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West cork local 23 feb - 1st march


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West Cork Local a newsletter with a focus on sustainability and community.

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West cork local 23 feb - 1st march

  1. 1. 2 1 0 2 /0 /2 WEST CORK LOCAL vents 3 2 23/02/2012 -01/03/2012 | E so I put out a request locally. Many thanks West Cork Arts Centre - Open Door to the fifty plus people who replied with an Feb 23rd - Mar 29th, 7pm - 8pm. Meet others incredible amount of information. The couple is absolutely delighted with the for an evening of relaxed music-making and stories. Loughbeg Far cell enormous and talented group of service For further details see page 8. providers. Two other brides mums also m Ryan-Pur want the information. An untapped WCDP - Digital Business Seminar market!! So let’s put a comprehensive list together? And market West Cork as the Feb 24th & 27th. For further details CLICK very best wedding venue in Ireland?? HERE. There really is so much to be done in attracting people to West Cork. A couple Ballydehob Social Club Drop In By JAck of us just fiddle around with this on a very Feb 25th, 5pm - 7pm. For further details see page part-time basis, but now have 1,500 people per week reading our little 10. publications, now from 65 Countries around the World – all looking at our Young Makers Exhibition At West LOUGHBEG FARM l advertisements! Who should be marketing West Cork? Anyway for now please check Cork Arts Centre -Purcel By JAck Ryan out the Holistic Health Guide Feb 25th - Mar 17th. For further details CLICK and maybe HERE. we’ll get a wedding directory together next? How about a special offer (by the Let s Ma r k e t We s t Cork 29th of February)…. An advertisement in Cape Clear Island Tree Group -We are delighted to announce that Local further education, Oh My God where do the West Cork Local, an advertisement in Annual Tree Planting SessionCampus is now promoting the Holistic we stop! However West Cork is still the Irish National, and a link in Feb 25th, 12 noon. Details on page 6.Health Guide probably the best kept secret. A couple It seems not longplease see page 15. There are many of people have told me to stop, that there ago when we passed the 50,000 hits. I ammany highly qualified and very talented are enough tourists visiting West Cork, delighted to say that we have just gone Schull Community College - Opentherapists hidden all over West Cork. and we have enough business! If you over 80,000 hits. Please support the DayT h e y a re f u l l o f i n f o r m a t i o n a n d disagree with this please make sure you cause, and let’s get lots of euros flowing Feb 26th from 2.30pm - 4.30pm. Details onexperience to help people live healthier are in and into West Cork to strengthen our localand happier lives. West Cork is famous promote your business in the West Cork page 6. economy. If you’re up for it, we are! Pleasefor it’s scenery, food, artistic talent, Local and the Irish National. Fáilte email everything to:cosmopolitan community, music, film, Ireland has identified West Cork as the Engineer’s Week Workshops Atfarming, seafood, the islands, the region with the most potential for Blackrock Castle, Corkbeaches, Bridgestone quality increased business in Ireland. This weekaccommodation, markets, sailing, a couple from Dublin asked me to locate Let’s have a great summer! And extend the Feb 27th - Mar 4th. For further details CLICKkayaking, whale watching, hill walking, some contract caterers near Skibbereen, season. HERE. 1
  2. 2. D o Yo u O w n A B u s i n e s s I nIn conversation with... Bandon? Feb 27th at 6.30pm in the Munster Arms Hotel. Meeting to boost business in Bandon. Admission is free. For more details see page 11. Global Cities Week - Cork Feb 29th, Crane Lane Theatre, Cork City. For further details see page 17. Rath N.S. Spring Fashion Show Mar 3rd, 8pm, Casey’s Of Baltimore. ForLife Coaching with Fiona Chappell further see page 10 To view CLICK HERE Glebe Gardens Annual Seed Swap Sunday Mar 4th, 2.30pm-5pm, Glebe Garndens, Baltimore. For further details see page 8. Car Boot Sale Mar 4th at 11am at the Sailing Centre, Schull. €10 per car. Further details on: 086 875 8652. Fastnet Duathlon Dyslexia with Robin Wells Mar 1oth at 11am. For further details see page 7 To view CLICK HERE Glengarriff Free Spirit Festival Mar 14th - 18th. Music & Craic! Fadó Festival Mar 16th - Mar 18th, Bantry. For further details see page 12. Schull Community Council - St. Patrick’s Day Parade Mar 17th. For further details see page 19. Post Peak Oil with Run West Cork Dr. Colin J Campbell Mar 17th. All proceeds to local schools & Schull To view CLICK HERE Community Hospital. Details on page 20. 2
