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West Cork Local Newsletter 9th - 16th february 2012. A newsletter that promotes sustainability and community.

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West cork local

  1. 1. 2 1 0 2 /0 /2 WEST CORK LOCAL vents 9 0 www.localcampus.com 09/02/2012 - 16/02/2012 | walter@localcampus.com E Septic Tank Legislation Seminar crumbling has started in Greece which hasn’t a hope in hell of getting their Fe b 1 o t h , 9 a m - 1 p m , O r i e l Ho u s e , finances in order. Ireland is not far behind. Ballincollig, Cork. Attendance is free. For However the US and UK economies are further info contact bernadette@cef.ie. much worse off than they pretend, with Fastnet Rockin undisclosed unimaginable debt. Thankfully Demonstration Against All Household ff they realise that they really cannot afford Taxes massive military conflict. However I guess By Betty Gri Feb 11th, 1pm, Assemble Fairfield Market, that never stopped them before. Skibbereen for march to Town Square. Public Ministers that have to rise above the microphone for those who wish to speak. parapet are desperately trying to do their futile best, while the remaining politicians Cahermore Ploughing Match are keeping an unusually low profile. In this Feb 12th, 11am. Entries to Richard White - 086 issue there is a list of their expenses for 339 7009 before 6pm on Sat the 11th of Feb. 2011 (see page 24) since the general election, totalling over €6 million. Add that Bird Watch Ireland Event FASTNET ROCK to their wages and we realise what they are ffin earning. Again none of this will last much Feb 12th, 11am. Meeting point is opposite the By Betty Gri longer. It is becoming glaringly obvious West Lodge, Bantry (N71). Improve your that paying the bondholders is first of all knowledge of gulls & their identification. Bring impossible, and second of all unnecessary, suitable clothing & lunch. Guide: John Lynch. as they basically took a bet, like a punter Walk: Easy. For details on full Spring Events Ne w T h in k in g at a racecourse. The people who should Schedule see page 23.It is time now to start planning for the will not go unnoticed. At present it is really worry now are people with money oninevitable. The New Era, which will be a relatively under-populated with enormous deposit, or tied up in shares or bonds. All B e A B r a i n b o x ! Wo r k s h o p A tmuch more community based society, renewable energy resources. However of this will be seriously hit in the coming Blackrock Castle, Corkwith much more self reliance in regions the interim period before these are months. However again this is the place to Feb 13 - 17th. For further details see page 18.like West Cork. During Christmas week developed will be difficult. Those live. Don’t tell anybody!while everybody was preparing for the dependent on Government will continuefeast €500 billion was created by the to pretend that all is well until just after Let’s rise above all of that nonsense. The Arrival Of New Baltimore LifeboatEuropean Central Bank (ECB) out of the the financial ship has sunk. The difficult ‘big-thinkers’ are gathering at Liss Ard, Feb 15th at 2.45pm, Baltimore Harbour.blue, and loaned to banks around period may last a few years. Then dawns Skibbereen in May for the New Energy Era Further details on page 7.Europe. The banks in turn loaned it back the wonderful new era. Forum, details on www.localcampus.comto the ECB. This was all a mirage, and Eight speakers are now confirmed. Fashion Show In Aid Of The Renemore of the amusing madness that is Those presently worrying about the lack Professor Austin Darragh is one of the bestgoing on at present. Amusing yes, but of money should really step back, take a brains in Ireland. He brought the first Murnane Hayes Fundserious also. It will put West Cork in one deep sigh, and realise that it is all going pharmaceutical company to Ireland. He Feb 16th, Parkway Hotel, Dunmanway.of the best places to live in Europe. This to crash sooner or later anyway. The Continues Next Page Doors open at 8pm. Show starts at 8.30pm 1
  2. 2. Continued From Previous Pagefounded the Irish Cancer Society. He is The Future Of Moneypresently working on producing high end Feb 16th, Boole 1, UCC from 6.45pm untilfood products from starch for 7. 4 5 p m . A t a l k b y Pr o f. Ma r y Me l l o rdistribution to the third world, rather than (Northumbria University) & Dr. Ella Kavanaghsending money, the latter which often (UCC).goes astray. Professor Darragh has alsoinvented and patented an ingenious West Cork Music Presents: Danishwater energising technology which String Quartetnaturally increases plant growth by 25%.Also presenting at Liss Ard is a Dr. Feb 17th, Bantry House at 8pm. Tickets €18Michael Hayes from the University of (students €10). Works by Haydn, Nielsen &Limerick, who is part of a team that has Mendelssohn. For further details & to bookdeveloped new soil science techniques, online CLICK HERE or call 027 52788.again to naturally improve plant growth.These technologies will be crucial in Community Supported Agriculture -future years to feed the overpopulated All-Ireland Conferenceworld. At the forum there will be much Fe b 1 7 t h - 1 9 t h a t C l o u g h j o rd a ndiscussion on alter native energy C o m m u n i t y Fa r m , C l o u g h j o rd a n ,technologies to replace fossil fuels. Ti p p e r a r y . Fo r f u r t h e r d e t a i l s s e eF u t u re c o n s u m e r h a b i t s w i l l b e www.cloughjordancommunityfarm.iediscussed by an experienced researcher.A ‘vertical food production’ presentationwill be given by a visitor from Vienna. A Schull Drama Group Presents - TheProfessor Frank from Germany will give Birthday by Harold Pintera fascinating presentation of adding Feb 18th, 19th, 25th & 26th at 8pm in themodules on ethics in University Science S c h u l l Co m m u n i t y Ha l l . Ti c ke t s € 1 0.and other courses. This is high end Concessions €7.thinking to educate graduates with bothadvanced innovative technologies that Megan Cusack Fundraiserwill not adversely effect mankind and it’senvironment (check out Monsanto’s Fe b 1 8 t h , E l d o n Ho t e l , S k i b b e re e n .history link on on page 5 and you will Fundraising disco in support of one girl’s dreamfollow this train of thought). Other topics of helping the street children of Calcutta withcovered will be the practical, financial, the HOPE Foundation. Details on page 7.and other challenges in the post peak oilera, with an enlightening talk and Cinemobile Visits Schulldiscussion on the philosophy of a living Feb 18th & 19th. For further details see page 22.planet.This New Energy Era Forum is on our WCDP - Digital Business Seminardoorstep. It is going to be the most Feb 24th & 27th. Details on page 11.incredible collection of clear thinkingpeople that operate at a higher level to Young Makers Exhibition At Westall the nonsensical politics and financethat clutter our politicians, our financiers, Cork Arts Centreour media, and our minds. May I Feb 25th - Mar 17th. For further details seestrongly suggest that you take time out, page 17.and don’t miss this forum for the world! 2
