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Attached are a few of the key slides from today's Small Business Association/W2O Group Webinar focused on "Social Media: Helping You Get Started."

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  • Important to approach this methodically and choose the channels that make the most sense for what you’re trying to achieve.
  • SBA Social Media Webinar (Select Slides)

    1. 1. #SBASocialSocial Media: Helping You Get StartedAaron Strout (W2O Group)April 2013
    2. 2. #SBASocialA Tectonic Shift Has OccurredWhere, how and whenconversations happen• Language: Customers speakonline in their first language(there are 10 languages thatreach 88% of people online,worldwide)• Location: Facebook, Twitter,forums, other social placesonline. Different locations fordifferent purposes.• Time of Day: Lower volumeduring day, high volume ineveningsThe new prime time is 9pm to 1am in your time zone
    3. 3. #SBASocialAll Age Groups Are Using Social MediaSOURCE: Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project surveys 2005-2012
    4. 4. #SBASocialContent Creation is Still in the Hands of the FewThe 1-9-90 Principle ofSocial MediaSource: Jake McKee; Manhattan Research, Cybercitizen Health® v2.0-9.0
    5. 5. #SBASocialUnderstanding the Ten Areas of Online InfluenceInfluence Areas Trend RelevanceAudioFavorite of sales force,customers on the goPodcasts of all types, plus audio tracks of video segments are an undefined area of online,yet have growing utilityBlogs>200MM; trend is to havemultiple blogs, multiplelanguagesWe should know the top influencers by topic who drive relevant share of voice. Thenumbers of influencers are small, precision is key.Data / Slides 80MM uniques at SlideShare A great location to share all public presentations.ForumsThe engine of conversationsonline; often patient drivenKnowing who is driving conversation in forums is key. We should treat high volumemoderators with the same respect as we do with journalists.ImagesIs all content tagged toimpact natural search?Companies often forget to tag all content in the 10 languages that reach 90% of theonline population.Micro BloggingAn effective way to alertinfluencers, help propel newscyclesA great opportunity to build a network of influencers who want to share your news inreal time. Twitter is a prime example.SearchYes, Google is #1, butYouTube is #2We need to know the influencers on the first screen for our brand and key topics. Wealso need to understand where people are taken when they search.Social NetworksThe communities that areoften our “first place” to goonlineOur day often starts and ends with Facebook or MySpace or Orkut or other dependingwhere we live.VideoConsumption habits arestarting to favor video vs.copyThere are over 50 video sites to analyze, which sometimes house ratings and reviews ofour products.WikisFree online peer editedonline encyclopediaNearly every topic has a Wikipedia entry, which means it could be the first information aconsumer finds about any topic they are seeking information about.
    6. 6. #SBASocialFacebook (social network)• 1 billion+ users• Over 60% log in daily• Average user has 130friends• Average user spends 55minutes per day on site• More than 70 languages• >80% of users outside USA• Other social networks• Google+• LinkedIn• PathSource: Facebook - (December, 2012)
    7. 7. #SBASocialYouTube (video sharing)Source: (April 2013)• More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month• Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month onYouTube• 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute• 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US• YouTube is localized in 53 countries and across 61languages• In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views or around140 views for every person on Earth
    8. 8. #SBASocialTwitter (micro blog)• Twittero Over 200 million usersworldwideo 20% of U.S. adult internetusers are on Twittero Fastest growing socialnetwork in 2012• A “tweet”o A message up to 140characters longo Can include a link toother websites or imagesSource: Media Bistro (February 2013)
    9. 9. #SBASocial• 200 million users in 200countries• 74 million users in U.S.• 2 new signups/second• More than 2.7 millioncompanies have LinkedInCompany Pages.• LinkedIn members aresharing insights andknowledge in more than 1.5million LinkedIn GroupLinkedIn (Business Social Network)Source: (December 2012)
