposals must be signed by the participant. Envelopes containing such Expression of Interest, Submissions or Outline Proposals should be marked "Mart Car Park Submission" and securely sealed in such a manner as the offering party deems appropriate. The envelopeshould be placed in an outer sealed envelope marked "Submission" and sent to Don ODonoghue, Town Clerk,Skibbereen Town Council, 29 North Street, Skibbereen, Co. Cork at or before 1.00pm on Friday the 17th of February,2012. 9
  10. 10. In conversation with... Life Coaching with Fiona Chappell To view CLICK HERE Dyslexia with Robin Wells To view CLICK HERE Post Peak Oil with Dr. Colin J Campbell To view CLICK HERE 10
  11. 11. Calling all West Cork Cape Clear FerryArtists & Crafters! Farantóireact go CleireOpening soon in Skibbereen - a brand Cape Clear Ferry - Consultative Meetingnew co-operative shop showcasing with Island Community - Farantóireacht goquality arts & crafts from West Cork! Cleire - Cruinniá Comharleoireachta le Pobal an Oileáin -Are you looking for an affordablealternative to paying commission / The Cailín Óir Ferry Service will hold a publicwholesale charges in conventional shops meeting with Community of Cape Clear& galleries? Island on Saturday 28th January 2012 at 8pm in the Community Hall to discuss Please take a look at proposed changes to the ferry schedule for 2012 together with other matters relating to www.westcorkcrafts.net the service.Its run by local artists and crafters, for Reachtálaidh an Seirbhís Farantóireachtalocal artists and crafters. cruinniu poibli le Pobal an Oileáin ar an Satharn 28 Eanáir 2012 ag 8pm chunNo commission charges.... Only a limited athruithe atá molta sa sceidail le haghaidhnumber of spaces available - contact us 2012 a phlé móide ceisteanna eile anow to avoid disappointment! bhaineann leis an seirbhís farantóireachta. 11
  12. 12. Weekly classes at An Sanctoir, Ballydehob West Cork Inspires - BookMon 10.00 - 11.30 Hatha Yoga - Bella Hancock 14.15 - 15.00 Parent & Toddler yoga - Corinna Fisher 028 37034 087 939 5571 Starts Jan 16th Start date TBC Launch 18.30 - 20.00 Hatha Yoga & Meditation - Claire Osborne 086 213 4080 Starts Feb 13th Tue 10.00 - 11.30 Authentic Movement - Clair Lalor 028 37192 Starts Jan 24th  11.45 - 13.15 Breath & Yoga - Patricia OSullivan 028 37838 14.30 - 16.00 Donation yoga class - Corinna Fisher 087 939 5571 Started Jan 10th 18.30 - 20.00 Dynamic Zen Yoga - Betty OToole 087 797 2059 Start date TBCWed 18.00 - 19.30 Kundalini Yoga - Mukhande Kaur 086 175 1580Thur 09.45 - 11.15 Hatha Yoga - Corinna Fisher 087 9395571 Started Jan 12th   11.30 - 13.00 Restorative Yoga - Bella Hancock 028 37034 Starts Jan 19th Launch of Alison Ospina’s book West Cork Inspires describing 18.30 - 20.00 Hatha Yoga - Bella Hancock 028 37034 Starts Jan 19th the history of the creative community in West Cork. 20.15 - 22.00 5 Rhythms Dance - Ben Townsend 086 3093686 Starts March 22nd   Keynote Address: Karen Hennessy, CEO, Crafts Council ofFri 9.30 - 10.30 Tai Chi - Mark van Dam 086 159 1881 Starts Jan 20th Ireland 11.00 - 12.30 Moving Presence movement - Claire Osborne 086 213 4080 Starts mid Feb   and   These details are subject to change - Always contact the teacher for further information. Exhibition curated by Etain Hickey, presenting work that offers an insight into the crafts movement in West Cork.   Tai Chi Lessons Guest Speaker: Leslie Reed, former CEO, Crafts Council of Ireland and founder member of the Society of Cork Potters and of the Cork Craftsman’s Guild LET YOURSELF GO this 2012 by learning how to loosen up inside and out with markvandam.com!   on Friday 27th of January On-going Lessons.   at 7.30pm Skibbereen: Wednesdays 7.40pm - 8.40pm in the Martial Arts Fitness Centre   West Cork Inspires opens to the public on Saturday 21st Ballydehob:  Fridays  9.30am - 10.30am in An Sanctóir January and continues to Saturday 18th February   Clonakilty: Saturdays  11.15am - 12.30am in the Steiner Kindergarten, Ladys Cross   Cork: Tuesdays 6.45pm - 8pm in the SMA Community Centre, Wilton  75 minute lessons €60 for 5 week courses. €15 singles. Concessions €12.                 Contact: 023 885 7370 | 086 159 1881 | mark@markvandam.com   WCAC acknowledges the financial support of the Arts Council www.markvandam.com in making this exhibition possible. 12
