Building Brand Value Through Social Customer Service


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At Social Fresh West in San Diego Chuck Hemann, Group Director of Analytics for WCG, presented on how companies can build brand value through social customer service. Using an analytics-based approach brands can improve relationships with customers, build loyalty, increase the number of recommendations your customers make and improve overall customer satisfaction.

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  • Global customer barometer survey – American Express - 2012
  • Emarketer survey--79% say getting my question answered quickly is why they turn away from traditional forms of customer service--46% say it’s the most efficient communications method and 51% say they can multi-task
  • SAP and Social Media Today
  • Using existing CRM database data to understand how your customers have interacted with you in the pastChallenging given existing technological constraintsNo integration between legacy systems and existing social technologies --- Slowly changing with Salesforce and other solutions
  • More formal processes in place– Analytics, education, policies, objectivesLacks integration with the rest of the company – culturally/systematicallyNo connection with legacy CRM systemsData is being gathered, but it tends to be counting oriented – number of interactions, issues solved, etc. Not necessarily reliable indicator of customer satisfaction
  • Full-scale support for all products and services company-wideEstablished education, policy, data gathering approachWorkflow and governance issues have been resolvedConnection between multiple business units and the establishment of a dedicated social customer service teamSophisticated data capture – customer intent, intent to buy, overall satisfaction, etc.
  • Building Brand Value Through Social Customer Service

    1. 1. Building Brand Value Through Social Customer Service Social Fresh West August 23, 2013 #socialfresh
    2. 2. #socialfresh/@chuckhemann Remember when this was the norm?
    3. 3. Then this guy came and changed the game #socialfresh/@chuckhemann
    4. 4. Now we are comfortable doing this instead #socialfresh/@chuckhemann
    5. 5. Two reasons why this shift in customer expectations matters #socialfresh/@chuckhemann First… Second… Customers tell, on average, 15 people about a positive customer service experience and 24 people about a bad one
    6. 6. It all sounds so easy, but media is fragmented #socialfresh/@chuckhemann Customers have a plethora of choices to engage companies
    7. 7. Resource challenges within companies abound #socialfresh/@chuckhemann Also… MORE THAN 77% of companies SPEND LESS THAN $50,000 in social customer care Not enough people like Sabrina
    8. 8. Three other reasons companies are not adopting this approach more frequently #socialfresh/@chuckhemann Integration– Ensuring a seamless experience between online and offline is critical Inefficiency– Customers expect near immediate responses from companies Education– The business case for social customer service and its value isn’t always clearly articulated
    9. 9. Building the Business Case
    10. 10. Building your online customer profile #socialfresh/@chuckhemann • Understanding your consumer demographics • Knowing what they preferred method of engagement has been in the past • Analyzing where most of your customers reside • Researching how your customers are searching for information • What the sentiment is toward your brand today
    11. 11. Understanding overall customer intent #socialfresh/@chuckhemann • Performing an inventory on existing customer service requests • Mapping the right channel for the job – easy vs. complex issue resolution • Analyzing path to purchase for the majority of your customers • What are your customers asking you most often and do they want to engage with you at all?
    12. 12. Personalizing the customer experience #socialfresh/@chuckhemann
    13. 13. Knowing Which Model is Right For You
    14. 14. Three-stage maturity model for social customer service #socialfresh/@chuckhemann Ad-Hoc– The most typical starting place for companies interested in helping customers through online channels Limited– More coordinated and organized involving multiple people with the organization Enterprise– Full-scale support for all products and service across the business
    15. 15. Ad-hoc stage of customer service #socialfresh/@chuckhemann Typically driven by a single individual interested in changing the perceptions of the company. Call this the “Frank Eliason Model” Alternatively forced into action by a vocal customer or customers who have unmet needs Informal, inefficient and wont change long-term foundational gaps in the company No formal analytics, objectives, policies or education #socialfresh/@chuckhemann
    16. 16. Limited stage of customer service #socialfresh/@chuckhemann
    17. 17. Enterprise stage of customer service #socialfresh/@chuckhemann
    18. 18. Case Studies - @DeltaAssist + more
    19. 19. @DeltaAssist has evolved over time Originally launched in May 2010 with 4 agents Staffed M-F from 8am – 6pm Program has evolved to 15 agents who provide coverage 24/7 Goal has remained the same – “Serve as a way to meaningfully interact and engage with customers where they live #socialfresh/@chuckhemann
    20. 20. Very clear content strategy/approach #socialfresh/@chuckhemann Policies/Procedures Questions Travel help/Rebooking Assistance Complaint Resolution Random/Fun Information
    21. 21. Measurement is critical to the Delta team #socialfresh/@chuckhemann Core metrics include:  Sentiment  Number of issues raised  Number of issues resolved  Resolution time  Differentiating terms  Response rates Cant forget about the survey
    22. 22. The @DeltaAssist approach has paid dividends #socialfresh/@chuckhemann  Lowest response times in the category by a fairly wide margin  Concentrated customer issues to prevent from having to respond on multiple channels  Improved customer satisfaction
    23. 23. #socialfresh/@chuckh emann
    24. 24. Where did this come from? #socialfresh/@chuckhemann Currently available on -
    25. 25. Contents are W2O proprietary and confidential