  3. 3. billion to a country that was going to go Goleen District Community Hobby Horse #11 by Rob Heyland bust. Some said it was out of fear of “disorderly collapse”. Which begs the Council St. Patrick’s Day Parade question - won’t it be even more Mar 18th at 3pm in Goleen. Could anyoneNonsense Roy Heyland - A BAFTA TV Society, who is hoping to take part in the parade please disorderly, not to say more cataclysmic, if Writer’s Guild & Critics Award Winner they just keep kicking that old can down contact Fiona ( orSo no change there then! Actually I did phone 086 395 8040 ) for an entry form ASAP.try to write something last week but it the road?wasn’t just nonsense, it was dull. So I Some of the pundits said the motives of West Cork Music - RTÉ Nationalbailed out. But now I’m back. the EU were “political”. By which they Symphony Orchestra*** meant that Sarkozy has a tricky election April 14th, 8pm, City Hall, Cork. Brahms - to navigate in April and a collapsing Piano Concerto No. 1 in D minor & SymphonyI used to think there was nothing in the Greece might not help his chances. And No. 4 in E minor. Tickets: €15, €20, €23world as nonsensical as the lyrics in the they meant it. They actually suggest that (concessions €12, €18, student €10). Booking:songs from the musical Grease. Loads of the fate of a nation, or even of a whole West Cork Music, 1850 788 789, 027 527 88.“ooo - ooo - ooo” and all that. And top of continent, is being decided on the basis of Tickets also available at Pro Musica, Oliverthe lot the theme song itself: its impact on the political future of a Plunkett Street, Cork. French muppet.Grease is the word, West Cork Music - National Music And the day after the bailout FitchGrease is the word, is the word that you downgraded Greece to “C”. More Day Concert - John Spillaneheard nonsense. April 20th, 1pm, St. Brendan’s Church, Bantry. The wonderful John Spillane returnsIt’s got groove, it’s got meaning, When I was at school a “C” for an essay to Bantr y for a special concert to bailout and out of dozens of pundits wasn’t the worst. In those days the First celebrate love: live music, Irelands nationalGreece is the time, is the place, is the wheeled out on our TVs and radios not a Division was the highest level of league free music day. Free admission to this concert.motion single one, other than the politicians football. Now it is the third level, involved, thought it is going to prevent languishing below the Championship and Wildlife Courses On Cape ClearGreece is the way we are feeling, Greece collapsing. How mad is that? he the Premiership. But it is still, nonsensically, called the First Division. Island 2012 pundits pointed out that Greece had 5%This is the life of illusion unemployment and owed 106% of GDP And First Division footballers will continue Full details are available on the Birdwatch when they began their period of austerity to languish there until they learn to give Ireland website:http://www.birdwatchireland.ieWrapped up in trouble, laced with 5 years ago and now have 20% 110%, or anything up to 200% allowing Courses take place from May to September.confusion, unemployment and owe 160% of GDP. for inflation, as their peers in the higher They said their chances of bringing their leagues give week after week. And they Ballydehob Jazz FestivalWhat are we doing here? debt back to 120% of GDP by 2012 will also have to learn to make particular May 4th - 7th. For further details go to were nil. They said Greece will be back efforts to score “early doors” . . . oh, don’t is the word … ad nauseam. for more handouts within months. ask! There’s inflation in our coffee houses as New Energy Era ForumI bet you noticed the clever way I I wonder how the same pundits wouldsubstituted Greece for Grease - and have answered if asked what chance the well. Last week I wanted a small coffee. I May 8th - 10th Liss Ard House - Detailssuddenly it all made sense. Spooky. Euro or even the EU has of avoiding was given a “large”. The girl explained CLICK HERE. To reser ve a place CLICKMaybe pop songs are actually messages collapse when Greece goes down. I that “large” is their smallest size. HERE.from some greater power. guess we’ll have to wait another month Apparently small, medium or large are or two for that. totally passé concepts and date back to Baltimore Fiddle FairOr maybe not. the times when words actually meant May 9th - 13th. For further details go to: The pundits were asked why on earth something. nonsense persists. Greece got its the EU heads were giving over 100 Continues Next Page 3