  13. 13. Nose to Tail Butchery Class with Frank Krawczyk Following the success of the recent butchery class with Frank last October, we will be hosting another one on Saturday, 23 February at Ballyvolane House. Frank (father of Chop House Chef Robbie) will show you how to turn a pig into lots of yummy piggy delights like handmade sausages, bacon, chops, roasts, kassler, brawn, terrines and much more besides. The price is €149.50 per person to include coffee and homemade biscuits on arrival, the butchery class from 9am to 5pm, lunch in the dining room at Ballyvolane House and afternoon tea and homemade lemon drizzle cake. To book, please phone Richard Reeve on 058 53810 or email  info@obrienchophouse.ie. To get the idea, please click here to see images of the last butchery class on Facebook.Clonakilty Special Cork LETS GatheringOlympics On this Friday, January 27th at 7.30pm Cork LETS (Local Exchange TradingThe Clonakilty Special Olympics Club System) will host its monthly gathering athave recommenced their activities after "We Made This" South Pres. - Evergreenthe Christmas break. Basketball Skills Street. Google Map: CLICK HERE.take place at the Sports Complex eachThursday night from 8.00pm - 9.00pm; Cork LETS, provides an alternativeSoccer Skills every second Monday currency. It is in the vanguard of a newnight from 7.00pm - 8.00pm, and Golf tomorrow - but remember, for LETS toSkills recommence on 9th February and work it is necessary for Pioneer memberstake place each Saturday from 11.00am to SPEND first: "What goes around,– 12.00 noon at the Rosscarbery Driving comes around" - so you can sell at a laterRange. time.For further information please ring There will be opportunity to raiseManager Rose Dempsey on: 087 118 questions, discuss possibilities, exchange9764 goods and services, register as a member of LETS. And a CUPPA. There is no charge. 13
  14. 14. Events at Blackrock Castle, Cork First Fridays at the Castle: Believe It Or Not! Date: February 3   Time: 18:00 - 21:0018:00-20:00: Family Workshops – Is Seeing Believing?Four half-hour family-friendly workshops with BCO’s teacher and resident astronomer,Frances McCarthy.  Experience some tricks and jokes and look at what you can actuallysee! 18.45-19.45 (sharp!): Cork Science Café – “Beautiful Data”The Cork Science Café returns to the cosy Lodge of the Castle Café with Finn McLeodto lead a discussion on “Beautiful Data”.  Finn will talk about open data (the unlockingof information held in government departments), data visualization – the representationof information in new ways using colour shape, sound and movement, and how this willaffect the future of education, administrative decision making and open up new ways ofthought.20:00 – 21:00: Lecture – “Hype, Hoaxes and Hysteria in the World of Astronomy”From the Great Moon Hoax to the 2012 Doomsday fears, outer space has always beenfertile territory for the wildest and weirdest speculations. In a wide ranging talk, ColmRyan will discuss some of the stranger stories from our love affair with the Cosmos.18:00 – 21:00 – Stargazing (weather dependent) Midterm Workshops – Be a Brainbox! Date: February 13-17   Time: 14:00 - 15:30 Be a Brainbox! workshops are back for the mid-term. Aimed at children from age 8 up(ages 6 and 7 if accompanied by an adult) Be a Brainbox! will explore electronic circuitsand show children how we use electricity every day in various ways to help improve ourlives. Taking place daily from February 13 – 17 workshops are €5 per child.No bookingis required but spaces are limited to 30 per workshop. Engineer’s Week Workshops - Schools Only Date: February 27-March 4   Time: 10:00. 11:00, 12:00, 13:00 Book your  school  in for our electronic circuit workshops to explore how we useelectricity every day in various ways to help improve our lives. In association with theCork Electronics Industry Association workshops are daily from February 27 – March 2and will run for an hour, with four workshops each day Each workshop will cost €50with a maximum of 30-35 participants. Activity most suitable for children 10 to 12 yearsof age. Discounted bus rates available on booking. 14
  15. 15. 15
