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Taking online teaching_to_task

  1. 1. Taking Online Teaching to Task: A Faculty Survey Jurgen Hilke, Frederick Community College Kay Shattuck, Quality Matters Deb Adair, Quality Matters
  2. 2. An Exploratory Study• Purpose of survey of instructor teaching tasks – Validation of Tasks – Efficacy of QM in collecting and aggregating data across institutions – Impact of QM• Survey instrument developed – Do you do it? For all 95 tasks – Random sample of 10 tasks presented to answer: Is it important? How long does it take? Do you need help with it?
  3. 3. Methodology• Survey created in QM survey tool• Link distributed to Institution Representatives – Voluntary distribution to online faculty – Voluntary completion by online faculty• Distributed in late August of 2011• Completed November of 2011• 1,560 online faculty across 158 QM subscribing colleges and universities
  4. 4. The 95 Tasks• Where did they come from?• How were they validated?• How do these tasks relate to teaching competencies?
  5. 5. Teaching CompetenciesCompetency Standard V.2 Online Teaching Activities 44. Monitor participation in discussions in terms of quality and quantity“The instructor 45. Summarize key points in subject matterunderstands the content importance of 46. Provide constructive suggestions to studentsmodeling time- to complete assignments management 47. Monitor attendance in class in order to follow patterns and up with missing students commitment 48. Provide practical suggestions to students toto the course. “ complete their work on time. 49. Provide feedback on final project and makes it available to students after the class is over
  6. 6. The DataA preliminary analysis
  7. 7. Demographics• All faculty at QM subscribing institutions, but we looked at specific experience – 50% had QM Training. Certified reviewer? Experience reviewing courses? Courses reviewed?• Experience w online teaching – years and # and type (online/blended) of courses taught• Institution Role, Teaching Discipline• Institution’s approach to course development – individual or team
  8. 8. Frequency Report of Faculty TasksSurvey Question “What tasks do you do in teaching online?We are interested in the tasks you do specifically, not those tasks handled by your institution.Please check all that apply from the list below. Ifthere are others tasks you do related to teachingonline, please use the other box at the bottom.”
  9. 9. Top 5 Most Reported Faculty TasksWhich tasks are most frequently reported by onlinefaculty?Maintain privacy of student grades and feedback (#7) 92%Maintain proper record-keeping (#6) 91%Post final grades promptly (#69) 91%Respond to student questions and concerns (#82) 89%Provide clear expectations of assignments and/oractivities with regard to both content and deadlines 89%(#34)
  10. 10. The 5 Least Reported Faculty TasksWhich tasks are least frequently reported by onlinefaculty?Keep synchronous sessions on schedule (#89) 36%Create clear protocols for student peer-to-peer 34%assessment (#65)Arrange for proctored tests, both internal and external 26%(#72)Check updates of anti-virus software (#14) 25%Require students to sign the code of academic honesty 18%(#5)
  11. 11. Task Importance for Student LearningSurvey Question “How Important is the Task for Student Learning?”
  12. 12. Top 5 ‘Very Important’ to Learning(Scale: Not Important, Somewhat Important, Veryimportant, Very Important) ImportantRespond to student questions and concerns (#82) 89.9%Provide clear expectations of assignments and/oractivities with regard to both content and deadlines 85.3%(#34)Provide performance feedback on a regular basis (#70) 81.3%Define course requirements and expectations (#31) 80.2%Employ appropriate questions, explanations, and 80.1%examples (#57)
  13. 13. Bottom 5 “Very Important’ to Learning(Scale: Not Important, Somewhat Important, VeryImportant, Very Important) ImportantAttend “Best Practice” workshops for teaching online 40.8%(1)Make the course available one week prior for student 40.4%preview (22)Estimate student time requirements for a given 39.7%assignment (32)Check updates of anti-virus software (14) 36.5%Upload and adapt publisher’s test banks and 35.0%materials (37)
  14. 14. Task Importance for FacultySurvey Question “How important is this task for you as faculty, student learning notwithstanding?”