  4. 4. Continued From Previous Page West Cork Music - RTÉ Vanbrugh QuartetWhere a financial rating of “C” meantquite good, not “insolvent and likely to Jun 9th, 8pm, Aula Max, UCC Cork.collapse” and the “AAA” ratings enjoyed Tickets: €25 (concessions €20) from Pro Musica,by the USA and the UK would have Oliver Plunkett St & from West Cork Music 027meant stratospherically better than 52788 or www.westcorkmusic.ieanything else rather than “negativewatch” as they do now. West Cork Chamber Music Festival, BantryAnd printing money used to be called June 29th. to July 7th. For further details gothat, not “Quantitative Easing” and to: were given pay not“compensation” and borrowing wascalled borrowing not “credit” and we had West Cork Literary Festival, Bantrysongs with words that meant something July 8th - 14th. For further details go to:like: www.westcorkliteraryfestival.ieGreece is the word, Atlantic Challenge, Bantry Bay Gig World ChampionshipsGreece is the word, is the word that youheard July 21st - 29th. For further details go to: www.bantry2012.comIt’s got groove, it’s got meaning, Fastnet Inter national SchoolsGreece is the time, is the place, is the Regattamotion July 23rd - 26th - Fastnet Marine & Outdoor Education Centre, Schull. For further info andGreece is the way we are feeling, notice of race contact is the life of illusionWrapped up in trouble, laced with Masters Of Tradition, Bantryconfusion, Aug 15th to 19th. For further details go to: are we doing here?Greece is the word. Your Comments Please send your letters, comments Advertisment Space or ideas for publication to: €20/week | €50/3 weeks West Cork Local Archive For previous issues CLICK HERE 4
  5. 5. Grains can all be grown in more or less the same way, on a garden scale. I sow them Gardening Tips #7 by Madeline McKeever directly in the ground in rows about 20cm apart. I throw a piece of mono filament fish- This week I have been digging up, netting over the bed, after sowing, to keep the birds off. As soon as the rows can be seen selecting and replanting the parsnips, I take off the netting and hoe the bed. This kills the weeds before they get established for seed. To do a good selection you and the space between the rows leaves room for my swivel hoe. Some cereals such as need a lot of parsnips and so we have a spelt and perennial wheat do better if sown in autumn, whereas oats, quinoa and lot of rejected parsnips to eat. I decided buckwheat do fine sown in spring. So long as they are kept weeded they need very little to make parsnip fritters using quinoa attention until they are ready to harvest. The bird will alert you to this fact. They will be flour instead of wheat. I ground up a watching them constantly. Then you must act fast and get them under cover. Threshing few tablespoons in the coffee grinder, and cleaning is a bit of a job but very satisfying. mixed the result with grated parsnip, a beaten egg, and some milk, and fried them up. I found that not only did they taste good but they gave me a nicely satisfied feeling after eating them instead of my usual, now I am ready for the main course sort of feeling.  It gave me the idea of trying quinoa flour for pancakes and while I was messing upthe coffee grinder I would try flour from hulless oats as well. I think both kinds tastedbetter than wheat pancakes.    We are running the first of a two part course on growing your own staple foods on the 18th of March. The course will include calculating your food needs, planting potatoes and sowing grains and pulses. You can book here, buy quinoa and amaranth seed here or buy cereal seeds here. Sooo....what is everyone giving up for lent? 5
  6. 6. Loughbeg Farm - Re-opening Easter Sunday! West Cork Links Save The Internet!Cape Clear Island Tree Groups NeedsYour Help Right now, a new global treaty could encourage corporations to police everything that we do on  the Internet. Last week we successfully pushedCape Clear Island Tree Group plans its annual tree planting session for next Saturday back the US censorship bills - if we act now,25 February at 12 noon and calls for as many volunteers as possible. This year the we can get the EU Parliament to bury this newplanting takes place along the new trail below Fachtna & Helen’s house . Volunteers threat to all of us - click below to sign theare asked to bring their own spades, clippers, mattocks etc. petition: Fáilte roimh chách, all are welcome both young and old. Join in this campaign here: http://á do chabhair ag teastáil ó Ghrúpa na gCrann, Oileán Chléire. Tá Grúpa na gCrann ag beartú a meitheal bliaintiúil don Satharn 25 Feabhra seo Advertisment Spacechugainn ag meán lae agus táthar ag lorg an méid cabhair is féidir chuige seo. Deanfear an phlandáil seo mór thimpeall an chosán nua atá lastíos de Thig Fhachtna €20/week | €50/3 weeks& Helen. Iarrtar  ar dhaoine a spáid, féin agus úrlisí oiriúnache eile a bhreith leo. Fáilte roimh chách, idir óg agus aosta. 6