  16. 16. So those are the names but WHO are they? I thought this was something I could helpWho Are The Bondholders We Are Bailing Out? with, to add my contribution to Mr. Fawkes’ break-through.The citizens of Ireland have been forced over the last two years to give the bond holdersof Anglo Irish bank 20 billion euros. WHY? The Irish government recently told its people It is worth knowing who the bond holders really are because the Irish government hasthe 20 billion was not enough and they MUST give the same bond holders another 10 to said more than once that one of the reasons the bond holders had to be protected and20 billion euros.  WHO are these special people called Bond Holders that must be so could not, must not, be made to suffer any losses, even though it would be PERFECTLYcarefully protected even at the cost of despoiling a nation? legal to do so, is because the bond holders are pension funds for poor Irish widows and cooperative savings funds for orphans and ‘ordinary folk’. A little poetic exaggerationI tried to find out. I failed. 15th October the British Blogger Guido Fawkes published a list there, but only a little.of the bond holders.  I would like to thank Mr Fawkes, and thank Unclear for posting thelink and bringing it to my attention. This ‘widows and orphans’ reason why the Bond holders must not take any loss, was trotted out to bolster an earlier reason that started to wear thin, which was that if Ireland pissed off the bond holders then they would refuse to ever deal with Ireland ever again and Ireland would never be able to borrow ever again, ever, and everyone would die in penury, friendless and cold.  That first reason started to look like it might not hold, when the Germans started to talk rather too openly about how it might be best for all, them especially, if Greece did ‘re-structure’ its debts (default on its bond holders – a teeny bit).  When no one said it would be the end for Greece if it defaulted on the mighty bond holders, Ireland’s ‘the sky will fall in’ reason for not asking its bond holders to share the pain started to look like what it was, a politically motivated lie.  Thus the grannies and orphans had to be hurriedly wheeled out. So, are the bond holders widow’s pension funds and orphans’ savings accounts?  Well actually, NO. That too was just another lie from the morally degenerate and cringingly servile Irish government. But don’t take my word for it. Lets look at exactly who the bond holders are. But first be clear about my method. Over all I have decided to compare Ireland’s wealth with that of its bond holders. I have looked at what the named companies do – according to their own literature.   I have looked to see if they are owned by someone else and if so who and where the companies are registered and based. And I have looked at the sort of wealth we are talking about. On this last point, I have looked not at their market value – because that, as we all know, is a matter of creative accountancy and is also often not something the companies like to list, but  at their ’assets under management’. Assets under management gives us a view of the total amount of wealth these companies deal with so we can compare it to the total wealth of Ireland. Its GDP.  Where a company is, in fact, owned by a larger one, I have used the parent company’s assets on the grounds that on the other side, Anglo Irish has been treated as a subsidiary of Ireland and the entire wealth of the nation is being deployed and called upon. So, on one side we have Anglo Irish and its ‘parent company’/owner, Ireland and its ‘bond’ holders the people of Ireland.   On the other, we have the companies listed as bond holders and the larger companies who own them and who are thus the ultimate beneficiaries and interested parties in those bonds. Continues Next Page 16
