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Snapchat Insights and Trends


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W2O Group PreCommerce Insights- We explore Snapchat trends and insights for you to consider for your brand's strategic communications.

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Snapchat Insights and Trends

  1. 1. powered by: INSIGHTS SNAPCHAT 101
  2. 2. What Matters to Top Global Brands We have asked our team to think through what is important about Snapchat, how it should evolve and how more value could be created for both Snapchat and global brands. Here is a summary of our key insights. If Snapchat can provide full transparency on users of their service, advertising can be done in an appropriate and highly focused manner. The data can be anonymized to respect privacy, while still achieving targeting goals. This data must be accessible to the brands advertising. It cannot be held only by Snapchat, since it is critical for planning. Brands must be able to access anonymized data to plan. Facebook has shown the way on how to do this and still preserve the integrity of the data. Behavioral data/targeting has potential to be more effective than the majority of media channels.1 2 Open up a limited API, ala Facebook’s 30 days of data “92% of users will post their real name, 82% will post a photo about themselves, 84% will post their interests and 71% will post their location.”
  3. 3. We all know the power of influencers. The stories feature of Snapchat is where influencers are emerging that have major impact for a brand. These stars are similar to what is occurring on YouTube, Vine, Instagram and other channels. For example, if BRAND X focused on beauty brands and emerging influencers for make-up tips, how to’s for skin care and other related topics, this increases authenticity, supports the drivers of Snapchat traffic and helps your brand understand who has influence in Snapchat vs. other channels. This leads to more targeted earned and paid media; it helps the influencers gain additional exposure; and it adds much needed authenticity for any advertiser. It is widely believed that advertising alone will not be accepted by the Snapchat audience, so new models of partnership are key to success. Work with brands to develop relationships with Snapchat Stars. Enable a brand to work directly with influencers in a category 3 4 100 million daily Snapchat users, 30% of U.S. millenial internet users access Snapchat daily
  4. 4. We need ROI. If Snapchat creates a “snap to buy” feature where users can purchase products or download important buying information for later use, we can better track funnel activity. This can work for your brand by partnering with emerging stars, “map” them discussing a topic, provide the option to buy direct (within the chat), and deliver direct or to a local outlet. For consumables, this scenario could generate simple couponing or co-marketing opportunities. Create a “Snap to Buy” feature Click here for more info! 5 Call of Duty executed a Snapchat stunt that teased the next Call of Duty 3 game and encouraged customers to follow their account by placing the Snapchat ghost throughout the maps. #BlackOps
  5. 5. A traditional ad won’t work in Snapchat. However, new models can open up opportunities. In other words, brands will sponsor other brands. Snapchat’s new media service called Discover, which will host branded properties for Yahoo, People, Cosmopolitan, the Food Nework, Daily Mail, Vice, CNN and others. BRAND X works with the talent on a TV show. The talent on this show then Snapchats on a key topic that also includes the [Your Brand]. This would be a powerful way to integrate great content, keep the topic aligned with Snapchat user’s interests and work in a brand appropriately. Develop new content partnerships between talent, media networks and brands TV show and a Brand X Click here for more info! 6 7 Taco Bell has been one of the most followed brands since April 2014. The brand launched the Doritos Locos Taco by uploading a 10 second Snapchat video during the MTV Movie Awards. Gaining Taco Bell 70,000 Followers
  6. 6. Snapchat is already experimenting with picture filters automatically uploaded from a user’s location. Since interaction with geo-location based content is already acceptable by Snapchat users, hyperlocal voice-customer data is at the modern marketer’s fingertips. IIf the retail networks of any given country are generally aligned to DMA’s, [YOUR BRAND] can offer unique content and coupons/offers at the zip code level. This allows for “snap to buy” functionality, allows for suggestive and adjacent advertising, and enhances the shopping experience. Innovate in geo-location It’s a matter of creativity Align Snapchat content from brands down to the store level. 8 9 10 Click here for more info! Click here for more info! Snapchat recently launched filters specific to employee dissatisfaction in an attempt to poach new tech talent. These filters displayed for users in or around the Uber, Pinterest and Twitter Headquarters, which showcased extensibility beyond marketing and into the human resources function. A user contest embedded within Snapchat’s customizable backgrounds. Once critical mass is reached, prizes are made available to participants. New filters that are highly topical could be provided by [YOUR BRAND], e.g. Olympics and any sportsrelated images, but the backgrounds will feature the local athletes for that user to make it more personal. Another example, [YOUR BRAND] sponsors Movember. with idea that most young, male Snapchatters will be shaving in the near future. Participation drives relevance, and network effects take hold.”
  7. 7. The “Stories” experience does not appear integrated with how users typically use the app, which is to interact with friends. • Stories are essentially paid content from brands in the Snapchat app • Most of the time, people use Snapchat to interact with friends • Stories do not appear “inline” when you interact with friends, but rather only if you go to Explore —> Discover in the app, which is a couple clicks off the beaten path • This is like moving paid content on off the front page and into a section called “Paid Content” • If brands are having success, that’s what matters — but it’s an odd way to integrate paid Improve how Stories is handled within Snapchat 11 #TheVoiceSpringBreak
  8. 8. Populate the studio within Snapchat with brand content (images, video, quotes and other content) that can be used by anyone. And encourage users to add their own ideas, make requests and participate in making each brand studio as cool as it can be. To learn more about W2O Group, email us at Partner with users to create a “brand studio”12 To celebrate Earth Day 2015, Snapchatters took to the app and included their own content in the “Live” feed to show their spirit.