  7. 7. Fastnet Duathlon 2012 March 10th at 11am - Schull Community College, Colla Road, Schull. The Fastnet Duathlon sponsored by the Bunratty Inn will take place on March 10th. This consists of a 5k run 16k bike and a 3k run.  Details of registration can be found at For those of you who have taken up a new fitness regime for 2012 this is a great opportunity to get involved in a fun event.  Dont be put of my the distances as teams are very welcome to participate. If you are looking for people to share the race with please contact Schull Tri Club committee member and they will be delighted to sort you out.Participants must be 16 on or before December 31st 2012 so this is also a youngerpersons event.Marshals - As usual we are in need of marshals and would be grateful to anyoneavailable to marshall on the day (you must be over 18). If you can help, please contactDamien Malone on 086 400 4072 Come on "be part of it"! Irish Organic Vegetable SeedsThe 2012 Catalogue is now out. If you would like a copy and are not on the list please letus know. The Brown Envelope Seed Calendar is available directly fromsoniacaldwell@eircom.netAll the seeds in this catalogue are grown on our farm in West Cork. We have beenselecting over the years for varieties and individual plants that work here. They are open-pollinated, or open source seeds, which means that you can save your own seed fromthem.The farm is certified by The Organic Trust so that the seeds may be used by certifiedorganic growers. There are no chemical treatments carried out on the seeds or the plantsthey are harvested from. (IRL-O1B3-EU Symbol No. 159). 7
  8. 8. Glebe  Gardens   Open Door Annual Meet others for an evening of relaxed music- making and stories…SEED  SWAP   SUNDAY March  4th   2.30pm  -­‐5pm   West Cork Arts Centre is delighted to inviteA space for swapping you to join two musicians, Kevin O’Shanahan and Maurice Foley for a weekly seeds or plants Open Door music group, open to all adults. No musical experience, ability or instrument Swap/ sell second required, so absolute beginners are absolutely welcome.hand gardening books   Contact: West Cork Arts Centre at 028 22090 for more information and to book aPlants and seeds for place.   sale Starting: Thursday 23rd of February and continuing weekly to Thursday 29th of March 2012Tea, coffee and cakes   will be available Time: 7.00pm – 8.00pm      This project is delivered by West CorkCome and chat, swap, Mental Health Services in partnership with West Cork Arts Centre and aims to promotebuy and eat delicious positive mental well being within our community. cakes   See and Glebe Gardens, for more informationBaltimore, 028 20232 8
  9. 9. Ballydehob Guitar Club A Guitar Club will be running on Thursday evenings from 6pm - 7pm in the room above Rosies Bar. This group is intended for young people between the ages of 12 to 20 years old and will be led by Caz Jeffreys and Steve Parkes. Through a relaxed and fun approach the facilitators aim to support both the complete beginner and those moreWe are cutting any package voucher bought before mothers day by 25%, meaning you can get a Health Booster package for advanced, and participants will bejust  €67.50 or knock €85 off the price of a Pure Pampering weekend. You can check out the packages here: encouraged to suggest the songs would like to learn together. It is hoped that  over time as this group unfolds, additionalWe are also running a competition on our Facebook page  support will be incorporated for those who  would like to explore and learn techniquesThe winner gets a pampering treat of a full Body Massage with a Holistic Custom Facial in the beautiful surrounds of Hagal for song writing and performance work. IfFarm. To be in with a change of winning simply like our fan page (if you have not already) and suggest our page to your friends in a you would like to find out more you canstatus ensuring that Hagal Farm is tagged in your status update (you must first like and then tag to qualify) get liking and get contact Caz on 028 25978 or by email atsharing to be in with a change. Winner will be selected on Feb 28th! 9