  17. 17. Continued From Previous Page SO….  on one side we have Ireland whose Now there is absolutely no suggestion that members.  The chairperson is Mr Hansjorg bond holders, its people, have between Mr. Latsis has ever done anything wrong or Nymphius of Deutsche Bank. Other board them a total GDP wealth of 0.207 trillion illegal. And his holdings are, I am quite members are from JP Morgan Chase, RBS,On with the show! euros. Who are being FORCED, against sure, perfectly legal and above board. But Bank of Ireland, West LB(bankrupt), BNP their will, to pay Anglo Irish bank’s debts to when we talk of Anglo Irish’s bond holders Paribas, ABN Ambro, Dexia and Banco its bond holders, who between them hold it is Mr. Latsis and those with his sort of Santander.Of the 80 listed companies only 7 listed 20.8 Trillion euros. The people of Ireland are wealth who we are talking about NOTtheir business as dealing with pensions and paying to, and protecting the wealth and widows and orphans or you and me.  It is Its a list which could double as the list ofbeing a cooperative savings institution. Of power of, people who have 100 times more therefore worth remembering, the next time Anglo Irish’s bond holders. The EBA wasthose, only 4 listed churches and unions as wealth! an Irish politician, or any of our politicians set up in Paris in 1985, since when it hastheir clients, the others could well have for that matter, say that some welfare been and is, central to promoting Europeanbeen big pension funds.  The churches and So where do these wealthy bond holders payment can no longer be afforded, it is Union financial integration and the area’sunions in question were in Germany not live and work? because the money that could have paid banking interests. The EBA has close tiesIreland.   Those seven companies are for it has been given instaed to the bond to the ECB.amongst the smallest of Anglo Irish’s bond Germany has the most with 15 of the bond holders, people not unlike Mr. Latsis. Theholders.  I only have figures for four of the holders. Who between them hold 5.3 trillion Irish people are paying and protecting the I will leave you to digest this disgustingseven. The largest, Union Investments of euros. France is next with 10 bond holders. interests of people like Mr. Latsis over the bolus of self serving wealth protection.Germany, has a mere €165 billion in assets Who have about 4 trillion to keep them interests of their own children. And it isunder management. warm. Britain is third with 9 who have their own politicians who have arranged The only thing left to say is this. The bond around 3 trillion. The Swiss have 6 but who this. holders of Anglo Irish are a very good guideThe total assets under management which have about 8.5 trillion. America has only to the identity of the bond holders of ALLI was able to compile from publicly three and hold only a trillion. Other nations Other bond holders call themselves ‘asset OUR BANKS. The bond holders beingavailable figures is €20,871,150,000,000. include, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Holland management’ firms.  The fifth largest asset protected, in every nation, on the advice ofThat is an underestimate because the bond Finland, Norway, Sweden, Poland, South management firm in the world is one of the the banks and financial class, are THEholders who turn out to be Private and Africa and Italy. bond holders. Others are insurance BANKS AND THE WEALTHIEST OF THESwiss banks don’t publish any figures.  So companies. The 6th and 9th largest in the FINANCIAL CLASS.Anglo Irish’s ‘bond holders’ hold and invest All these figures are very rough. The figure world, to be specific. Others are the largestMORE than 20.8 trillion euros.   Guido lists for Switzerland is certainly under because banks, Deutsche, Soc Gen, Barclay’s, PNB THEY are screwing YOU!those bond holders as holding between Private Swiss Banks just don’t publish Paribas, UniCredit (who don’t appear onthem 4 Billion euros in Anglo Irish bonds. figures.  What we can say for sure, figures the list but own Pioneer Investments) and UPDATE - On the question of the veracity or no figures, is these are not banks Wells Fargo (also not on the list but who of the bond holders list. I have now hadNow, in my opinion both figures are likely to investing widow’s pensions or orphan’s own European Credit Management).   Then word from two people who both claim tobe wrong. Certainly my figure is a large pennies. there is Goldman. No show without the have knowledge, one is an insider, andunderestimate.   But taking them at face squid. both say it looks correct to them. Obviouslyvalue Anglo Irish would account for an  one So who are they? Well many of the bond the only way to be sure is to have each5000th of the total assets being managed holders are privately held banks, which list Kleinwort Benson Investors is a bond company on the list confirm. But short ofby all the bond holders.  