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2010 NEXus: Opportunities for Nursing Students


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2010 NEXus: Opportunities for Nursing Students

  1. 1. NEXus from a Dean’s Perspective Marilyn Herrmann, PhD, RN The Loma Linda University School of Nursing Journey
  2. 2. Loma Linda University
  3. 3. Loma Linda University
  4. 4. Why we Chose to Join NEXus • Increase course options for our students without hiring more faculty members • Reasonable fee structure for our budget • Orientation and in-service was provided for our faculty and staff • Opportunity for students to increase their networks of research support • Share the unique contributions of our faculty with others
  5. 5. Challenges Encountered • Working with our Financial Aid/Student Finance office to understand the tuition structure • Taking the proposal of such a novel idea through University committees • Working with the Registrar to credit students with courses from other institutions without counting those units as transfer credit
  6. 6. Challenges Encountered • Actually getting students registered between our quarter system and other institutions’ semester systems • Students needing to feel part of an already established group • Educating our own faculty to on-line courses • Registration for overseas students
  7. 7. Outcomes for the Students • Increased the opportunity to study with experts outside our school • Expanded the course offerings available each term • Provide a larger cohort for student interactions • Expose students to potential research mentors
  8. 8. Advantages to the School • Provide faculty members with additional opportunities for broader student contact • Supplement school income from courses usually taught for few students • Enhance faculty interaction and exchange among schools
  9. 9. Advantages to the School • Yearly meetings provide opportunity for discussion and collaboration among schools • Reduce costs by having students take courses through NEXus vs hiring additional faculty members
  10. 10. Summary • Increased collegiality – Increase research collaboration – Expand faculty reputations across schools – Enhance faculty networks
  11. 11. Summary • Sharing of resources – Allow smaller PhD programs to increase course offerings without increasing costs – Increase income from tuition paid by students from other schools • Expanding potential for doctoral mentorships