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PreCommerce Social Impact Report


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Published in: Social Media
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PreCommerce Social Impact Report

  1. 1. 1 Type of Document- Date Contents are proprietary and confidential. Social Impact Report PreCommerce Summit 2014 March 6, 2013 SFA Intercontinental Hotel, Austin, TX
  2. 2. W2O Agile Studio Gives Summit a Digital Echo Approach We monitored conversation through real-time listening, engaged with attendees on social, and created agile images featuring live updates from the event. Leveraging the knowledge and influence of our clients, we were able to reach the largest audience in event’s history. Tools Team Members Kelsey Carroll, Blaire Clause, Gage Grammer LiveCubeApp Founder, Aaron Price
  3. 3. Making it Rain on Twitter The Numbers 70+ Tweets sent out from @W2Ogroup during Summit • 29+ LIVE text updates • 25 Retweets of summit attendees • 16 Posts featured W2O-branded images created on-site
  4. 4. Gamification Drives Social Engagement Branded Platform LIVECUBE Focused Social Conversation Event attendees competed for points and prizes rewarded to the most prolific and frequently mentioned users throughout the duration of the event Key Takeaway The use of a third-party platform ignited engagement among attendees, driving mentions of the #W2OSummit hashtag leading to more concentrated conversation during the event The Numbers 6.7M+ Impressions on Twitter 1600+Tweets generated within the app • That’s a post every 20 seconds
  5. 5. Branded Templates Ensure Cohesive Look-and-Feel Blog Post Content Capsule Social Posts
  6. 6. @W2OGroup Posts Most Shared Tweet of the Event The Numbers 62xNormal Reach • Notable virtual attendees shared content on Twitter Key Takeaway The sole method of virtually attending the conference was through social conversation Event attendees, both physical and virtual, anticipated trustworthy, real-time updates from the host 1.4K Followers 2.3K Followers 10K Followers 11K Followers