  3. 3. Germans are marvelous. Indeed they are Schull Community College - Open Hobby Horse #10 by Rob Heyland the only ones in Europe who have made any attempt at facing reality or living Day within their means or running an economy Feb 26th from 2.30pm - 4.30pm. Details on Roy Heyland - A BAFTA TV Society, with the slightest notion of turning a profit. page 5. 7 Weddings and One Huge Funeral Writer’s Guild & Critics Award Winner The Germans have been grown up,Oh marriage! The joy of finding that other realistic, kind and patient. Engineer’s Week Workshops Athalf that makes you whole. The friend, But Germans are not Greeks. And Greeks Blackrock Castle, Corkbusiness partner and perfect lover. Thecompanion by your side vanquishing fear are not Germans. These two have had Feb 27th - Mar 4th. For further details see pageand adversity and making everything serious relationship issues in the past. 18.possible. And moving from being sworn enemies to bedfellows might just be a leap too far. The problem with this polygamous Global Cities Week - CorkOnly . . . experiment of the EU is that it doesn’t cry Feb 29th, Crane Lane Theatre, Cork City.Sometimes it doesn’t work like that. “vive la difference!” it tries to standardize For further details see page 15.Sometimes it doesn’t work at all. everyone and everything, including bananas. It is an exercise in homogenisation and people are waking up Car Boot SaleAnd even when you try harder, getmarriage guidance, agree to change . . it to that fact. Only, we made those vows. Mar 4th at 11am at the Sailing Centre,can just keep on getting worse. And We exchanged those fiscal commitments. Schull. €10 per car. Further details on: 086 875worse. We pooled our bank accounts and burned 8652. our bridges.Neither of you is fun any more. You are And now life alone is unimaginable. Glengarriff Free Spirit Festivalless productive. More likely to be ill. Mediterranean bride should not beDestructive and depressed. It’s affecting wedded, in some bizarre polygamous Mar 14th - 18th. Music & Craic!the children. And poisoning the home. experiment, to several cold blooded So, as if it wasn’t already bad enough, we Aryans from a northern land of perpetual are agreeing to get even tighter fiscal Schull Community Council - St.Those attritional weeks and months and cloud, nobody called out “I know a just arrangements. Because Germany ownsyears go on. But what’s the alternative? cause or impediment – Goldman Sachs us. Patrick’s Day ParadeOh the horror! That terrifying leap into the has engaged in some outrageous plastic Mar 17th. For further details see page 20.unknown… surgery and the bride before you is not Greece, on the false promise that she will the one you think she is”. be solvent and financially independent again one day, is being forced to wave Run West CorkD.I.V.O.R.C.E. But nobody cried out. The vows and goodbye to her pension, take a huge pay Mar 17th. All proceeds to local schools & SchullA few years ago a beautiful exotic woman promises were made. The rings and cut, cancel her subscription to the gym Community Hospital. Details on page 21.called Greece, garlanded with flowers, dowries were exchanged and the bells and her weekly lunch with the Italians, cuta fl a m e w i t h t h e e x c i t e m e n t a n d rang and lots of self-satisfied men and up her credit cards, wave goodbye to her children who must seek their livelihoods in West Cork Music - RTÉ Nationalpossibilities of her future life, strode women in suits posed for photographs.confidently down the aisle to make her And a ghastly marriage of convenience, foreign lands, sell the jewels her Symphony Orchestravows to the EU. fueled purely by money, was made. grandmother left her and sell the small April 14th, 8pm, City Hall, Cork. Brahms - vineyard that has been in her father’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in D minor & SymphonyThere was no Dustin Hoffman from The It is a common mistake to confuse a family for centuries, turn off the electricity No. 4 in E minor. Tickets: €15, €20, €23Graduate banging on the window from wedding with a marriage. Greece made and sit at home, in shame and in the dark, until Germany says she can come out (concessions €12, €18, student €10). Booking:the back and screaming “Nooooooooo!” that mistake. For Greece the weddingAnd sadly, when the priest asked if again. Not looking like such a happy West Cork Music, 1850 788 789, 027 527 88. was all joy and smiles. The marriage wasanyone knew of any just cause or waking up with Germany. marriage now. Tickets also available at Pro Musica, Oliverimpediment why this hot blooded Continues Next Page Plunkett Street, Cork. 3
  4. 4. She is making these concessions – as and slowly running down the rest. This In conversation with... West Cork Music - National Musicare her sisters Ireland, Portugal, Spain, we are doing to keep Germany sweet. Day Concert - John SpillaneItaly, Hungary et al – on the false But Germany hasn’t the money topromise of future prosperity. embrace Greece, Ireland, Portugal and April 20th, 1pm, St. Brendan’s Church, all the rest and kiss it all better. Bantry. The wonderful John Spillane returns toGreece is a feisty woman. Time and Bantry for a special concert to celebrate love:again she contemplates the front door This is our great opportunity to get out live music, Irelands national free music day. Freeand the freedom beyond. At the time of o f o u r a b u s i v e re l a t i o n s h i p a n d admission to this concert.writing her coalition is, once more, destructive marriage to the EU and herlocked in debate about whether she chosen religion of free market Wildlife Courses On Cape Clearreally can bear to continue demeaning consumerism. Divorce for us has to be Island 2012herself or if finally she can raise the default on all our external debt and Full details are available on the Birdwatch Irelandcourage to make that leap. absolution of all internal debt. We have website (http://www.birdwatchireland.ie) Courses to make a clean break and start afresh. Life Coaching with Fiona Chappell take place from May to September.She probably won’t this time but one We would have all the same austerity. To view CLICK HEREday that moment will surely come. For But it would be ours. We would be free.now she will be found again in a tearful Ballydehob Jazz Festivalheap on the doormat, with her hand on If Ireland won’t make that step we must May 4th - 7th. For further details go tothe front door handle. And Merkozy will pray that Greece - for the sake of her www.ballydehobjazzfestival.org.take her in her arms, and comfort her, sanity, for the health and prosperity ofand usher her kindly but firmly back to her future generations, for all our sakes - New Energy Era Forumthe kitchen and handcuff her once more we must pray that Greece takes that May 8th - 10th Liss Ard House - Detailsto the sink. courageous leap into the unknown. CLICK HERE. To reser ve a place CLICK HERE.It won’t be Ireland who is the first bride D.I.V.O.R.C.E.to break for freedom. She is a convent-reared good girl who would never dream Baltimore Fiddle