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Trends in Life Sciences Conversation Online


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We at the W2O Group make a habit of translating digital data into useful insights for our clients. With SXSW right around the corner, we thought it would interesting to examine a year’s worth of Twitter data to understand what has been trending in health-tech & life sciences, and predict which topics will be of relevance in the future. We compiled the data into two infographics, the first of which you can view and share below, and the second will be released tomorrow.

The analysis focused on content created and shared between three unique communities: healthcare practitioners, Austin thought leaders, & the global Twitter audience. We examined deltas between conversation patterns for each group, what they were saying about health-tech & life sciences, when there were peaks in the conversation, and which profiles were leading the dialogue. To complete the analysis we utilized twitter data and our proprietary MDigitalLife community of 500k+ physicians, the world’s first and only database to map physicians’ digital properties to their official government registries. To learn more about our methodology, please contact us:

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Trends in Life Sciences Conversation Online

  1. 1. WHAT’S TRENDING IN LIFE SCIENCES ONLINE Total Audience Austin HCPs What will Drive the News in 2015? A: Miami scientists are building smartphones that can diagnose cancer. B: BESTFORU launched crowdfunding project to build Medical Mobile Application Software. C: Apple’s Healthkit adopted by major US hospitals for remote patient monitoring. A: UT med school dean talks about Biotech innovations in Austin. B: Austin gets medical device incubator. A: Skinstamatic is introduced and panel members tweet the promo video and link to the app. B: An app called Intermountain Health Hub allows users to send well wishes to patients at Intermountain hospitals. C: Medical Innovation Labs introduces 3D Printing Lab to Austin’s Medical Research Scene. In the past year, Apple was the top brand that gathered the most mentions globally and among Healthcare Practitioners. Austin conversation focused on start-up initiatives. Top Hashtags #mhealth #digitalhealth #healthcare #tech #ehealth #austin #atx #sxsw #digitalhealth #mhealth #mhealth #digitalhealth #healthcare #telemedicine #innovation Apple Products Who to pay attention to in 2015 19.1K FOLLOWERS @fundmycampaign Crowd Funding 3,362 FOLLOWERS @JulianeZielonka Juliane Zielonka 1016 FOLLOWERS @cgcalnan Christopher Calnan 14.7K FOLLOWERS @harrygreenspun Harry Greenspun 293K FOLLOWERS @RealBenCarson Dr. Ben Carson 881K FOLLOWERS @EducationalPics Today I Learned Juliane Zielonka is a digital health entrepreneur for women’s health, CEO & Founder of LARAcompanion, and a Ted talk speaker. Christopher Calnan is an Austin Business Journalist reporter covering technology. As a director with the Center for Health Solutions, Deloitte Services LP, Dr. Harry Greenspun serves health care, life sciences and government clients on key innovation and clinical transformation issues. Dr. Ben Carson is a retired neurosurgeon noted for being the first surgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins joined at the head. Top Words Used Austin Global mentions Total Audience Austin Healthcare Practitioners 25,000 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 2/10/14 3/10/14 4/10/14 5/10/14 6/10/14 7/10/14 8/10/14 9/10/14 10/10/14 11/10/14 12/10/14 1/10/15 2/10/14 3/10/14 4/10/14 5/10/14 6/10/14 7/10/14 8/10/14 9/10/14 10/10/14 11/10/14 12/10/14 1/10/15 A B C TOTAL AUDIENCE AUSTIN HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONERS mentions mentions 40 30 20 10 A B C 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 2/10/14 3/10/14 4/10/14 5/10/14 6/10/14 7/10/14 8/10/14 9/10/14 10/10/14 11/10/14 12/10/14 1/10/15 A B Start-ups Innovation Initiatives Life Sciences and *HCP-facing healthcare tech received more conversation volume online than consumer-facing health tech on all scales: global (21% more), Austin (54% more), and Healthcare Practitioners (297% more). *HCP = Healthcare Practitioner In the past year, medical device innovations, especially mobile and wearable tech that improve patient care, have been the most talked about topic amongst Global, HCP’s and Austin audience. Powered by Life Sciences Health Tech 3,491,538 Mentions 2,885,145 Mentions TOTAL AUDIENCE ONLINE 13,712 Mentions 54,429 Mentions HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONERS 1,134 Mentions 1,750 Mentions AUSTIN For additional information, please contact W2O Group at and follow them on Twitter at @W2OGroup.