  10. 10. Rath N.S. Spring B a l l y d e h o bFashion Show Social ClubRath N.S. Parent’s Association are Come along on Saturday 25th ofholding a Fabulous Spring Fashion February from 5pm - 7pm to our firstShow in Casey’s of Baltimore on drop in with your opinions, ideas,Saturday 3rd of March. Special guest o ff e r s o f w o r k s h o p s & o ff e r s o fcompere is Constance Harris, fashion morning or afternoon hours of help foreditor at the Sunday Independant, who when we soon open in March.will judge and present a prize for thebest dressed lady on the night. Wine Please bring along any items for thereception starts at 8.00pm with the kitchen, office, library, café, tables,show following at 8.30pm. There will chairs, lamps, sofas & soft furnishingsbe a raffle and a performance by The to make the space warm & inviting.Baltimore Singers during the interval.Shops showcased will be Fiona’s, If you can’t make this day but wouldNorth St. Wish, North St. Sean like to be involved with decisionMurray’s, Main St. Violette, Main St. making or part of the committeeTrag Fashions, Tragumna. Sharon Rose please contact:Designs, Baltimore and BebhinnMarten Designs, Baltimore. Shoes are Nuala Kenny: 087 971 9174being provided by Maniko, Tragumna.Tickets are €15 and are available from Dr. Ailin Becker: 086 828 0414Bushe’s Bar, Casey’s of Baltimore, TaraCotter 086 103 9792, Cadogan Motor Luisa McCarthy: 086 865 5606Works 028 21461 and The Little Way,Schull. All proceeds are in aid of Rath FacebookN.S. 10
  11. 11. present, and our social cohesion will be in danger ofPhotographic History Of A Practical Solution In A Shaky cracking and disintegrating in ways too disturbing to try to imagine.Bere Island Wo r l d - L E T S C o m m u n i t y Trading Just now, something new and exciting is astir in Cork. It’sWere hoping to put together and publish a book on the a local trading network, with its own currency. Thephotographic history of Bere Island. If anyone has any old network is called LETS – Local Exchange Trading System. “Let’s Get Together!”photos of the island, and would like their photo to be LETS is an exchange community that uses Credits, notincluded in the book please email us a copy with details of Euros. Membership is free. Advertising of Offers and Despite all the recent huffing and puffing, Greece stillwho is in the photo, or alternatively you can call into the Wants is free. No interest is charged. Members can earn looks wobbly. Even if it does not default, the peopleHeritage Centre and we can scan a copy of the original for LETS credits for Goods and Services they have but do are being asked to take on , for themselves, theiryou.    not want, and spend these credits on anything on offer in children, and their children’s children a burden of debt  the LETS marketplace. that, sadly, is likely to sap energy, joy and creativity,Were looking for photos of all aspects of island life over the and undermine local community initiatives, andyears, old family photos, farming, sports, school photos, A sample of what’s available currently in the marketplace pulling together for generations. And Ireland, ofand photos on the maritime and military history of the includes: Plumbing, denture-repair, baby-sitting, pet- course, is hidden backstage behind the skirts ofisland. Any photos used in the book will be acknowledged. sitting, massage, cleaning, gardening, furniture-lifting, Greece’s drama.  languages, knitting, roosters, veggies, tropical fish,Regards computer graphics, electrical work, MABS, dressmaking, Our government still talks the talk of “economic growth”  books and dvds, carpentry, storage space, giving lifts, as the solution to all our problems. The big target is “jobs-The Heritage Centre Team angel-card readings; laundry, face-painting, music creation and investment” with the accompanying dis-Bere Island Heritage Centre classes, welding; reiki, portraits, construction, web- empowerment that is so easily generated when we areBallinakilla design, astrology, (for those of us who look toward the encouraged to learn to be dependent not on ourselves,Bere Island stars) and, (to ground us all in the earth) compost toilet and those in our local community, but on facelessBeara systems (info and advice). corporations drawn across an ocean by our tax-regime.West Cork They will leave this land high and dry as soon as an otherTel: 027 75956 | Fax: 027 75194 Exchanges/trades can be done online or offline. A LETS offers them more favourable terms for making profit: theirEmail: gathering takes place in Cork city on the last Friday of admitted bottom line. So why should we blame them?Web: every month 7.30 – 9.00. Here interested people come They’ve not even tried to pretend.Facebook:  together to learn, register as members, and trade. There’sTwitter: also a cuppa on offer. The venue is “We Made This” The only problem with the corporations’ and ourFlickr: Evergreen Street. government’s scheme of things is that it is