Fairof disobeying her master. She has barely May 9th - 13th. For further details go to:emitted a whimper. While Greece’s Dyslexia with Robin Wells www.fiddlefair.com.tantrums have earned her a 50% write To view CLICK HEREdown of her debt Ireland has kept her Your Comments West Cork Music - RTÉ Vanbrughplace as teacher’s pet by cooing delightand gratitude for a measly 2% haircut. Quartet Please send your letters, comments Jun 9th, 8pm, Aula Max, UCC Cork.Ireland has slashed services, raised or ideas for publication to: Tickets: €25 (concessions €20) from Pro Musica,taxes at every turn and begun the great Oliver Plunkett St & from West Cork Music 027sell-off of the family silver. To achieve walter@localcampus.com 52788 or www.westcorkmusic.iefinancial independence, prosperity oreven just solvency Ireland needs a West Cork Chamber Music Festival,growing economy, reduced borrowing Bantryand a greater tax take. West Cork Local Archive June 29th. to July 7th. 2012. For further details go to: www.westcorkmusic.ie.She has none of these. The economy For previous issues CLICK HEREshrinks, borrowing increases and the tax Post Peak Oil withtake dwindles. We are broke and getting West Cork Literary Festival, Bantry Dr. Colin J Campbellbroker. We are in a hole and still digging. July 8th - 14th 2012. For further details go to:And the Government is asset-stripping To view CLICK HERE www.westcorkliteraryfestival.iethe state. Selling off the profitable bits 4
  5. 5. Atlantic Challenge, Bantry Bay GigLocal Photo Competition www.fiddlefair.com World Championships Prize: Samuel Beckett Photograph July 21st - 29th 2012. For further details go to: www.bantry2012.com Le Petit Boulevard St. Jacque, Paris 1985 Fastnet Inter national Schools Closing date 15th February, 2012. Regatta July 23rd - 26th 2012 - Fastnet Marine & To Enter Competition CLICK HERE Outdoor Education Centre, Schull. For further info and notice of race contact Judged by John Minihan info@schullsailing.ie. www.johnminihan.com Masters Of Tradition, Bantry August 15th to 19th 2012. For further details go to: www.westcorkmusic.ie. Advertisment Space West Cork Links www.ballydehob.ie www.baltimore.ie €20/week | €50/3 weeks www.bandon.ie www.bantry.ie www.localcampus.com/ad.html www.castletownbere.ie www.clonakilty.ie www.dunmanway.ie www.drimoleague.com www.glengarriff.ie www.goleen.info www.kinsale.ie www.macroom.ie www.rosscarbery.ie www.schull.ie Irish Organic Vegetable Seeds www.skibbereen.ieThe 2012 Catalogue is now out. If you would like a copy and are not on the listplease let us know. The Brown Envelope Seed Calendar is available directly fromsoniacaldwell@eircom.net Monsanto’s HistoryAll the seeds in this catalogue are grown on our farm in West Cork. We have beenselecting over the years for varieties and individual plants that work here. They are 1901 to 2011open-pollinated, or open source seeds, which means that you can save your ownseed from them. CLICK HERE TO VIEWThe farm is certified by The Organic Trust so that the seeds may be used by PETITION TO CEASE FDA TIEScertified organic growers. There are no chemical treatments carried out on the TO MONSANTO - CLICK HEREseeds or the plants they are harvested from. (IRL-O1B3-EU Symbol No. 159). 5
  6. 6. farms and reduce the number of varieties available. So what can we do now, to create Gardening Tips #6 by Madeline McKeever permanent food security here, and throughout the world? Starting with our own farms www.brownenvelopeseeds.com The population bubble of the 19th century, saw the and gardens, and reaching out to the wider community, how can create a society with a population of  Ireland rise to over 6.5 million people, (a stable population that produces food in a sustainable way, and even some to share with level that has never been repeated), and was the result others? In other words how can we be a model? of magnificent yields of the potatoes, which allowed a family to prosper on a small amount of land. The Great First we can look for places in the world where it is already happening and at times in Irish Famine of the 1840s was caused partly by history where it has happened before. On a small scale it is found on organic farms. On a potato blight, but also by the fact that many people larger scale can we look at countries such as Bhutan and Kerala, and Cuba, which have only had access to enough land to grow one crop, and many of the elements of sustainable society. It is hard to find historical examples of it was potatoes. The potato is still the best crop to countries that carried out sustainable agriculture, as the history books are largely written produce calories per acre, that we have, and it is time by, and about, the countries that took them over. What we do know about them is that to start planting. they have diverse crops and farmers that feel well rewarded for their work.Potatoes are unfussy plants but will reward you well for a little care and attention. Their As we can only really change our own lives and not anybody elses, how can we makeflavour is best when grown in soil that has been manured for a previous crop, and without our own gardens a good example? Producing more of our your own food, especially afresh manure added. They are also good on a piece of grassland has just been tilled. I variety of staples, is one way. I often wonder why after 5000 years of growing cereals andreally like Colleen as an early variety as it really bulks up well and is good all the way to cabbage, and then discovering how easy potatoes are to grow, that nobody in IrelandChristmas, but I am just doing I row this year as there are so many other varieties to thought to research the many other Andean crops that would do well here. The potatogrow. I might even put them in this weekend if it gets a little bit drier. has been grown here for 400 years and has demonstrated the benefits of South American crops and yet the only other one grown (and not with much enthusiasm) is the Jerusalem Artichoke. I have been growing quinoa for several years now and I think it could be a really useful crop here. Like the potato it can be grown on a garden scale and in fact it might only be successful on this scale as the seeds have a tendency to sprout in the heads if the weather gets damp when the seeds are mature. This means that the crop is spoiled if not harvested quickly. If it is a garden bed you can rush out and cut it with a sickle or a secateurs and put it in the porch to dry, however if it is grown on a field scale it might not be possible to get large equipment into a field in time. Other  crops worthy of research are oca, yacon, and amaranth. Cereals can also be grown on a small scale but can be tricky to process. The most successful alternative staple crop I have found to grow is the pea, followed closely by the broad bean. A young farmer who sells vegetables in the Farmers Market, called in yesterday to buy some seeds. He only wants to grow crops that will be out of the ground in September as he is preparing to emigrate. He cannot make a living growing vegetables here, and is going to try his luck on a different continent. It