2011Approaches to Assessing Students


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2011Approaches to Assessing Students

  1. 1. Securexam RemoteProctoring System Dr. April Cognato, Ph.D. Michigan State University ac@msu.edu
  2. 2. Online Course• Fundamentals of Genetics o Fully online o 150 students o Single summer session (7 weeks) o Not proctored, remote• Assessments o Problem Sets, short answer, word problems o Summative assessments, weekly “mid-term” like exams
  3. 3. Academic DishonestyInfractions included:• Plagiarism from internet sources• Copying answer key (verbatim!!) provided by other students• Submitting, obtaining the key, resubmitting with the key (LMS bug)Suspected many; failed 6 students in 2009, 2010
  4. 4. Pedagogical Best Practices • Tutorial on academic integrity • Synchronized assessments • Question pools • Random delivery of questions and answers • Exam review controlledTesting center at the University • Required exam of Central Florida NY Times July 5, 2010 proctoring
  5. 5. Comprehensive Remote Proctoring SystemDesired End User Desired SystemFeatures Features1. Flexible 1. Authenticates student2. Cost-effective identity3. Easy to employ for 2. Monitors student faculty and students activity4. Tech-support 3. Secures computer5. Customer-support access 4. Compact, portable 5. LMS compatible
  6. 6. Securexam Remote Proctoring System (SRPS) Solution Authenticates o Biometric data Secures computer o Lockdown browser Monitors students o 360° camera Compact & portable o Desktop, USB, disassembles Records o Video record of exam session Reports o Exam policy violations
  7. 7. Securexam System: How it Works• INSERT VIDEO HERE
  8. 8. Remote Proctoring SolutionsProvided students with two options:• Securexam Remote Proctoring System (SRPS)• National College Testing Association (NCTA), Consortium of College Testing Centers (CCTC) In- person Proctoring
  9. 9. SRPS vs. Testing Center Feature SRPS CCTC Authentication X XSystem Monitoring X X Browser security X Human Compact/portable X Convenient XEnd-user Cost-effective X User friendly X X Tech support X N/A Customer support X N/A
  10. 10. Cost ComparisonTesting Center Hours Fee CTCC 2011 SRPSMSU M 8AM-5PM $30/exam $180 W 12PM-5PMFerris State M 9AM-4PM $20/hourUniversity $240 W 9AM-4PMGrand Rapids CC M 7:30AM-7:30PM $10/hour W7:30AM-7:30PM $120Kalamazoo CC M 8:30AM-9PM $20/test $120 $100 W 8:30AM-9PMCentral Michigan M 9AM-1AM $30/testUniversity $180 W 9AM-1AMLake Superior State M 8:30AM-4PM $15/hour $180 W 8AM-12PMSouthwestern $20/examMichigan College M 8AM-5PM $120 W 8AM-5PM
  11. 11. Remote Proctored Exams• 86 students opted to use the SRPS• 6 exams over 7 weeks• Semi-synchronous exam periods• 2 hour time limit• Multiple choice, short answer, essay (word problems)• Survey of proctoring experience delivered for credit at the end of the course
  12. 12. SRPS Protected IntegrityCMS Bug 4% 4% 8% Impossible/Diffic ult to Cheat Easy to Cheat Knows someone 84% who cheated No reponse
  13. 13. Student Testimony“It’s a great way to have the freedom to take the exam onyour own time in whatever setting you want” “It’s easy to use and you can take [the test] when you want”“The remote proctoring device was easy and convenient…you couldtake your exam in your own home and at whatever time you wanted.”“You couldn’t cheat and I took my test in the comfort of my own home.” “Remote proctoring tech support was VERY NICE and HELPFUL.”“The lowered cost compared to the in-person proctoring exam was a plus.” “It looks like something out of Star Wars!”
  14. 14. Future Best Practices• Inform students of proctoring requirement (and associated costs) at the time of registration.• Deploy device at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of a course (especially for a short course).• Institute a required practice assessment the first week of the course with the device to ensure students set it up properly.• Institute a backup exam plan for students who add the course late.• Establish good communication with your CMS IT personnel.• Provide clear instructions for contacting Technical Support for CMS and Software Secure.• Anticipate some technically challenged students!
  15. 15. Take Home Points• Securexam Remote Proctoring system effectively protects academic integrity• SRPS was a comprehensive proctoring system o Authenticates student identity o Monitors student activity o Secures computer o Records exam session o Reviews and Reports to instructors• SRPS met the needs of the end user o Easy to use (faculty and students) o Convenient o Cost effective o Responsive tech support o Attentive customer service
  16. 16. Top Three Features 7% Flexible 16% (time, location) Easy to use Prevented 77% cheating