blind to the fundamental reality that we live on a single planet. And There are currently close to two hundred members inD o Yo u O w n A B u s i n e s s In there is no sign on the horizon of another liveable one Cork LETS from the city and county. An introductory surfacing soon. We are increasing and multiplying as aBandon? species (For the first time in the planet’s history, we video can be found at www.letstrade.ieFeb 27th at 6.30pm in the Munster Arms Hotel. Meeting reached seven billion last year) And the resources of the LETS was founded in Canada in the 1980s, and has beento boost business in Bandon. Admission is free. For more earth are limited. We in the West have lived for a century accepted by civil authorities the world over since then. Indetails see page???Bandon Co-Marketing Committee and a half enjoying the ease and comfort of cheap oil, a a bleak world LETS is a beacon of hope: a call to claimrecently met with local team facilitators who are willing (free resource which is non-renewable. The era of cheap oil is more power over our own affairs, and to learn to engageof charge) to meet up with all the town businesses and fading, and we have not yet learned the skills, attitudes more broadly in the local community in which we live. Itassist in developing strategies to help boost the town and and habits to enable us survive and thrive in the new enables each one of us to take part in a new economy,in turn boost businesses. world coming down the tracks. But we need to learn and to know the satisfaction of having something to give them, and fast, if we’re going to get our basic needs met that’s valued in terms other than mere Euro and Cent, byIt is extremely important that as many local traders and – for food, shelter, and energy - and if we’re going to learn people whose faces are familiar.businesses as possible attend this meeting sot that we can to rebuild self-reliant, mutually supportiveput our heads together to consider sales and marketing neighbourhoods. If we don’t learn there will be even more For more information contact Maire at 021 4357 249.strategies. distress, discouragement and desperation than exists at 11
  12. 12. menu which costs €23 and has threeEvents At Grove choices per course. In addition, we’re now open on Sunday’s for a traditionalHouse, Schull roast, with all the trimmings, plus desert - for just €17.   And to make sure you enjoy the tastiest meal possible, we do our best to source all of our produce locally, including from our own garden! The vegetable plots are dug and the tunnel is on its way. We’re expanding our garden so you can enjoy the freshest, home-grown greens. Writers’ retreat  Grove House is the perfect haven forIf you’re interested in attending one of our writers; bright, spacious rooms with bigevents, this is what he currently have writing desks, an extensive library,booked: atmospheric decor and peaceful surroundings - you can even request aMarch 17th - Mary Coughlan is “Still sea view at no extra cost. There areTired and Emotional” plenty of beautiful local walks and we’re only a few minutes walk away from theMarch 30th - “Eileen and Marilyn Spice friendly local bars. During your stay, weUp the Community Social” - a play by make sure that you have everything thatTerry Leiber & Karen Minihan you need so you can concentrate on what’s important; your writing. April 8th (Easter Sunday) - Maria DoyleKennedy George Bernard Shaw stayed at Grove House in 1904 (you can see his signatureMay 12th - Juliette Turner  in the guestbook upon request) and was inspired to write a poem about his stay....and finally, Paul Tiernan is scheduled We’ve had writers secure agents andto return, and Colin Vearncombe & publication during their stay here - youMaurice Seezer will repeat their Sinatra- never know where your writing retreatinspired session, 3 course dinner might lead you!included (dates TBC)  GROVE HOUSERestaurant Colla Road, Schull,  West Cork, Ireland.If you’re looking for a delicious meal, we Tel: 353 (0)28 28067continue to offer a full a la carte menu, as Email: well as a recession-busting 3-course set Web:  12