will be hard to create a sustainable society of any kind here, if any more young people leave West Cork. And it is sad to think of a whole generation leaving because of a property bubble and shortsighted economic policies, that favour industrial scale agriculture and multinational corporations, over ourWhen I plant potatoes in spring I use the best bit of ground I can afford  I put out a piece real national treasure, our young people. By visualising a food future that cuts out theof string to make a row and make a hole just deep enough to hide each seed potato and corporations, and by avoiding shopping in supermarkets, corporate agriculture becomespoke them in, about 30cm apart. That mans they can start growing before I get rid of unsustainable. McDonalds recently pulled out of Bolivia, as they could not make a profitevery weed on the bed. Later on I will fork out the rest of the weeds and earth up the there. Inspite of a huge marketing campaign, Bolivians will not buy fast food, They valuepotatoes at the same time. In this way I can get my potatoes planted without having to meals where a lot of effort has gone into preparation. Interesting, my sympathies are withdig the whole area at one time. the Bolivian women, but not McDonalds.The Great famine was caused by a lack of biodiversity, and the unequal  distribution of We can be a model. Lets invest in our own future by growing as much of our own food asland as it was by the blight. And yet we continue to specialise in agriculture, consolidate we can, and buying from local producers, especially the young ones. 6
  7. 7. Megan Cusack Fundraiser Repudiate The Debt Campaign -Boogie on down to the Eldon Hotel, Skibbereen, on Saturday, February 18th, and join thefundraising disco in support of one girl’s dream of helping the street children of Calcutta Austerity Pain All In Vainwith the HOPE Foundation. The quarterly report from the Central Bank on projected growth in the economy of 0.5% in 2012 exposes the falsehood that we can continue to pay this odious and anti-peopleThe Boogie Night Disco is just one in a series of fundraisers that teenager, Megan debt by “growing the economy”. Great hardship and pain are being inflicted on ourCusack , a pupil at Schull Community College, is undertaking in support of her people in what is clearly an impossible task of paying back this socialised corporateupcoming trip to India. Megan has already organised a sponsored silence day at school, debt.a coffee morning, sold Hope chocolate bars and had stalls at Skibbereen Farmers’market and at Ballydehob car boot sale. In the first month of 2012 alone this state spent €769 million servicing the interest on the national debt. This will come to a minimum of €9 billion this year merely in the servicingIn October last year, Megan was fortunate enough to travel to Budapest on work of this corporate debt. Added to this are the payments to the bond-holders that fall dueexperience with a film company. She says she had the most extraordinary and this year, running to nearly €5 billion.wonderful time, but that the penny dropped when she got home when she realised howvery lucky she was. The servicing of this debt is the real reason for the savage austerity pact. The state cannot provide services to the people and save German and French banks at the sameThe teenager resolved to do something for those who, simply by virtue of birth, were time. There is clearly only one solution: the people’s interests must be put first andless fortunate, so she is traveling to Calcutta with the Hope Foundation, to help foremost. Saving German and French banks is the responsibility of those two states.disadvantaged children in the slums of Calcutta, by visiting schools, hospitals and This is not the people’s debt and must be repudiated before it completely beggars ourcommunity halls, bringing materials, from pencils and crayons to medical supplies. people and country, with all the austerity pain having been in vain.She says, ‘Its a scary prospect - a bit grown-up for someone scatty like me, but its areally important one so Im getting myself together and doing it!’ New Baltimore Lifeboat The big day is getting closer, Wednesday the 15th February estimated time of arrivalSo if you’re grown up enough to join the Boogie Disco Night at the Eldon Hotel, come 1425hrs Baltimore harbour; our new Tamar class Lifeboat "Alan Massey". The currentalong and enjoy a fun evening in support of a local teenager who is trying to do her bit Lifeboats "Hilda Jarrett" and inshore boat Bessie" will also be launched to greet thefor humanity. Anyone who wishes to donate raffle prizes for the disco night is invited to arrival.drop them off at the Eldon Hotel which opens Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We have confirmation that the ferries the Cailín Óir, Dún Aengus and Mystic Waters will be available (weather permitting) to take sightseers to view this historic event. There is a limited ferry capacity so priority will be given to previous Lifeboat crewmembers and volunteer supporters. For those who dont get out on the water to watch events unfold, there will be several fantastic vantage points around Baltimore with clear views of the new arrival. "Alan Massey" will come alongside the harbour for a couple of hours before being put on mooring so that everybody will get a chance to witness the boat at close quarters. To commemorate this occasion we are offering car stickers, similar to the ones we had twenty four years ago when the "Hilda Jarrett" arrived, theyll be on sale at €2 each. 7
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. business proposition that is ‘InvestorFi n a l C a l l f o r Ready’ - get a critical review. This group Centre Park, Schull, Co. Cork. will have an opportunity to pitch forApplications for investment to an audience of Angel Investors with three group sessions and two one-to-one sessions with a seasonedthe Entrepreneur Entrepreneur/investor.Experience® Group Three – The Scaling Group:The format of the Entrepreneur Seven Entrepreneurs running establishedExperience® is a 24 hour event with businesses who want to scale and grow –Emerging Entrepreneurs being invited to find out how to create, access andapply for one of 21 places, from start-up capture new opportunities. This categorycompanies to investor ready companies will have one group session and threeto companies that want to scale and one-to-one sessions with an experiencedgrow. These Emerging Entrepreneurs will Entrepreneur.then get an opportunity to meet with upto 30 ofIrelands most successful Please note in each of the abovebusiness leaders where they will be categories the invitation is solely for thecoached, advised and gain unparalleled Entrepreneur who founded, or is starting,access to these successful the business.There can only be oneEntrepreneurs. participant per company.   