WBODC Social Media Marketing Workshop Session 4: Let's Be Real


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Heather Baker Steele of BlueSteele Solutions (http://blue-steele.com) shares how to manage your social media presence.

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  • An editorial calendar is a must -
    Stick to a regular schedule - especially for your blog
    Gives you structure - sets expectations for your readers
    For Example: Every Friday Bruce Clay Blog features a Friday Recap
    Every Tuesday In Sock Monkey Slippers features a “Confessions of the motherhood”

    How much time should you spend? Depends on your industry {look to industry leaders for that answer} No matter what - don’t let your time devoted to social jeapordize the quality of what you post, or the service you deliver

  • One of the biggest wastes of time we face is just deciding what to say
    Don’t feel like you always have to be original or unique - its ok to jump on the bandwagon sometimes
  • No one ever said you have to do it all yourself
    Use your network - your friends, family, clients, etc - and let them do some of the work for you
    Identify your centers of influence and keep them happy with you!
  • In addition to your running “Idea List” you can keep batches of content ready to roll out
    Keep boiler plate content - about your company, driving directions, anything you send out/post repeatedly {also makes setting up new accounts much faster}
  • In your business you never do anything “just because” - same is true for social. Its easy to get caught up in the flurry

    Being social is a time investment - if something you are doing doesn’t work towards one of your goals, then why are you doing it?

  • Often times we see people afraid to dive in b/c their strategy isnt perfect or they waste tons of time trying to be perfect

  • divvy/us - very simple, create and assign tasks

    toodledo - free or paid, complex functions, also an iphone app folders, subtasks, due-dates, priorities, tags, contexts, goals, notes, time estimates
  • Insights for Search - put in a keyword and see how popular it is - and where. You can even drill down to your city

    Clear the search and see the trending hot topics in general

    Embedd on your iGoogle page to easily see “what’s hot” every day
  • Try Sendiblecom
    $10/month gets you a pro account

  • WBODC Social Media Marketing Workshop Session 4: Let's Be Real

    1. 1. Let’s Be Real Social Media in the Real World
    2. 2. Time Management
    3. 3. Stick to Your Editorial Calendar Create Structure Set Expectations Make Social a Habit
    4. 4. Don’t Join The Circus Its tempting to drop everything & “perform in the circus” Stay on schedule - resist the temptation to jump into the chaos
    5. 5. Just Decide Follow Your Industry What to Say Trends Keep a Running Idea List Try Google Insights for search trends
    6. 6. Call Upon Your Network 34% Share Your Content of bloggers post opinions about brands or products Write About You & Your Business Guest Blog {or guest blog for others} 25% of search results for top brands are user-generated content
    7. 7. Not Everything Happens in Real Time Write Now - Post Later Try Store Boiler Plate Content Sendiblecom $10/month gets you a pro account
    8. 8. Set Reasonable Goals & Expectations Don’t Be Social “Just Because” Work Towards a Goal Increase Search Rank Drive More Traffic Create Brand Awareness Work With Goals In Mind
    9. 9. You Don’t Need Every Trick You don’t need to have every tool You don’t need to research everything You don’t need to get in on every conversation or comment on everything
    10. 10. Stop Trying To Be Perfect Good Enough IS Good Enough
    11. 11. Cinch Up Your Tool Belt
    12. 12. Tools You Can’t Live Without Calendar {synced, alerts activated} Google Insights Google Analytics Task Tracker/Project Management {divvy/us & toodledo} Mobile Social Platforms
    13. 13. How People Find Your Site
    14. 14. A Whole Slew of Other Tools there’s a handout} {don’t worry,
    15. 15. Let’s Be Real Social Media in the Real World
    16. 16. Credits Clock Photo - Ryan Hyde http:/ / breatheindigital.blogspot.com/ Tools - Emily Barney http://www.flickr.com/people/ ebarney/