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Twitter Removes 140-Character Limit for Direct Messages


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Twitter made the decision to remove the 140-character limit for direct messages. Users can now have stronger, more detailed conversations with other Twitter users, including brand handles. How does this impact brands overall? Read more to find out!

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Twitter Removes 140-Character Limit for Direct Messages

  1. 1. Twitter Removes 140 Characters for Direct Messages Over the last few months, Twitter has been rolling out a series of updates in order to try and broaden its appeal to more people. In January, they enabled group messaging, followed by the addition of an option to allow users to opt-in to receive private messages from anyone. Latest Move Twitter has officially dropped the 140-character count limit on direct messages. This was announced back in June and has officially began its rollout for Android, iOS and web-based platforms. Previously, users were limited to 140 characters when sending direct messages to other users and brand handles, which aligns with the same guidelines for tweets. While the new count caps messages at 10,000 characters, this increase in message opportunity enables longer, more detailed communications on the platform, similar to the conversation opportunity on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. What it Means for Brands Brand handles can now have stronger communications with followers, giving users the opportunity to reach out to brands with questions and comments, which in return, brands can gain valuable feedback from followers and influencers. Additionally, this update eliminates the back-and- forth communication with followers and allows brands to participate in more thorough dialogue. Another noteworthy opportunity with this update is that brands that are running campaigns or wish to direct message influencers for their support can do so by sharing more information upfront. One thing to be mindful of is that users can now send lengthy notes to your direct messages, so be sure to read the message in its entirety to provide a thorough response, or in return, to mark as spam.