Using Social and Digital Analytics to Build a Competitive Advantage


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During a recent presentation to the Triangle American Marketing Association chapter, Chuck Hemann, Group Director of Analytics, talked about 10 trends in digital and social analytics that can help businesses build a competitive advantage. The presentation offers some trends we are seeing as an agency across the broader media landscape, and then delves into the trends in online research.

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Using Social and Digital Analytics to Build a Competitive Advantage

  1. 1. Building Your Digital Analytics Capability: How to Develop a Competitive Advantage For Your Business Triangle AMA (@TriangleAMA) August 15, 2013 Chuck Hemann, Group Director, Analytics at WCG @ChuckHemann
  2. 2. Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  3. 3. Contents are proprietary and confidential.
  4. 4. The communications landscape is changing…
  5. 5. Four Drivers of Change Newsflow • Blogs and twitter drive 2/3 of flow • Five drivers of newsflow • Mainstream media news cycles driven by average of 5 people • Online content cycles driven by <50 people Human Behavior • We are only snowflakes to our parents • We all follow patterns • Influencers (top 50) typically source from no more than 4-5 people • Who are the top sources? Media Consumption Patterns • I read what I want, where I want • Social channels are becoming the new “third place” The Social Footprint • easy to see where content is shared and with whom • Preferred words are clear • Content needs are clear Four Drivers of Change @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  6. 6. What the C-Suite Realizes Today… Reputation Customers shape reputations with or without company help Budget 50% of marketing budget is digital today for leading companies, 70% in a few years Issues You can identify problems days/weeks before the world is fully aware Employees Recruitment and retention happens 365 days/year and includes involvement in brand activities Customers Customer support is integral to brand reputation – irrespective of channel Innovation The best ideas are from crowds of smart people inside or outside your company Money Words Which words drive sales, behavior and how am I leveraging them across my brand? Search If search is becoming a decision engine, what decisions am I helping with? @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  7. 7. It is harder than ever to build a big, disruptive ad campaign Think like a publisher, focus on agile creative, content curation and right engagement @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  8. 8. Buying Big Blocks of Media lacks Market Agility Media plans must be dynamic/able to shift in real- time to market demand @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  9. 9. A website is just ONE channel Consumers are not “driven” somewhere. Brands must reach customers exactly where they are, when they are there. @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  10. 10. Attention spans have changed forever Consumers focus on the headline, image, and highlighted data point only. Nobody reads anymore. It’s more important to tell a fast and visual story than to get a full feature news article. @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  11. 11. Building Share of Conversation is more important than brief News Cycle Popular conversations, videos, or images are spawned and shared across the internet, have greater reach and influence than the original news cycle. @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  12. 12. Real Time research provides better information We can get better information by observing and asking consumers their opinion right now, based on the exact city they live in, and the exact interests they have, and the places they hangout online. @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  13. 13. How is Research Changing to Meet the New Communications Landscape? 10 Trends in Digital Analytics @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  14. 14. Social Channels = New Frontier for Research • Open, unfiltered channels • Real-time market-driven conversations • Engaged customer and partner communities • Early warning system for competitive intelligence • Hard to make a move without some digital footprint • Lots of noise to filter, but plenty of valuable signal @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  15. 15. #1 – (Tool) Buyer Beware Social Media Listening Social Media Engagement Influencer Analysis Audience Analysis Content Analysis Search Analytics @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  16. 16. Hundreds of Available Tools with no Clear Link… Yet @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  17. 17. #2 – Two Clear Listening Models Emerging Listening for program planning and listening for content development @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  18. 18. • What are people saying about your brand • Where people are talking about your brand • When people are talking about your brand • Who is talking about your brand • Why people are talking about your brand Taking a Step Back to Set Proper Goals @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  19. 19. Listening to Develop Content in Real-Time Photo credit to: @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  20. 20. #3 – HR, Sales, Product Development, Customer Service Join the Digital Data Party Digital data’s value extends well beyond its applications for public relations and marketing @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  21. 21. • Concept of building a dashboard to listen for conversations outside of PR/marketing applications is easy • Discover the data • Analyze the data • Segment • Develop insights • Execute based on those insights • In practice, much more difficult to execute at large companies • Requires central source for listening with organization Making Social Data Work Outside of PR/Marketing @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  22. 22. Social Customer Service is an Emerging Approach • Shift in importance away from traditional customer service channels toward social media, smartphones and internet sites • 79% of respondents in the survey cited the immediacy of interactive channels in their preference • 46% cited those interactive channels as the most efficient communication method • Listening to conversations for customer service requires dedicated team, technologies, measurement techniques and processes @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  23. 23. Samsung and Delta are Two Strong Case Studies @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  24. 24. #4 – We Drop “Social” from Social CRM CRM platforms evolve to incorporate social data more easily therefore eliminating the need to keep using social in front of CRM @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  25. 25. The Good News is Current Systems are Evolving…Slowly @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  26. 26. #5 – Companies Begin to Hire Internal Resources Digital analytics professionals are becoming more prevalent as organizations realize the power of this data. @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  27. 27. Four Components of an Internal Capability