  13. 13. and how they are used as formulas in theHerbal Workshops chinese tradition. A look at the herb garden choosing herbs that are native to May - August China also,discussing their applications and uses Bernadette is a practicing acupuncturist for many years now, as well as aMay 26th 2012, 11am - 4pm - Bridget practitioner of chinese herbal medicine.Meagher Her talk will discuss herbs and treatment based on the Theory of Chinese Medicine.Bridget is a medical herbalist local to thisarea. Her workshop today will talk on the Bookings and information please calltreatment of childhood illnesses and the Jacqueline on: 028 37019appropriate herbal theraphy to use,paying particular attention to dosage. ----------------------------------------------Bridget has been in practice for many August 18th 2012, 11am - 4pm - Caroleyears and specialises in childhood Guyettcomplaints and herbs for pregnancy andchildbirth . Plant Spirit Medicine: A one-day workshop with Carole Guyett, herbalistFor bookings and information callJacqueline on: 028 37019 Plants are spiritual beings with their own unique personalities. They are intelligent---------------------------------------------- beings who communicate with others, including humans, and generously offer usJune 9th 2012 - Anne McIntyre profound healing gifts for body, mind, soul and emotions.Anne has been practicing herbal medicine This workshop will show how we can allfor over 25 years and has  written many connect with the Spirit of Plants and buildbooks on the subject.  She is a qualified a deeper relationship with the plant world.medical herbalist as well as an Ayurvedic  practitioner ,and todays workshop will By using both our physical and innerexplore the difference and similarity in senses we will get to know plants in thethese two very different disciplines, herb garden and on the land. We willapplied to disease conditions. quest plant allies who can bring healing and guidance. Participants will learn howBookings and information please call to work with a plant ally on an ongoingJacqueline on: 028 37019 basis.  ---------------------------------------------- Plants can help us to remember our connection with the Planet, healing theJune 30th 2012, 11am - 4pm - illusion of separation and bringing us backBernadette Jewell into alignment with the web of Nature.Bernadette will give a talk on herbs as For all courses please bring rainwear.applied to illness from a TCM standpoint, We all know the Irish weather! 13
  14. 14. Your ViewsDisadvantaged Urban Schools Spared at the Expense of Rural SchoolsIt appears small, rural schools will pay the price for the Minister for Educations u-turn onDEIS school cutbacks. Following the publication of the review on DEIS Schools, whichreversed much of the cuts to   schools in disadvantaged urban areas, the Minister hascynically decided that the burden must fall inequitably on rural schools. 192 posts, fromprimary schools outside DEIS Band 1 and 2 and from DEIS second level will be cut,many of them in rural areas, and some 73 schools nationally may lose a teacher fromSeptember 2012. Indeed Rural schools are being hit doubly hard, as the Government isnow further reducing their capitation funding to pay for this reversal. This will force manysmall schools of four teachers or less to close, robbing local communities from acrossthe State of a vital part of their identity. In many cases, in rural communities, smallschools are the last remaining element of organised public service as Garda stations,post offices, pubs and grocery shops disappear one by one. Every possible supportmust be given to protect viable rural schools from closure. Perhaps the Governmentcould re-direct some of the €100 million it gives to private schools annually or better stillnot hand over the planned €3.1 billion to Anglo bondholders next month?!  Paul Hayes,West Cork Sinn Féin,086-8589019Samba Project For St. Patricks DayParade in Ballydehob Following last years amazing turn out and great success, once again there will be anopportunity for people to enjoy and join in with the colourful and high energy vibration ofSamba, at the 2012 St. Patricks’ Day Parade in Ballydehob.      On Sunday 11th a workshop will be held in the Community Hall from 11am - 5pm, forthose wishing to come and join in with the parade on Saturday 17th at 12 midday. Duringthis workshop, participants will learn some simple Samba rhythms on drums and otherpercussive instruments traditional to Samba music. Simple song and movement will alsobe incorporated, and costumes will be provided. Bring along your lunch to enjoy whilsttaking a break, and please make sure you dress warmly. This project is suitable for 12years and upwards, and the day will cost €5 for students and €10 for adults. You mustbe available for the parade in order to participate; however, there are plans afoot formore Community Samba Projects to follow during the course of the year, so do get intouch to be kept informed of events in the future.For further info you can call Caz Jeffreys on 028 25978 or email or Sally on 0876760734 or email at 14