How to Apply? Centre Park is the perfect destination for your holiday in Schull. The complex offersFour out of the seven companies who newly built, beautifully decorated accommodation  located in the heart of the friendlyparticipated in the Investor Ready Download an Application form HERE coastal village of Schull which boasts a variety of exciting amenities. The holidayGroup in The Entrepreneur homes and apartments are located within a private and gated complex offering optimalExperience® 2011 raised investment Fill it out in full and send it to Fionnuala security and privacy. We encourage you to browse through the accommodation on ourtotalling €1.45million in the last 9 at fwall@corkbic.com website (CLICK HERE to go to website), we believe our properties to be amongst themonths. finest self-catering accommodation you can find in the area. For more information download the Closing date for applications has beenfull Entrepreneur Experience Brochure extended to Friday 10th February  2012  Who should apply? CostGroup One – The Ideas Group: All in package of €350 per participant. (Includes all workshops and meetings;Seven New project Entrepreneurs who overnight accommodation 30th March;have an idea or action plan - get a sanity lunch both days and dinner on Fridaycheck. For this category there will be two night.)group sessions and two one-to-one  sessions with a seasoned Entrepreneur. For More informationGroup Two – The Investor Ready Please contact Fionnuala on +353 21Group: 2307014 or email Fionnuala at fwall@corkbic.comSeven Entrepreneurs with a plan or 9
  10. 10. effect. The spiral shape of the minutest shell on the sea shore is echoed in the spiral Fine Art For Sale formation in crystals, in the spiral arrangements of nebulae, the spiral in the seeds of plants, the horns of animals, the bones and muscles of the human body, the curving shape of bird’s feathers, the trunk and branches of a tree. Purposeful design is to be found in every part of the natural world, organic and inorganic and in outer space. Purpose and plan necessarily imply a mind, and so we reach God. Facing this immense design in nature, which is ceaselessly unfolding before our eyes, there is but one approach - awe, wonder, reverence, humility, and joy. To read more about Stanley’s unique approach to painting, please visit his page at http://www.mpfa.ie/pettigrew.htm. Milmo-Penny Fine Art Studios offer a professional cleaning and restoration service for paintings and frames and a bespoke modern, reproduction and period framing service. Contact dominic@mpfa.ie or telephone 01 269 3486. The Inner Strength To Keep On Going - in these challenging times. Life has become difficult and a challenge for a lot of people. Often we become so overwhelmed we cannot see a solution, we constantly fuel the problem, maybe even making ourselves ill. Stanley Pettigrew b.1927 This is a wonderful spiritual workshop where we will find our own core strength, realise Towards Crookhaven from Castle Point our own indwelling God given power, see our problems through new eyes and begin focusing on positive outcomes. Oil on canvas laid on board, 20 x 30 inches. Signed by the artist With guided Meditation, Calming Tools, Insights and Encouragement.This sturdy and remarkably well preserved ancient tower house of the Mahony clan islocated on high ground at the tip of Castle Point. It is a familiar and unmistakeable Join me, Elizabeth Hitchcock atlandmark for those who sail the West Cork Coast. Known to landlubbers as the BlackCastle, it is part of a series of defensive towers, mostly dating back to the 13th century, Mount Lodge Holistic Centre, Enniskeanebuilt at strategic locations along the coastline. The view to the west across ToormoreBay takes in Crookhaven, Brow Head and Mizen Head in the far distance. On Saturday, 18th FebruaryWherever he sets up his easel, Stanley composes his paintings with an acute awareness 10a.m – 5p.m.of an innate design in nature. "When painting a landscape, I always start with the sky.The sky influences everything beneath it. It determines the mood of the landscape, Vegetarian Home Cooked Lunch Servedwhether sad or happy, sparkling or wistful. The colours I mix for the sky, I retain in mybrushes, only deepening them in tones for the shadows across mountains or the Coffee/tea Breaksdancing lights on water. Even the leaves of trees have a reflection of the sky colour. Thisunity of sky and landscape underlies a far deeper unity in nature. Course Notes will be provided and Certificate of Attendance.There is an immense design and pattern in nature. Tides ebb and flow according to Cost €90 per person.schedule. Spring, summer, autumn and winter come back in unwavering succession.The planets never leave their courses; the same cause always produces the same Call 087 8301053 or email: elizabeth.hitchcock@gmail.com 10
  11. 11. It is intended to be the starting point for your love story - a gift to someone you care about on Valentines day .... perhaps given in a memorable place.     Love heart pendant     €52 Janas story... I was in Ireland twice. I love your country dearly. The wild weather, nature, and people.  In Kylemore Abbey shop I first came across your jewellery and loved it. That year I bought Celtic Script long earrings.   We are getting married and I would like you to make us the wedding rings. I have the gold ring from which I want these rings to be made. It was my mothers wedding ring.We all have a love story to tell - precious moments shared with someone close, She died when I was 24, she was just 46 and this way shecaptured forever in a special place. Like one day when a young American rushed into will be (in some way) with me every day.  I know it mayour shop in Kinsale to buy an Irish ring so he could propose to his girlfriend on the Cliffs sounds silly, naive but I want this... It would make me veryof Moher (happily she accepted)! happy if you could do the rings for us. I would love to  have both rings on my hand to be made by you.  (I reallyHere at Enibas people have shared their stories of love with us....we would like to share love what you do!)them with you for Valentines day. Enibas Schull Enibas Kinsale Janices story... Main street, Schull, West Cork, Ireland 42 Main street, Kinsale, West Cork, Ireland My husband and I were in West Cork for our 20th T: +353 28 28868 - F: +353 28 28868 T: +353 21 4777022 - F: +353 21 4777022 wedding anniversary, two years ago.  We stumbled upon E: info@enibas.com E: info@enibas.com your magical store and found your gold forever and ever rings. We wanted something unique (Celtic/Gaelic) to commemorate this wonderful time in our lives, as we informally renewed our wedding vows to each other at Ashford Castle in the West of Ireland. Nothing else could have met our expectations like your unique creation of these rings. We are Canadians of Irish decent and until I toured Ireland, I have never felt so "at home" anywhere else in the world and I am well travelled.  IRELAND IS MAGIC!  What you have created with yourincredible, unique and inspiring pieces, draws me like nothing ever has before. I wish Icould have one of everything you have created. Enibas has created a story... ... in this special edition silver pendant.  Inscribed with the word Grá (which in gaelic means love) this delicate heart is partnered with a pink tourmaline bead.   11