  28. 28. #6 – Command Centers are Valuable… Kind of Command centers are valuable internal tools that rally the organization around the idea of social media/listening to customers @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  29. 29. Several Brands Have Built Command Centers Do you need one of these if you are a brand or representing a brand? It depends @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  30. 30. Intel Has Developed a Social Cockpit… @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  31. 31. #7 – Measurement Finally Becomes Integrated Communications has been working to break down silos for years. It’s time to do the same in measurement @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  32. 32. Timely Intelligence  Timely Decisions Daily: Media flow, news synopses, topline opinions Weekly: KPI tracking, red flags, tactical decisions, editorial planning, traffic/sales impact Monthly: KPI trends and insights, strategy evaluation, program optimization, problem resolution Hourly: Competitive alerts and crisis management Quarterly: KPI executive reviews, strategy shifts, problem escalation, cross-discipline impact Annually: Business and comms planning, long-range strategy, KPI assessment and goal setting @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  33. 33. The New ERA Measurement Approach What we are Measuring Example Metrics Engagement Are consumers taking action to indicate they are on board and sharing with their personal networks? • Likes • Comments • Inbound Links • Retweets • Shares • Database registrations Reach How many consumers did we reach, multiplied by how many times did we reach them, during the last 30 days? • FB post impressions • Tweets x Followers • Paid digital impressions • Video views • Blog post UVMs • Website visits • Share of Attention Audience What is the size of our Audience that we are building to communicate with in the future? • Fans • Followers • Subscribers Cost Avoidance How is our social engagement allowing us to reach people without buying paid media inventory? • Media value of social impressions and views Learnings What did we learn that can be applied to future effectiveness? • Social Poll results • Qualitative feedback @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  34. 34. Measurement Approach - Sample Demonstrating business value Driving awareness Building share of conversation around topics that the public cares about Ensuring outbound messages are receiving pickup Communications Market Share Index @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  35. 35. AUG SEPT OCT PERFORMANCE SCORE AUDIENCE 100 Twitter followers 500 550 500 News Center page views 20,000 20,000 20,000 News reach 500,000 500,000 500,000 ENGAGEMENT 80 Twitter retweets 130 90 155 Twitter replies 60 85 150 News Center tweets 100 125 100 News Center likes 500 400 500 News Center shares 200 150 250 YouTube likes 0 0 0 YouTube shares 0 0 0 REACH 100 Twitter 92,000 86,000 100,000 News Center 16,092,042 15,250,004 26,841,569 YouTube 0 0 0 SHARE OF CONVERSATION 20% 25% 30% 95 TEAM INDEX SCORE DMA INDEX SCORE 100 100 # OF POSTS TOTAL Twitter 200 200 200 600 News Center 30 40 40 110 sample performance scorecard @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  36. 36. #8 – Analytics goes hyper-local As marketing programs are built to reach people in specific geographies, analytics tools will need to be built to keep up @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  37. 37. Track conversation by zip code, town, store @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  38. 38. #9 – Forensic Analytics Becomes a Critical Capability Within Companies @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  39. 39. Decoding Audience Correlations Universe of conversation the brand cares about. A. Mountain Biking B. HipHop C. Men (18-24) D. Skating Top Attributes (as many as relevant) HipHop (Primary Attribute) Correlated Attributes (f/ brand Universe) Topics Correlation to HipHop Basketball 91.56 Skating 78.19 Rock Music 57.54 Urban Fashion 41.89 Surfing 11.34 3 Different Lunch Tables with HipHop as the Primary Attribute HipHop Basketball Etc. HipHop Skating Etc. HipHop Rock Music Etc. ALL online conversation Brand Filters @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  40. 40. Lunch Table Audience Segmentation (dummy data) Primary Attribute: HipHop Music Also Passionate About: NBA Basketball, Skating, Nightlife, Video Games Consumption Moments: Leisure, Partying Demographic Attributes: M28-24 Additional Insights: B.O.B. + Drake are faves A Primary Attribute: Pick Me Up Junkies Also Passionate About: Hiphop, Alternative Rock, Snowboarding, Monster, 5-Hour Consumption Moments: Studying, Leisure Demographic Attributes: West coast Additional Insights: <3 Free Music Downloads B Primary Attribute: Mountain Biking Also Passionate About: Winter sports, NFL, Pearl Jam Consumption Moments: Driving, Working Demographic Attributes: Men (all ages) Additional Insights: Bike Brands Super Important C Primary Attribute: High Performance Also Passionate About: Record-Setting Performances, Motor Sports, Speed Consumption Moments: Sports, Working Demographic Attributes: NA Additional Insights: Diss on Organized Racing D @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  41. 41. #10 – Influencer Analysis is not Synonymous with Klout The current suite of influencer solutions do not fully capture how influential a person is online @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  42. 42. The Current Influencer Tools are not the Devil, but Don’t Accurately Gauge Influence Either @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  43. 43. <50 People Drive Share of Conversation Online • Have complete clarity into who influences your world, and how to reach them with your content. Thousands of key phrases. Millions of webpages. 100+ Metrics. Hundreds of Outlets. 50 Top Influencers. @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  44. 44. Where did this come from (aside from client work)? Currently available on - @TriangleAMA // @chuckhemann on Twitter