  15. 15. 108 Gems of Wisdom By Nelline Naidoo Peace, Love, Truth, Non-Violence and Right ConductIn days of troubled times, when the road ahead is shrouded by uncertainty it iscomforting to be reminded that there is hope. A book of glimmering hope and inspiration,108 Gems of Wisdom encapsulates the essence of all that is wonderful in life. Finding guidance from the teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, this book came into being to show others the path towards a more worthwhile and successful life with the practice of moral development. Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Non-Violence and Love: the five basic human values that have directly influenced the substance of this book. These values, when practiced, weave threads of total bliss into the tapestry of life. It will awaken your inner-being to the beauty and the joys of life. Use them as stepping stones, as a loving nudge towards a more peaceful existence. The genesis of peace begins in your heart, in your home, let these gems of scintillating words of wisdom be your guide. To purchase book CLICK HERE 15
  16. 16. Petition To Stop ACTA The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, or ACTA, was signed by the European Union and 22 of its member states recently.  And it could ruin the internet as we know it. To Stop ACTA Today CLICK HERE! Eight countries, including the United States, signed this last fall. Called "SOPA light", it is a global treaty that authorizes the policing of the inter net and its users, and ultimately, the censorship of it.This would hurt the freedom of expression, civil and digital rights, fair use rights, and theright to privacy.Strict penalties, including prison sentences, would be enforced for violations of ACTA.Please sign the petition and tell ACTA supporters to keep the internet free foreveryone! Thanks for taking action! 16
  17. 17. Wildlife Courses On Cape Clear Island – 2012Birdwatch Ireland has recently published its list of wildlife courses proposed for CapeClear Island for 2012. The Bird Observatory has been a feature of the Island for over 50years which is a key destination for birdwatchers and naturalists from all over the World.The courses cater for both newcomers and experienced alike and vary from two to fivedays. All courses include both indoor and outdoor sessions in some of the mostspectacular scenery one can imagine.  Full details are available on the Birdwatch Ireland website ( take place from May to September.  Cúrsaí Faoin Dúlra Ar Oileán Chléire – 2012Tá liosta foilsithe ag Birdwatch Ireland le déanaí ar na cúrsaí faoin dúlra atá beartaithe acule haghaidh Oileán Chléire i 2012.  Tá páirt lárnach ag Tig na nÉan i saol na Oileáin le níosmó ná 50 bliain anuas agus freastalaíonn na cúrsai ar thosaitheoirí agus daoine le taithí.Maireann na cúrsaí idir dhá agus ciúig lá agus bíonn seisiúin istigh agus lasmuigh arghach cúrsa i measc radharcanna áille an Oileáin. Tá na sonraí ar fad le fáil ar Lch Idirlín Birdwatch Ireland ( Reachtáiltear na cúrsaí ó Bealtaine go Meán Fómhair. Cork Environmental Forum Events National Tree Week 4th – 10th March 2012: Can you help CEF to plant a 1000 Tree Legacy for Cork. Through one of our members we have been able to source 1000 Oak and Ash saplings which we would like to plant during tree week. We are looking for community projects that would be in a position to plant a substantial number of trees. Please get in touch if you have such a project in mind. We encourage all groupsand communities to get involved in this National Tree Council initiative by planting trees,organising walks in local woods and visiting champion trees. We are in the process oforganising some such events and will forward details shortly.St. Patrick’s Festival, Saturday 17th March: CEF has participated in the Festival Paradefor a number of years. This is always a fun way of highlighting the importance ofenvironmental issues and CEF. This year’s theme is based on the Olympics, we alreadyhave some ideas of how we can adapt this in creating our float. As always the morepeople who participate the more successful the spectacle! Please get in touch if you areinterested in getting involved or helping out.CEF will be participating in the Lifelong Learning Festival, 26th March – 1st April. Moreinformation on this will be available soon. 17
  18. 18. Cork South West Co-Op  This weeks introductory offer ……. Starting in the Mizen and Carbery regions RaisedVegetable Bed – with seaweed and compost - made fromgood second-hand scaffolding boards. Price €35, or €25 for members of Cork South West Co-Op Delivered and constructed. While stocks last !   Contact Raised Beds From Cork South West Co-Op To become a member please CLICK HERE to download membership form or join online 18
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