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3M ThinkTank - Trends in Digital Analytics


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Chuck Hemann, Group Director of Analytics for WCG joined several social and digital innovators from P&G, Verizon, Sprinklr, IBM, Accenture, Hershey's and others to

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3M ThinkTank - Trends in Digital Analytics

  1. 1. #3MThinkTANK // @chuckhemann on Twitter Building Your Digital Analytics Capability: How to Develop a Competitive Advantage For Your Business 3M ThinkTank September 26, 2013 Chuck Hemann, Group Director, Analytics at WCG @ChuckHemann
  2. 2. #3MThinkTANK // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  3. 3. #3MThinkTANK // @chuckhemann on Twitter
  4. 4. #3MThinkTANK // @chuckhemann on Twitter The communications landscape is changing…But that’s not why I’m here
  5. 5. #3MThinkTANK // @chuckhemann on Twitter  We can get better information by observing and asking consumers their opinion right now, based on the exact city they live in, and the exact interests they have, and the places they hangout online. Real Time research provides better information
  6. 6. #3MThinkTANK // @chuckhemann on Twitter How is Research Changing to Meet the New Communications Landscape? 10 Trends in Digital Analytics
  7. 7. #3MThinkTANK // @chuckhemann on Twitter  Open, unfiltered channels  Real-time market-driven conversations  Engaged customer and partner communities  Early warning system for competitive intelligence  Hard to make a move without some digital footprint  Lots of noise to filter, but plenty of valuable signal Social Channels = New Frontier for Research
  8. 8. #3MThinkTANK // @chuckhemann on Twitter #1 – (Tool) Buyer Beware
  9. 9. #3MThinkTANK // @chuckhemann on Twitter #2 – Two Clear Listening Models Emerging
  10. 10. #3MThinkTANK // @chuckhemann on Twitter #3 – HR, Sales, Product Development, Customer Service Join the Digital Data Party
  11. 11. #3MThinkTANK // @chuckhemann on Twitter #4 – We Drop “Social” from Social CRM
  12. 12. #3MThinkTANK // @chuckhemann on Twitter #5 – Companies Begin to Hire Internal Resources
  13. 13. #3MThinkTANK // @chuckhemann on Twitter #6 – Command Centers are Valuable… Kind of
  14. 14. #3MThinkTANK // @chuckhemann on Twitter #7 – Measurement Finally Becomes Integrated
  15. 15. #3MThinkTANK // @chuckhemann on Twitter #8 – Analytics goes hyper-local
  16. 16. #3MThinkTANK // @chuckhemann on Twitter #9 – Forensic Analytics Becomes a Critical Capability Within Companies
  17. 17. #3MThinkTANK // @chuckhemann on Twitter Lunch Table Audience Segmentation (dummy data) Primary Attribute: HipHop Music Also Passionate About: NBA Basketball, Skating, Nightlife, Video Games Consumption Moments: Leisure, Partying Demographic Attributes: M28-24 Additional Insights: B.O.B. + Drake are faves A Primary Attribute: Pick Me Up Junkies Also Passionate About: Hiphop, Alternative Rock, Snowboarding, Monster, 5-Hour Consumption Moments: Studying, Leisure Demographic Attributes: West coast Additional Insights: <3 Free Music Downloads Primary Attribute: Mountain Biking Also Passionate About: Winter sports, NFL, Pearl Jam Consumption Moments: Driving, Working Demographic Attributes: Men (all ages) Additional Insights: Bike Brands Super Important Primary Attribute: High Performance Also Passionate About: Record-Setting Performances, Motor Sports, Speed Consumption Moments: Sports, Working Demographic Attributes: NA Additional Insights: Diss on Organized Racing DC B
  18. 18. #3MThinkTANK // @chuckhemann on Twitter #10 – Influencer Analysis is not Synonymous with Klout
  19. 19. #3MThinkTANK // @chuckhemann on Twitter Where did this come from (aside from client work)? Currently available on -
  20. 20. #3MThinkTANK // @chuckhemann on Twitter