  12. 12. WCDP Care & Maintenance groups to work effectively as teams toWCDP - Digital Business Seminar - undertake appropriate care of local Of Local Heritage Course heritage.February 2012 - Innishannon & Skibbereen We are pleased to announce two more The hugely popular Care & Maintenance COURSE OUTLINE Digital Business seminars this Spring.  of Local Heritage course will be starting The 1 day seminars will explore how digital again soon, this time in Innishannon. Module 1: Introduction to heritage marketing and online communications can Heritage: an introduction; Sources for give your businessa competitive edge in WHO SHOULD ATTEND research; Understanding and protecting 2012. Having already held seminars in The course would be most suitable for natural heritage; Introduction to Clonakilty, Bantry and Macroom last individuals and groups who may either Archaeology; Heritage Presentation & December, this February the seminars will have ideas for projects to promote Interpretation; Commemoration through take place in Innishannon & Skibbereen heritage or who are seeking to rejuvenate Public Art; Architectural and built heritage: existing projects. The course would also An introduction; Legal framework forThe seminars take place in: have a broad appeal for individuals with heritage protection.Innishannon on Friday 24th of February, 2012 from 9.30am to 4.30pm. an interest in local heritage.Skibbereen on Monday 27th of February, 2012 from 9.30am to 4.30pm. Tuesday February 14th, 21st, 28th, March DURATION 6th & 13thDigital Business: improve efficiency | increase profits This course will be on Tuesday nights from 7pm-10pm. Saturday March 3rd (10am—4pm) FieldIf you are looking to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve online marketing and trip — Exploring local heritage.gain a competitive edge for your small business then this seminar is for you. The PROPOSED DATES OF TRAININGinternet, social media, communication and collaboration technologies are transforming Tuesday, 14th February to Tuesday 24th Module 2: Care & Maintenance ofthe way companies do business. Digital tools and techniques are affordable, effective April Heritageand can revolutionise your small business. Find out how in this unique 1 day seminar Care and Maintenance of Archaeologicalwith online communications and marketing specialists Alfie Keary and Calvin Jones. COST OF TRAINING and historic sites; Conserving built The fee for this course is €50 heritage—theory and practice; RecordingMorning Session: Digital Marketing Local Heritage; Place-name and local• Get more from every marketing Euro LOCATION: INNISHANNON identity. Workshop 1—Review of project• Understand your online customers   research.• Improve your search engine rankings APPLICATION PROCESS• Connect and engage with your customers using social media and e-mail There is an application form available to Tuesday March 20th, 27th marketing apply to participate in this course. Please• Reach more people with the viral potential of online networks return by Thursday, 9th February. Saturday March 31st (10am—4pm) Field trip — Issues in heritage management.Afternoon Session: Digital Communications Aim of the Course:• Control your time, travel & carbon costs Module 3: Capacity Building• Extend your business reach • To develop an understanding of the Workshop 2—Village & Area• Deliver superior services need for care and maintenance of local Enhancement; Making A Heritage Plan;• Make faster, smarter decisions and do business more efficiently and effectively heritage in its widest context. Funding heritage Projects; Walking Routes• Connect with staff, clients and business partners in real time regardless of • To provide practical information and & Trails; Course review & presentation of location training in relation to the care and certificates. maintenance of local heritage.Attendance at a seminar costs €15 and includes lunch. Places at each seminar are on • To encourage and integrated approach Tuesday April 3rd, 17th & 24than application basis only. Closing date for applications is Monday, February 20th. to the care of local heritage.Please contact David Tuohy in the West Cork Development Partnership on 023 8834035 • To promote best practice in the care of For further information on this course,or email david@wcdp.ie to receive an application form. local heritage. please contact Lisa Cashman at 023 • To enhance the capacity of local 8834035 or lisac@wcdp.ie. 12
  13. 13. Petition To Stop ACTA The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, or ACTA, was signed by the European Union and 22 of its member states recently.  And it could ruin the internet as we know it. To Stop ACTA Today CLICK HERE! Eight countries, including the United States, signed this last fall. Called "SOPA light", it is a global treaty that authorizes the policing of the inter net and its users, and ultimately, the censorship of it.This would hurt the freedom of expression, civil and digital rights, fair use rights, and theright to privacy.Strict penalties, including prison sentences, would be enforced for violations of ACTA.Please sign the petition and tell ACTA supporters to keep the internet free foreveryone! Thanks for taking action! 13
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. Mount Corrin Farm Vegetable Box PromotionMount Corrin Farm is offering vegetable boxes on a subscription basis. The boxes willbe a mix of fresh fruit and vegetables grown on the farm throughout the year.Subscriptions for the boxes are: €10, €15, & €20. As we are a small farm, subscriptionswill be given on a first come first serve basis. Boxes will be available from Marchonwards.The farm is located at the base of Mount Corrin just outside of Durrus. We arecultivating on a small and intensive scale a wide range of fruit and vegetables. We growsun-loving plants in our polytunnels and everything else is grown outside. There are noherbicides or insecticides used in the garden. Nor do we use synthetic fertilizers. Oursoil fertility is generated from animal and plant  manures exclusively. We strive toprovide the most nutritious and delicious produce possibleFor more information please contact Seth Sutker on 086 840 2076. Cork Environmental Forum Events Thursday 16th February 2012 – Green Drinks, Dennehy’s Pub, Cornmarket Street. This is a get together to allow people with an interest in sustainability and the environment to chat in an informal way.  It allows you to catch up with old friends and meet new people. We look forward to meeting you there.National Tree Week 4th – 10th March 2012: Can you help CEF to plant a 1000 TreeLegacy for Cork. Through one of our members we have been able to source 1000 Oakand Ash saplings which we would like to plant during tree week. We are looking forcommunity projects that would be in a position to plant a substantial number of trees.Please get in touch if you have such a project in mind. We encourage all groups andcommunities to get involved in this National Tree Council initiative by planting trees,organising walks in local woods and visiting champion trees. We are in the process oforganising some such events and will forward details shortly.St. Patrick’s Festival, Saturday 17th March: CEF has participated in the FestivalParade for a number of years. This is always a fun way of highlighting the importance ofenvironmental issues and CEF. This year’s theme is based on the Olympics, we alreadyhave some ideas of how we can adapt this in creating our float. As always the morepeople who participate the more successful the spectacle! Please get in touch if youare interested in getting involved or helping out.CEF will be participating in the Lifelong Learning Festival, 26th March – 1st April.More information on this will be available soon. 15