  15. 15. Top 5 by importance to facultyTasks rated by importance to faculty Very(Scale: Not Important, Somewhat Important, ImportantImportant, Very Important) Respond to student questions and concerns (#82) 84.4%Ensure proper functioning of instructor’s computer 80.9%equipment and Internet access (#15)Provide clear expectations of assignments and/or 77.6%activities with regard to both content and deadlines(#34)Create course syllabus (#30) 76.6%Define course requirements and expectations (#31) 75.1%
  16. 16. Differences for ‘Very Important’Rank in Importance for Learning FacultyRespond to student questions and concerns 1(90%) 1(84%)Provide clear expectations of assignmentsand/or activities etc. 2(85%) 3(78%)Provide performance feedback on a regular 3(81%) 7 (74%)basisDefine course requirements and expectations 4(80%) 5 (75%)Employ appropriate questions, explanations, 5(80%)and examplesEnsure proper functioning of instructor’s 2(81%)computer equipment and Internet accessCreate course syllabus (#30) 4(77%)
  17. 17. Task “more or less time’ than F2FSurvey QuestionScale: Not Applicable, Less Time, About the Same, More TimeWhen teaching online, do you spend more or less more time on the task than in an F2F class?
  18. 18. Top 5 Reported “More Time” Tasks More SameContact learner at regular intervals (#94) 53% 32%Monitor participation in discussions for quality 52% 24%and quantity (#44)Test navigation for accessibility and correct any 50% 25%problems (#27)Facilitate the set-up of online student workand/or discussion groups (#33) 49% 27%Ensure that learners receive adequate technical 49% 26%support (#28)
  19. 19. Top 5 Reported “Less Time” Tasks Less SameEstablish a back-up plan in case of instructor’s 16% 57.5%personal emergency situationsBlock disruptive students from class activity in 14.7% 54%accordance with College policyArrange for proctored tests, both internal and 12.5% 40.6%externalSolicit student feedback on the effectiveness of 12% 43.5%course technologyAnnounce absences to students on what to do 10% 46.4%during absence
  20. 20. Teaching Online: More Time?Do the 95 tasks (aggregated) take the same or less or more time in online courses compared to F2F courses? Not Applicable Same Time 19% Less Time 28% More Time 5% 48%
  21. 21. Possible Interpretations• Reports about online teaching more time consuming – Those tasks that take more time online than F2F take MUCH more time – Online instructors do not separate time for design from teaching time when reporting in other studies – The 95 tasks are not inclusive of all tasks involved in online teaching – Comparisons not made for any tasks only performed when teaching - not F2F
  22. 22. Task “need more support”Survey QuestionScale: No More Support, More Support Do you need more support to do this task than you currently receive?
  23. 23. Top 5 Need “More Support” Tasks No MoreTroubleshoot technical problems (#18) 83% 17%Attend “Best Practice” workshops for teaching 85% 15%online (1)Upload and adapt publisher’s test banks and 85% 15%materials (#37)Update to reflect new features of the CMS (#17) 87% 13%Make enhancements to course design where 87% 13%necessary (#39)
  24. 24. Next Steps
  25. 25. Task Importance by experience (A)<1 yr (8% of respondents) >10 yrs (18.3% of respondents) <1 yr Compare Importance of Task by Years of >10yrs Rank % Online Teaching Experience % Rankhigher Top 5 Discrepancies (A) lower 3 35.8% Maintain proper record-keeping (#6) 25.6% 17 4 35.0% Provide clear expectations of assignments 23.8% 34 and/or activities with regard to both content and deadlines (#34) 5 34.1% Define course requirements and 24.9% 25 expectations (#31) 6 34.1% Post final grades promptly (#69) 25.6% 20 9 30.9% Require learners to display appropriate 23.5% 37 communication behavior
  26. 26. Task Importance by experience (B)<1 yr (8% of respondents) >10 yrs (18.3% of respondents) <1 yr Compare Importance of Task by Years of Online >10yrs Rank % Teaching Experience % Ranklower Top 5 Discrepancies (B) higher 90 7.3% Review past course evaluations to determine if 21.4% 52 enhancements for instructional strategies are required (#75) 80 10.6% Provide feedback on final project and makes it 19.9% 56 available to students after the class is over (#49) 81 10.6% Provide opportunity for learners’ input for 21.7% 48 course improvement (#74) 57 15.4% Confirm online grade book settings are accurate 25.3% 23 for total assessment (#66) 65 14.6% Determine areas in which students need to 22.8% 39 improve and notify students
  27. 27. Where we need your help• What other tasks are we missing?• Surveying your faculty