Net hope executive overview april 2012


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  • NetHope, which started in 2001, is a new-generation information and communications technology (ICT) collaboration of 32 leading international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) representing over $33 Billion of humanitarian development, emergency response and conservation programs serving millions of beneficiaries in more than 180 countries. Initially NetHope was founded to help solve common Information Communications Technology (ICT) challenges of International Non-Government Organizations (INGOs) such as connecting field teams in remote regions with other field teams and headquarter locations … By working together NetHope has now evolved to become a catalyst for thought leadership, collaborative results, information sharing and innovative ICT solutions … Which address the “Humanitarian Productivity Gap” in the INGO sector -- the chronic under investment in technology limiting member’s ability to reach almost half of the world’s population that lives below the poverty line. NetHope’s unique approach enables repeatable, scalable and sustainable solutions … which deliver platforms, reduce costs and mitigate risks for NetHope’s members and their beneficiaries.
  • NetHope has three constituent parts that make up its UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION As you can see at the bottom of each one … WE ARE 34 member organizations operating in 186 counties representing over $40B in Revenues … FOCUSED on the BOTOM OF THE PYRAMID – the 3B people living on less than $2 / day WE DEPEND ON FUNDING from : MEMBERS and SUPPORTERS through CASH, EXPERTISE and IN-KIND donations TO COLLABORATE AND TO DELIVER SCALABLE, REPEATABLE Technology solutions in our 5 PROGRAM AREAS, AT SCALE
  • “ No one can afford an individual engagement with every deserving NGO. However, NetHope creates a collaborative organization among these NGOs to allow a corporate partner to have a broader impact. At Cisco, we believe we can leverage our resources better through NetHope.” Michael Yutrzenka, former Director of Public Benefit Investment, Cisco WE’VE BEEN TOLD Our Supporters see NetHope AS A WAY TO GET ACCESS AND LEVERAGE. NetHope creates a COLLABORATIVE ENVIRONMENT among OUR MEMBER NGOs to allow a corporate partner to have ENHANCED CHANCES OF SUCCESSFUL , POSITIVE IMPACT … WHILE MITIGATING RISKS A few items of note on this slide: You will see the high level delineation between STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIPS and TACTICAL RELATIONSHIPS. This is simply a convention to indicate that some of our supporters provide multi year and multi faceted support and others provide it from time to time. Our newest corporate supporters include HP and Adobe. Our most recent foundation grant has come from the Trustees' Philanthropy Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund. As I say we would by October 1 st to be able to add the BMGF and USAID to this list.
  • The third element of our value proposition includes NetHope’s FIVE SIGNATURE STRATEGIC PROGRAMS. we organize and focus our efforts against these areas. They include: Which addresses … [USE WORDS ON SLIDE FOR EACH AREA] FOR EACH OF THESE FIVE AREAS WE HAVE SENIOR GLOBAL PROGRAM DIRECTORS … such as Frank who leads ER and Jack who leads I4D. By means of its highly collaborative model, NetHope and its Members address five critical needs in the developing world in five areas of program focus: Connectivity: Addressing minimal communications infrastructure in remote parts of the world Emergency Response: Providing faster and better coordinated communication in response to man-made and natural disasters Field Capacity Building; Enabling skill building and membership field staff capacity through local and regional NetHope communities Shared Services: Applying leverage to common operational problems which will help NGOs close the “Humanitarian Productivity Gap” … and make donor dollars go farther Innovation for Development: Designing and deploying scalable, repeatable ICT solutions for healthcare, education, agriculture, natural resource management and financial services for the poor
  • Net hope executive overview april 2012

    1. 1. April 2012
    2. 2. NetHope’s Mission As a catalyst for collaboration,NetHope helps NGOs more effectively address the world’s most pressing challenges through smarter use of technology
    3. 3. The NetHope Value PropositionInter-Agency Public-Private TechnologyCollaboration Partnership Solutions30+ Global NGO 30+ Supporters 5 Strategic Programs Members and 1 Unique Alliance
    4. 4. 34 Membership Organizations
    5. 5. Partnership: A Diverse Ecosystem
    6. 6. Solutions: 5 Critical Program Areas Affordable, quality access to the internet inConnectivity / Access remote, challenging environmentsResilience / Response / Prepare for, respond to and recover fromRecovery (3R’s) disasters more quickly and effectively Develop a larger pool of local, skilled,Field Capacity Building qualified IT staff, in local communities Efficient solutions that enable greaterShared Services productivityInnovation for Creative solutions that enable effectivenessDevelopment in the field
    7. 7. This is NetHope
    8. 8. The GBI Alliance with USAIDDesigned to focus attention and drive connectivity and innovation …the “B” is for Broadband Access … and the “I” is for Innovation Ac c e s s a nd A p p lic a t io n s C o n n e c t iv it y a nd C o nte nt Universal Service Cloud Marketplace Funds TA South Sudan Payment Innovations Dadaab PEPFAR-FRED Rural Access Projects IYCE Traffic In Persons (TIP)
    9. 9. The NetHope Effect Value to Members Value to Supporters• Knowledge Sharing • Aggregated Needs (1:many)• Resource / Risk Sharing • Repeatable & Scalable• Platform Sharing • Broader Impact NetHope Creates Unique Leverage
    10. 10. NetHope By The NumbersOperating in180 countriesCoordinating ICT needs for30 disaster-prone countriesDeploying 1,000s of VSATsystems in rural areas in Africa &AsiaHelping 4 million Kenyanfarmers access weather info$39 Million in in-kind value toMembers and Others
    11. 11. Questions?