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W2O Group GeekATea: Storytizing and Audience Architecture


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Explore the key pillars of the concept of “storytizing” with W2O Group: audience architecture, co-creation and evolution.

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W2O Group GeekATea: Storytizing and Audience Architecture

  2. 2. 2 Will Hayward CEO JOE Media @mrwillhayward @JOEmediauk Bob Pearson President W2O Group @BobPearson1845 @W2OGroup Lucas Galan Head of Analytics Design W2O Group Annalise Coady President Twist Mktg, a W2O Group company @annalisec #SMWLDN
  3. 3. THE SHIFT FROM ADVERTISING TO STORYTIZING 3 Very few of us read newspapers or magazines We read the content that is shared in our channels or visit channels that understand us We love to graze The audience is transparent New media outlets will replace the current media we know Transportation of Content matters more than coverage A “media outlet” is defined by customers – we decide what matters and where we spend our time Television allows us to channel hop and entertain ourselves Facebook has become the new TV Pinterest is specific to experiences You can identify, track and understand the needs of your audience You know where they hang out, what they like and who they respect . New media outlets are built based on audience need, not advertisers need for reach The editorial plan is based on the actual needs of the audience All media will become audience aligned and succeed or fail based on the experience they provide Audience planning will drive media planning with a focus on earned and shared New media will be participatory and combine what we like in one place We will ask ourselves if our story is reaching our full audience vs. measuring clicks and visits We realize our employee approach needs to reflect this reality When we get coverage, we need to transport it to our customers Vice, BuzzFeed, Joe Media, Facebook, Pinterest, SnapChat……are all media outlets How our media world is evolving and why it matters
  4. 4. IN THE STORYTIZING WORLD, WE CAN IMAGINE THE FOLLOWING: • A company site could become a media outlet….if it is authentic, dependable and it truly understands the audience’s needs • Media sites will succeed and fail as fast as bars and restaurants • Those who succeed will have built audiences that depend on the outlet as part of their daily ritual….habits win • Advertising will become an experience, not a reminder or banner or even a commercial • Brands that are cool can talk and advertise to us…we don’t care as long as they are cool • Reach will be trumped by engagement, sharing and other participation behaviors 4
  5. 5. AND WE CAN PREDICT THE MARKETING MIX WILL CHANGE IN THE FOLLOWING WAYS: • Agile creative will be more frequently used than traditional creative – Audience insights inform creative ideas that lead to new content in hours • Media planning will become audience planning – Micro-audience segmentation will lead to hundreds/thousands of segments to address • Search will be stripped apart to see which people and outlets are important to your search position vs. which words to advertise on – SEO expertise will be led by communications via earned and shared outreach, not paid • Language expertise will replace keyword analysis – We will speak with the same language of our customers or we’ll lose them for good • Product positioning will be increasingly based on audience insights pre-launch – We won’t make stuff up in conference rooms anymore • Pricing will become more dynamic based on audience use and need of a brand or outlet – If we want to read articles for one month, why do we buy a full subscription? Quantitative tracking unlocks pricing flexiblity • Purchase will occur within media outlets or social channels – M-commerce (mobile) will also stand for Media-Commerce 5