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Wcet poster la


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Wcet poster la

  1. 1. Mapping Learning Outcomes: A Fluid Approach to E-learning Course Design and Evaluation of Learner Achievement The Instructional Design Team at the International Hispanic Online University (IHOU) outlines best practices in mapping learning outcomes as a course design strategy. Mapping learning outcomes on a granular level drives the course design process at IHOU. While working with numerous Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from multiple institutions, IHOU instructional designers use objective mapping to ensure alignment of content to as- sessments. We will showcase how SMEs have successfully deployed this granular competency mapping process within their online courses. -Ensure quality and consistency in design -Foster active learning -Track assessment to course content -Use data to monitor student achievement “In a world in which information, knowledge, and job specifications are changing ever more rapidly, outcomes evaluations at the course and program levels are the only consistent References: means for understanding the relationship between what someone has done and what he or Alton, C. (Interviewer) & Horn, M., B. (Interviewee). (2010). Ednak [Audio Interview]. Retrieved from she knows as a result of doing it” (Smith, 2010, p. 142). Brown, M. (Abril 2011). Learning Analytics: The Coming Third Wave. EDUCAUSE: Learning Initiative (ELI). Washington, DC: EDUCAUSE. Chao, I., Saj, T., & Hamilton, D. (2010). Using collaborative course development to achieve online course quality standards. The International Review Of Research In Open And Distance Learning, 11(3), 106-126. Retrieved from Christensen, C. M., & Eyring, H. J. (2011). The innovative university: Changing the DNA of higher education from the inside out. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Learning Outcomes Assessment (2001). [Website]. Retreived from New Media Consortium., & EDUCAUSE (Association). (2011). The horizon report: 2011 ed. Austin, TX: The New Media Consortium. Retrieved from Smith, P. (2010). Harnessing America’s wasted talent: A new ecology of learning. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. Contributors: Carrie Main and Andrea Gomez.poster.indd 1 10/20/11 2:04 PM