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WAV Overview: Wireless Broadband Planner


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This presentation covers an overview of WAV's Integration and Tech Services Group, and its Wireless Broadband Planning services.

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WAV Overview: Wireless Broadband Planner

  1. 1. Product and Services Overview: Motorola Broadband Planner
  2. 2. Presented by: George Linnartz Director of Sales and Services 630-810-1023
  3. 3. Goal of this Presentation• To provide a brief overview of the WAV Integration and Tech Services Group• To provide a brief live overview of the Broadband Planner• To show the design in Google Earth•To create a bill of materials for a coverage network design
  4. 4. Corporate OverviewWAV is a value added distributor, delivering leadingedge technology and engineering services to ourpartners:Technology:• WiBB Licensed, Unlicensed and MESH• WLAN, Networking and VoIP• IP Video Surveillance/Security Solutions• Mobile and Rugged Computing• Public Safety SolutionsService Offerings:• Pre and Post-Sale Technical Support• Site Surveys/Engineering Design• Installations• Logistics• Repair
  5. 5. WAV Engineering and Broadband Planning Services• WAV’s technical services group is the highest ranking in thebroadband market as compared to other national distributors• Engineering services range from traditional single link planningto more complex, technically challenging core infrastructure andMESH networks• In 2009, WAV Technical Service began using the Motorola’sBroadband Planner Tools• As a true Value Added Distribution partner WAV Sales andServices offers Link Planner, Broadband Planner and generalnetwork design assistance
  6. 6. Where does the Broadband Planner fit?• When you need to predict Mesh orMultipoint coverage, capacity and availability• When you would like to create presentationdata regarding a coverage network design• When you would like to see the design inGoogle Earth•When you would like to create a bill ofmaterials for a coverage network design
  7. 7. Basic Broadband Planner Product Specs• Used to design and measure for any size wireless network• Including multi-vendor deployments• Integrate Mesh and Point to Multipoint Design• Powerful and Fast RF Predictions, Google Earth Visualization• Integrated Measurement and Verification• RSSI Heat-map and Dynamic Path Profiler• RSSI Heat-map and Urban Workflows
  8. 8. Basic Planning Steps• Chose an Area of Coverage• Gather Geodata (elevation, roads, clutter – land cover)• Merge data into a common plan• Adjust the clutter for real life heights, commit roads to map• Place Motorola Broadband products on map• Create Network Links, Propagation overlays• Create presentation (Google Earth, Bill of Materials, etc.)
  9. 9. Goto Live Broadband Planner Demo•Please Hold…
  10. 10. Additional Information:For more information and pricing of Motorola productsor WAV Services offerings please contact yourdedicated WAV Sales Account ManagerIn addition, for Broadband Planner information pleasevisit: Link to Motorola Broadband Planner PageIf you are interested in viewing a more in depthBroadband Planner presentation, please view thefollowing YouTube links:•Module 1: Module 1 - Feature Demo (YouTube)•Module 2: Module 2 - Feature Demo (YouTube)•Module 3: Module 3 - Feature Demo (YouTube)•Module 4: Module 4 - Feature Demo (YouTube)
  11. 11. WAV, Inc. www.wavonline.comwww.e-wavonline.comQUESTIONS?