    10. 10. #SBASocialSocial Media Business FrameworkFundamentalsAnalytics andInsightsContentMapping andPlanningContentCreation andSyndicationEngagement• Content Mgmt• SMR OnlineNewsroom• Webcast• E-mail Mktg• Podcasts• Videos• Social pages (e.g.,SlideShare, YouTube)• Brand protection• Catalog existingcontent• Content gap analysis• Editorial planning• Keyword dictionary• Identify channels• Train community mgr• Linking strategy• Conversationblueprint• Regular listening• Influencer analysis• Real time listening/ early warningsystem• Blogger outreach• Customer service• Response protocol• Ambassador network• Communitymanagement• SM PolicyDevelopment• Planning• Guidelines creation• SM Training &Education• Strategic partnering
    11. 11. #SBASocialYour Getting Started Checklist• What do you want toachieve?• Who do you want to reach?• What social media learningsdo you have?• How do you want toimplement?• What social media tools willyou use?• How does social mediaintegrate with your overallcommunications in the longterm?You need to make yourbusiness case1. You must have a clearobjective2. You must have learningsabout why social media isthe right channel3. Your objective should bemeasurable4. How does your use of socialmedia help you achieve yourobjective?11
    12. 12. #SBASocial4 Important Types of Social Media LearningsTranslating metrics into ROI (or something close)“How successful are the things I’m doing online?”Insights that inform your decision making process“How should we go to market in new / different ways?”Indicators into what the market thinks about you“What is most important to our customers?”ListeningAnalyzingMeasuringCapturing what people are saying with no intent of talking“What are people talking about today?”Monitoring
    13. 13. #SBASocialTools You Can Use Right Now (1-4)Google Trends: Identifies top search keywords, wherethe searches are taking place and how search activityhas trended over time – Analytics: Available to anyone who embeds atracking code into their site to measure site traffic – Adwords: Provides volume for the top keywords,phrases and related keywords/phrases about any topic – A social media engagement solution thatoffers users the ability to post to many social networkswith some analytics – http://hootsuite.comSource: Chuck Heman (April 2013)
    14. 14. #SBASocialTools You Can Use Right Now (5-8)PeerIndex/Kred: These free influencer identification toolsprovide a high level list of influencers about a certain topic – | One of the best freely available socialmedia monitoring tools – Provide statistics on traffic to your site (orcompetitors) – | – Straightforward way to benchmark yourFacebook page’s performance vs. a general average –http://socialbakers.comSource: Chuck Heman (April 2013)
    15. 15. #SBASocialSmall Business Blogs• SBA’s Blog• Jim Connolly’s Marketing Blog – Marketing tips and ideas tohelp you grow your business –• Escape from Cubicle Nation – advice for small/startup biz• CopyBlogger – All things content marketing for small biz –•• Duct Tape Marketing –• WCG’s Blog (a W2O Group Company) –
    16. 16. #SBASocialMeasuring Your Social Media CapabilityWhat we are Measuring Example MetricsReachHow many of our target audience arewe reaching overall and per activity?• Share of Conversation• Impressions• Content Views• SOC among InfluencersEngagementHow are my audiences engaging withmy content overall and per activity?• Comments• Sharing and Linking• Behavior Change /AdvocacyCost SavingsHow much would it have cost us toreach the same people throughtraditional online channels?• Organic SearchPlacements• Unpaid ImpressionsLearningsWhat are we learning that makes usmore effective?• Consumer Preferences• Product Feedback
    17. 17. #SBASocialArea of InfluenceBrandMentions % ∆# PeopleDiscussing % ∆Share ofConversation % ∆ Key Insight754 260% 716 268% 18.06% 11%1279 120% 1076 160% 17.33% -2%22 138% 19 173% 12.09% -2%799 138% 685 145% 1.30% 0%1214 140% 819 143% 1.55% 0%6 200% 3 150% 4.48% -1%51,120 NA 550 NA 6.74% NAExample Scorecard – How is our Position in the Online Market?FacebookTwitterVideosBlogsForumsImagesSearchQualitatively DefinedKey Insights Critical
    18. 18. #SBASocialTHANK YOU!• Aaron Strout, Managing Director,W2O Group• Co-author of Location-Based Marketingfor Dummies.• Blog:• Twitter: @aaronstrout