So would even a their activities as asset management for holder. But Kleinwort is owned by a Belgian that I think the confirmations I now have,total default by Anglo Irish cause that off-shore, non-resident and high value holding company, RHJ which is part owned suggest the list is true. Though one of themmuch, let alone systemic, pain and risk? individuals.  To give you an example, one of by Mr Timothy Collins. Mr Collins also sits also said it looked like the list was partialWhy are the ‘Bond holders’ and the Irish the private banks is EFG Bank of on the board of Citigroup. So he too is one with some names missing.government so concerned that the Irish Luxembourg.  EFG stands for European of the bond holders the Irish people arepeople be forced to take the loss and pay Financial Group which is the third largest ‘helping’. Advertismentthe debts for them? private bank group in Switzerland.   It manages over €7.5 trillion in assets.   It is Finally, a very large number of the banksNow lets look at the other side of the ‘mostly’, 40%, owned  by Mr. Spiro Latsis, who are Anglo Irish’s bond holders, are €20/week | €50/3 weeksequation, at Ireland itself. Well Ireland’s son of a Greek shipping magnate.  He also members of something called the EuroGDP before the crash, in 2008, was … owns 30% of Hellenic Petroleum. His Banking Association. All the large Europeandrum roll please… €207 billion. Or 0.207 personal fortune is estimated to be about banks, most of the large US ones, Swiss, www.localcampus.com/ad.htmltrillion. $9 Billion. Japanese, Nordic and some Chinese, are 17
  18. 18. Coming soon to Grove House... www.grovehouseschull.com Local Photo Competition Prize: Samuel Beckett Photograph Le Petit Boulevard St. Jacque, Paris 1985 Closing date 15th February, 2012. To Enter Competition CLICK HERE Judged by John Minihan www.johnminihan.com 18
  19. 19. is as follows: Schull Drama Cast Group 2012 Meg Joan GillerSchull Drama Group Presents TheBirthday Party by Hariold Pinter in Spring Petey Simon Hassett2012. This is a 3 Act Play under thedirection of Edmund Krugel.Performance Lulu Clara McGowandates are as follows: Stanley Caleb CairnsSat Feb 18 at 20:00 Schull Parish HallSun Feb 19 at 20:00 Schull Parish Hall McCann Ger MinihaneSat Feb 25 at 20:00 Schull Parish HallSun Feb 26 at 20:00 Schull Parish Hall Goldberg Pat BrackenThe Birthday Party is about Stanley CrewWebber, an erstwhile piano player in his30s, who lives in a rundown boarding Director Edmund Krugelhouse, run by Meg and Petey Boles, in anEnglish seaside town, "probably on the Stage Manager Alynsouth coast, not too far from London"Two sinister strangers, Goldberg and Set Designer Ursula WardMcCann, who arrive supposedly on hisbirthday and who appear to have come Costumes Gene Griffinlooking for him, turn Stanleys apparently Julia Zagarinnocuous birthday party organized byMeg into a nightmare. Lighting & Sound Liam McGibbonAccording to Pinters official biographer, Prompt Sheila FlanaganMichael Billington, The Birthday Party is"a deeply political play about the Set building Jim Brennanindividuals imperative need for Mike Howardresistance,"yet, according to Billington, Jerry McCulloughthough he "doubts whether this wasconscious on Pinters part," it is also "a This play will go on tour and compete atprivate, obsessive work about time past; the following Drama Festivals:about some vanished world, either real oridealised, into which all but one of the New Ross Fri 9th Marchcharacters readily escapes. ... From thevery outset, the defining quality of a Charleville Sat 10th MarchPinter play is not so much fear andmenace -- though they are undoubtedly Rossmore Mon 12th Marchpresent -- as a yearning for some lostEden as a refuge from the uncertain, Spread the word, this promises to be amiasmic present" . great show. The Schull Drama Group is busy as always!The cast and crew of The Birthday Party 19