  16. 16. Wildlife Courses On Cape Clear Island – 2012Birdwatch Ireland has recently published its list of wildlife courses proposed for CapeClear Island for 2012. The Bird Observatory has been a feature of the Island for over 50years which is a key destination for birdwatchers and naturalists from all over the World.The courses cater for both newcomers and experienced alike and vary from two to fivedays. All courses include both indoor and outdoor sessions in some of the mostspectacular scenery one can imagine.  Full details are available on the Birdwatch Ireland website (http://www.birdwatchireland.ie)Courses take place from May to September.  Cúrsaí Faoin Dúlra Ar Oileán Chléire – 2012Tá liosta foilsithe ag Birdwatch Ireland le déanaí ar na cúrsaí faoin dúlra atá beartaithe acule haghaidh Oileán Chléire i 2012.  Tá páirt lárnach ag Tig na nÉan i saol na Oileáin le níosmó ná 50 bliain anuas agus freastalaíonn na cúrsai ar thosaitheoirí agus daoine le taithí.Maireann na cúrsaí idir dhá agus ciúig lá agus bíonn seisiúin istigh agus lasmuigh arghach cúrsa i measc radharcanna áille an Oileáin. Tá na sonraí ar fad le fáil ar Lch Idirlín Birdwatch Ireland (http://www.birdwatchireland.ie) Reachtáiltear na cúrsaí ó Bealtaine go Meán Fómhair. and see who turns up. If you need to getSave Cash And to the airport try your luck online - usually someone from your area will be going. It isCarbon On Car surprising how often you meet someone you know at the terminal, if only you hadJourneys both known!With ever increasing travel costs sharing  car journeys makes sense. If you share a To find out how the scheme worksjourney you will reduce your fuel cost; contact: wedrivetogether@gmail.com - it’sreduce your carbon footprint; reduce free, it’s beneficial, let’s make it work!traffic and increase your friends! It is a winwin scenario but, it must be said, findingsomeone to share with is not always easy. To help overcome this drawback a free R i n g Ro w i n g C l u bonline site for the West Cork area has Seeking New Membersbeen set up. You can ask for, or offer,rides and is of particular benefit to those Ring Rowing Club is now open for newwho make regular journeys, to and from adult members - anyone from 16 to 70 isCork, for example. very welcome! Join for fitness or for fun,  no previous rowing experience required. Should you be planning a longer trip and Contact 087 8519339 or find us onfancy a traveling companion simply sign in Facebook. 16
  17. 17. Proposed Marine Harvest Salmon Farm Site At Shot Head, Bantry Bay, Co. Cork 17
  18. 18. A seminar event, in partnership with the West Cork Education Centre will provide a Young Makers Exhibition Launches At platform for dialogue between contemporary youth arts practice and the current second level curriculum. It is aimed primarily at second level art teachers, but will also include West Cork Arts Centre both young people, and artists who work with young people. This event aims on the one hand to find ways in which contemporary practice can be The Young Makers Exhibition launches at West explored within the current constraints of the second level curriculum and encourage Cork Arts Centre as part of our annual Youth teachers to engage with those methods found more commonly in non-formal youth arts Event. The exhibition runs from the 25th of practice. And on the other hand to acknowledge the needs of the educational sector and February to the 17th or March. explore ways in which contemporary art practitioners working within the youth sector can support those needs through engaging with the curriculum in new and constructive West Cork Arts Centre has a thriving youth arts ways. programme resulting in an annual exhibition of high quality artwork produced through the Second Level Exhibition Programme centre’s programmes with second level schools and young people. However, being Available from 27 February – 16 March based in an isolated rural region, as we are, the opportunity to be inspired by the work of other Gallery tours and workshops for second level school groups will encourage teachers young people from across Ireland and the and their students to engage with the exhibition and explore practical ways to bring world and to feel part of a valued international contemporary approaches into the classroom.  youth arts movement is invaluable. Thisexhibition allows young people, teachers, artists and parents to see for themselves the Friday Night Youth Arts open studio sessionpotential of young people’s engagement with contemporary art practice, and the qualityof work made by young people. Friday 9 March 4.30- 6.30pmThe Irish artwork in the exhibition was all produced through youth programmes from An open workshop session with WCAC’s Friday Night Youth Arts group and project artistacross the country. The international work originates from a variety of contexts including Sheelagh Broderick will showcase the potential of non-formal youth arts programmes.formal and non-formal education. This presents us with a chance to reflect on the Inviting young people from across the region to come along and engage in a practicaleducational opportunities contemporary art experiences can provide, and to explore way with this ongoing project to develop a site-specific off-site installation for thenew ways in which we can support young people’s continued engagement. Focussing Skibbereen Arts Festival in summer 2012. Regular FNYA participants will welcome andon second level schools, as the main point of contact for young people, we will be encourage visitors to get involved and contribute to this project funded by the Artsworking with schools throughout the region to encourage engagement with the Council’s Young Ensembles Scheme. exhibition and wider programme as an introduction to the possibilities of contemporaryyouth arts practice and to explore ways to bring contemporary art and the informal and Second Level Film Programmeformal education sectors closer together. Friday 2 March and Friday 9 MarchProgramme Details This short programme of film screenings for Second Level school groups in partnershipWest Cork Arts Centre’s programme of events kicks off with a celebratory opening event with IFI Education, and the West Cork Education Centre is aimed at encouragingto launch the national tour of the Young Makers Exhibition..  teachers from across the curriculum to use the medium of film as a tool for teaching.Friday 24 February  Booking is essential for all of the above events, other than the opening.Young Makers Exhibition Opening, including music from a young local band, andrefreshments. All welcome. 4.30pm – 6.30pm  For more information please see our websites below, phone us on: +353 (0) 28 22090Saturday 25 February  Or email: alison@westcorkartscentre.comContemporary Youth Arts Practice and the Second Level Curriculum – Building Bridges  Seminar 18
