Ruckus Wireless in the Education Marketing and WAV's TCPN Contract


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Presentation how WAV's Ruckus VARs are performing successfully in the education market.

WAV explains its TCPN contract and the key advantages of becoming an approved TCPN reseller/integrator through WAV - including access to more than 7,500 entities utilizing TCPN contracts for wireless communications products and services.

To learn more, or to register to become a WAV authorized TCPN reseller, visit:

For all of your Wireless needs... WAV's Got You Covered.

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Ruckus Wireless in the Education Marketing and WAV's TCPN Contract

  1. 1. WAV/Ruckus-Education and TCPN Webinar 3/8/12• Who is WAV?• What is TCPN?• Ideal selling environments for TCPN and Ruckus Wireless• The market challenge for resellers• Top FAQs• The ordering process and ensuring TCPN compliance• Review of Ruckus Wireless TCPN pricelist and other important documentation• Q and A• Next Steps for Ruckus Resellers
  2. 2. Who is WAV?WAV is a value added distributor, delivering leading edgetechnology and engineering services to our partners:Technology:• WLAN, Networking and VoIP• WiBB Licensed, Unlicensed and MESH• AIDC, RFID and Printers• IP Video Surveillance/Security Solutions• Mobile and Rugged ComputingServices:• Pre and Post-Sale Technical Support• Site Surveys/Engineering Design• Installations• Logistics• Repair
  3. 3. What is TCPN?TCPN (The Cooperative Purchasing Network) is a nationalgovernment purchasing cooperative, able to leverage one of thelargest pools of purchasing potential. TCPN competitively bidsand awards contracts to national vendors in accordance withpurchasing procedures mandated by state procurement lawsand regulationsIn 2011, WAV sold $750K in Ruckus Wireless and Mobile andRugged Computing to education and public safety officialsthrough our TCPN authorized resellers/dealers
  4. 4. Ideal selling environments for TCPNWho?: -Cities/Municipalities -Higher Education -K-12 -Private schools -Non-Profit organizations -Fire and EMS officials -Police officialsWhen?: -Engage early -First contact or in person meeting -Pre-bid CRUCIAL!Where?: -All 50 United States, NOT Canada -Check for each states’ statute of limitationsWhy?: -End users avoid the formality of the bid process -WAV’s community of carefully selected resellers/integrators now have a competitive differentiator. Not holding a state contract is no longer a “show stopper”!!!
  5. 5. The market challenge for resellers/integratorsTypical sales cycle… Product 4-8 qualifyingReseller engages Discovery: In person demonstration/tria Vendor sales call. calls prior to SLED end user meeting l/proof of Deal registration agreeing to a concept/bake-off meeting Project win RFP released to RFP authoring Quote public Project lossHow TCPN can help… 4-8 qualifying ProductReseller engages calls prior to Discovery: In person demonstration/tri SLED end user agreeing to a meeting al/proof of meeting concept/bake-off RFP released to Vendor sales call, RFP authoring Project win Quote public deal registration
  6. 6. Q: As a reseller/integrator, do I have to pay WAV an Top FAQs annual membership fee for leveraging this contract? A: No, however, upon becoming a WAV authorized reseller/integrator and closing opportunities, there is a 2%Q: Does the TCPN contract support a 2-step contract fee per order, which is mandated by TCPN to WAVdistribution model? (ex: WAV selling to a and passed through to our partners. The contract fee willreseller/integrator, and that reseller/integrator be calculated based on the total end user project price.selling to and end user?)A: Yes, end users purchase the products listed on Q: Is the pricing on the WAV’s TCPN pricelistWAV’s TCPN contract through our reseller/integrator non-negotiable?channel. The process for the end user is a simple as A: No, pricing on WAV’s TCPN contract should besigning a supplemental agreement, and including referenced as a “ceiling”, that is, as aWAV’s TCPN contract number (R5065A) on purchase reseller/integrator, you cannot sell to TCPNorders placed through our partners. Intern, the WAV members at a lesser discount than what is shownreseller/integrator, references the same contract on the pricelist. End users can negotiate a betternumber on their PO to WAV. discount dependent on the opportunity Q: What does WAV need to process a TCPN order?Q: What’s reseller price for TCPN projects? A: WAV will need the following to process a TCPNA: Normal reseller discounts are negotiated by the reseller purchase order:and WAV. Based on the nature of the vertical markets -Supplemental agreementeligible for TCPN, deal registration through WAV’s vendor -Reseller purchase order referencing our TCPN contractpartners should be leveraged as often as possible number (R5065A) -A copy of the end user purchase order to the resellerQ: What is the ceiling price on WAV’s TCPN contract? (reseller purchase orders without a copy of the end userA: Ceiling price for Ruckus Wireless is set at 38%, meaning purchase order will be rejected and sent back to thea reseller/integrator CANNOT sell to an end user on WAV’s resellerTCPN contract at less than a 38% discount -End user orders that are not compliant with TCPN pricing will be rejected, and the reseller purchase order will not be processed (reference WAV’s TCPN price- guide for TCPN pricing compliance)
  7. 7. The ordering process and ensuring TCPN pricing compliance 4-8 qualifying Discovery: In person Reseller engages calls prior to meeting SLED end user agreeing to a meeting • Introduce TCPN early and often Product demonstration/trial/pr oof of concept/bake- off. Deal registration Vendor sales call, deal registration Quote • Quote MUST be TCPN compliant against “ceiling price” • 2% TCPN contract fee estimated by WAV Partner Development Manager Supplemental agreement signed Project win PO submitted from EU to reseller • WAV TCPN contract number R5065A must be referenced on the PO PO submitted from • WAV TCPN contract number R5065A must be referenced on the PO reseller to WAV • Copy of end user PO required • TCPN compliant POs accepted, non compliant POs rejectedReseller invoice, including 2% contract fee
  8. 8. Documentation Review• Ruckus TCPN pricelist• Supplemental agreement• TCPN member list• Reseller logo and authorized letter
  9. 9. Next steps• Register to become a TCPN authorized dealer with WAV, Inc. by visiting our website:• Work with WAV Partner Development Managers to identify opportunities that may be eligible for TCPN within the 2012 education buying cycle• Work closely with WAV and forecast opportunities to ensure timely delivery of product• Leverage WAV’s help in identifying which