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How To Install Decorative Wall Tiles


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Follow this short tutorial and learn how to install decorative wall tiles the easy way!

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How To Install Decorative Wall Tiles

  1. 1. How to InstallDecorativeWall Tiles
  2. 2. Improve the good looksand elevate the value ofyour bathroom or kitchenwith ornamental tiles.
  3. 3. This can be achie ve d bykno wing how to installdecorative wall tiles.
  4. 4. Select from numerousco lo urs and te xture s of g lass,ce ram ic, m e tal, and sto ne tile s.
  5. 5. Make a decisionabout the themeand neverlimit yourideas.
  6. 6. Murals for example, when used in the kitchen,should not be limited to fruits and kitchen wares.
  7. 7. Also, toilet and baths do not always have to be designedwith seascapes or under the sea creatures.
  8. 8. Things to do!
  9. 9. It is important to consider abackground or backer boardthat is resilient to water.
  10. 10. Purchase and organize!
  11. 11. ●Measure in square feet the space to install craft tileswith the use of a ruler.●Purchase the tile mat set required with double sidedadhesive.●Think of a theme and get the mural or rim tiles preferredwhether porcelain, glass, ceramic, metal, or stone.
  12. 12. ●Get the wall cleaned and prepared.●Use mild washing agent and sponge.●Remove all the grease, dirt, and dust from the wall and let it dry.●The important thing is that it is level and not flaky or uneven.
  13. 13. Set up decorative tilesRemove the backing of thetile mat set and attach thison the wall.To work around switcheson the walls, just do thecutting prior to removal of the tile mat set backing.
  14. 14. Force the tiles on the wall using grout float.The back of the tiles should also be clean.Use damp sponge or cloth to do this and let the tiles dry.Take out the protective layer at the front of the tile-setting mat.Arrange the tiles aided with tile spacers particularly on the backing oftile set with mesh.If a tile is not accurately fixed, simply pull it off and carefully re-fixThe tiles need to be forced on the walls firmly and evenly using groutfloat to affix the tiles permanently.
  15. 15. Put on grout and sealerTo do the clean up, prepare damp sponge and water on hand.Put on grout to the surface of the tiles using grout float.Apply the grout firmly and completely between tiles and joints.As soon as this is done, tidy the surfaces with sponge and water incircular motion.
  16. 16. This forms the grout into the joint of the tiles.Clean up the extra grout left on the surfaces.The grout usually becomes firm and hardens within three to four hoursBuff the surface of the tiles with proper cloth to get rid of the haziness.This completely dries and cures within seventy-two hours.
  17. 17. Spread the sealer over the surface ofthe tiles to prevent staining and avoidgrowth of mould or mildew.Use a clean sponge to apply the sealer.This dries up in an hour or two at themost.
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