  19. 19. Nose to Tail Butchery Class with Frank Krawczyk Events at Blackrock Castle, Cork Following the success of the recent butchery Midterm Workshops – Be a Brainbox! class with Frank last October, we will be Date: February 13th - 17th   Time: 14:00 - 15:30 hosting another one on Saturday, 23 February   at Ballyvolane House. Be a Brainbox! workshops are back for the mid-term. Aimed at children from age 8 up (ages 6 and 7 if accompanied by an adult) Be a Brainbox! will explore electronic circuits Frank (father of Chop House Chef Robbie) will and show children how we use electricity every day in various ways to help improve our show you how to turn a pig into lots of lives. Taking place daily from February 13th – 17th workshops are €5 per child.No yummy piggy delights like handmade booking is required but spaces are limited to 30 per workshop. sausages, bacon, chops, roasts, kassler, brawn, terrines and much more besides. Engineer’s Week Workshops - Schools Only The price is €149.50 per person to include Date: February 27th - March 4th   Time: 10:00. 11:00, 12:00, 13:00 coffee and homemade biscuits on arrival, the   butchery class from 9am to 5pm, lunch in the Book your  school  in for our electronic circuit workshops to explore how we use dining room at Ballyvolane House and electricity every day in various ways to help improve our lives. In association with the afternoon tea and homemade lemon drizzle Cork Electronics Industry Association workshops are daily from February 27th – March cake. 2nd and will run for an hour, with four workshops each day Each workshop will cost €50 with a maximum of 30-35 participants. Activity most suitable for children 10 to 12 years To book, please phone Richard Reeve on 058 of age. Discounted bus rates available on booking. 53810 or email  info@obrienchophouse.ie. To get the idea, please click here to see images of the last butchery class on Facebook. Save The Internet!Win a family ticket toCIT Blackrock CastleObservatory (2 adults & 2kids, under 5’s are free) CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory is a funand educational day out for all the family.Visit their interactive science exhibitCosmos at the Castle  and learn about theUniverse, send a Message to Space  at thePan Galactic Email Station and save theCastle from a comet hitting it in the  CometChaser game. Right now, a new global treaty could encourage corporations to police everything that we do on the Internet. Last week we successfully pushed back the US censorship bills - if weTo enter email your name, address & act now, we can get the EU Parliament to bury this new threat to all of us - click below totelephone number to: Dee.Geaney@bco.ie sign the petition: Join in this campaign here: http://www.avaaz.org/en/stop_acta_spread/?sbc 19
  20. 20. Cork South West Co-Op  This weeks introductory offer ……. Starting in the Mizen and Carbery regions RaisedVegetable Bed – with seaweed and compost - made fromgood second-hand scaffolding boards. Price €35, or €25 for members of Cork South West Co-Op Delivered and constructed. While stocks last !   Contact walter@localcampus.com Raised Beds From Cork South West Co-Op To become a member please CLICK HERE to download membership form or join online 20
  21. 21. 21
  22. 22. The second Run West Cork, St Patricks Day road race in Ballydehob will take place onthe morning of March 17th. The route takes participants along small rural roads, aroundto the scenic harbour of Rossbrin, with its castle and small boats, before looping backtowards the village, finishing downhill in front of the magnificent 12 Arch Bridge by theestuary at Ballydehob.Last year’s inaugural event was a great success with over 250 entrants, many of themundertaking their first ever 10km race. It attracted runners and walkers from all over thecountry along with some gregarious visitors from the US. Electronic chip timing will be inuse giving participants accurate timing of their run, with results being instantly displayedat the finish. The first 100 runners across the line will receive one of the coveted StPatrick’s Day 10km t-shirts!Both runners and walkers are encouraged and registration for the event is open onlinethrough Run Ireland with further information on the Run West Cork website. Walkers willset off at 10.30, whilst the runners will start at 11.00. Post race entertainment is aptlyprovided by Ballydehob’s Community Council annual St Patrick’s Day parade. Proceedsfrom the event go towards Schull Community Hospital and local schools. For informationplease contact Ian Haseldine 087 243 5314 or Deirdre Ní Challanáin 086 244 709. 22
  23. 23. 23
  24. 24. 24
  25. 25. TD’s Expenses - Feb - Dec 2011 Connaughton, Paul FG Galway East €49,911.37Name Party Constituency TOTAL Conway, Ciara Lab Waterford €50,225.80Adams, Gerry SF Louth €48,643.52 Coonan, Noel FG Tipperary North €49,650.40Bannon, James FG Longford–Westmeath €40,542.72 Corcoran Kennedy, Marcella FG Laois–Offaly €49,586.80Barrett, Sean CC Dún Laoghaire €13,111.75 Costello, Joe Lab Dublin Central €31,865.51Barry, Tom FG Cork East €50,540.23 Coveney, Simon FG Cork South–Central €17,982.33Boyd Barrett, Richard PBP Dún Laoghaire €31,865.51 Cowen, Barry FF Laois–Offaly €48,643.52Breen, Pat FG Clare €51,179.23 Creed, Michael FG Cork North–West €43,403.01Broughan, Tommy Lab Dublin North–East €22,821.43 Creighton, Lucinda FG Dublin South–East €17,442.37 Crowe, Seán SF Dublin South–West €31,865.51Browne, John FF Wexford €49,586.80 Daly, Clare SP Dublin North €22,821.43Bruton, Richard FG Dublin North–Central €10,684.33 Daly, Jim FG Cork South–West €52,447.09Burton, Joan Lab Dublin West €10,684.33 Deasy, John FG Waterford €41,181.72Butler, Ray FG Meath West €45,478.95 Deenihan, Jimmy FG Kerry North–West Limerick €11,536.04Buttimer, Jerry FG Cork South–Central €50,645.30 Deering, Pat FG Carlow–Kilkenny €47,375.66Byrne, Catherine FG Dublin South–Central €31,865.51 Doherty, Pearse SF Donegal South–West €51,808.09Byrne, Eric Lab Dublin South–Central €22,821.43 Doherty, Regina FG Meath East €45,478.95Calleary, Dara FF Mayo €49,715.44 Donnelly, Stephen Ind Wicklow €45,478.95Cannon, Ciarán FG Galway East €17,875.81 Donohoe, Paschal FG Dublin Central €31,603.60Carey, Joe FG Clare €51,179.23 Dooley, Timmy FF Clare €50,529.23Coffey, Paudie FG Waterford €40,415.25 Dowds, Robert Lab Dublin Mid–West €12,678.57Collins, Áine FG Cork North–West €51,808.09 Doyle, Andrew FG Wicklow €45,478.95Collins, Joan PBP Dublin South–Central €31,865.51 Durkan, Bernard FG Kildare North €36,434.87Collins, Niall FF Limerick €50,225.80 Ellis, Dessie SF Dublin North–West €31,865.51Colreavy, Michael SF Sligo–North Leitrim €50,225.80Conaghan, Michael Lab Dublin South–Central €22,821.43 Continues Next Page 25