  20. 20. 108 Gems of Wisdom Your Views Dear Madame/Sir, But no, we dont do this in Ireland, and CCC encourage citizens to drive miles Dear Editor, House-hold lately received a leaflet from and miles to dispose of their rubbish. I by Nelline Naidoo the Cork County Council to encourage guess it is better than to dump it in the Our Minister Michael Noonan proves that he citizens to use the Waste and Recycling ditch. Oh, by the way, there is quite some is living in cloud cuckoo land, he even Centres. This leaflet stipulates that for a people doing so, because they are imagines the youth are leaving our shores in fortnightly trip to the Centre, it will cost misinformed on the cost of having their droves to enjoy themselves abroad. only € 182, "the cheaper solution to rubbish collected! refuse collection". Does he think that they are on an adventure What is happening with refuse collection holiday? What a lie and a complete nonsense. is happening elsewhere. This is where Irish economy stands: waste lots of time How could Ireland send that man to met the Studies show that it costs around € 500 and money and pretend this is a sound EU, IMF to plead our case,he could possibly annually to do so, when you include the economy. It is as good as splashing tell them that the more austerity the more cost of traveling to the Centre. Indeed water around to try to fill a bucket! sunshine/adventure holidays the Irish would KWD offers much better value. A small take abroad. house-hold will pay around € 220 It would take so little to organise it the annually, and for larger refuse-producer way it is elsewhere in Europe.Success Man strives to provide himself Lets not forget Eamon Gilmore pre election KWD offers a € 250 annual charge for allwith Worldly Achievements and Triumphs. "give the banks no more money" he must recycling and waste without weighing! Yours sincerely.The Mind is an Instrument, Play it, have meet a few Germans on the road to You just have to roll your bin outside. ThisRegulate it, Control it. For what and how Damascus as his monetary religion has is half the cost of going to the dump Fastnet Sailsyou play Will be your Ruin or Success. For changed to pay them back more than what every fortnight. Christophe HoudailleSuccess merges from Pure Heart Into Self- we owe them. Old Church of IrelandRealisation. The Pathway to Success is In the past CCC introduced pay by Goleen.never Afar nor Steep It is but Close and Yes, wrap the Green Flag around me boys to weight refuse collection, but was then West CorkWithin. Book available for purchase HERE. die would be far more sweet than pay back unable to run it in an economical way, so Tel: 353 (0) 28 35753 the European and Worldwide gamblers that they gave the baby to private companies. Mob: 086 176 23 77 funded the craving of the reckless  who While the lorries have to travel through all www.Fastnetsails.com Travel together wined and dined with crooks of Politicians and greedy Developers. the roads where collection is offered, it is   not compulsory to use the system, so the An online travel scheme for West Cork lorries collect only few bins, while The fallen carcase of the Celtic Tiger is now remaining house-hold will drive to the being  ripped to the bone by Frankfurts recycling centre. What a nonsense! A simple idea with multiple benefits. hounds while they bay for the blood  of Your Comments  thousands of decent Irish people that never It would be so much more efficient if all You’re driving or need to travel? had a chance to rub the fur of that house-hold would use the collection Please send your letters, comments Why not share the journey with someone? service: the companies organising it or ideas for publication to: Tiger that no Taxidermist in Dáil Eireann past would have more customers, more  or present want to claim as their prize business, the cost would go down as it • Save money on your travel costs. walter@localcampus.com trophy. would be spread on more customers, so • Reduce your impact on the planet. • Open up new friendships. it would be cheaper for both the house- • Reduce traffic. Thank you, hold currently using the collection service West Cork Local Archive  and the house-hold currently spending For previous issues CLICK HERE Yours sincerely, twice the cost by going to the collectionFor further information and to join thescheme email: wedrivetogether@gmail.com centre. The carbon foot-print would be Michael OSullivan. also greatly reduced. Castletownbere. 20