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RAM Mounts Rugged Docking and Mounting Solutions from WAV


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Introduction to RAM Mounts solutions from WAV.

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RAM Mounts Rugged Docking and Mounting Solutions from WAV

  1. 1. Rugged Docking and Mounting Solutions
  2. 2. RAM Mount Company Background• RAM Mount was developed in 1995 by the manufacturer, National Products Inc.• Based in Seattle, WA, RAM Mounting Systems has quickly become a leading manufacturer of rugged mounting systems for mobile electronics.• Specializing in product design and development for the mobile workspace, NPI offers a diverse set of manufacturing capabilities right here in the USA.• With vertically integrated manufacturing processes, RAM Mount enjoys a quick to market design and manufacturing cycle. This results in products designed for current market needs, brought to market ahead of the competition.
  3. 3. Unique RAM Mount Features • Patented rubber ball and socket technology. • Isolates and dampens shock and vibration. Will not slip under severe shock and vibration. • Protects the mounted device from vibration damage. • Achieve almost infinite viewing and typing angles. • Modular design affords inexpensive upgrades when moving to a new technology or vehicle. • Hundreds of mounting options; RAM Mounts suit virtually any application. • RAM Mounts are made in the USA and are backed with a lifetime warranty.
  4. 4. RAM Mounts for DRS Armor • The DRS X7 uses a standard 75mm VESA mounting pattern. • RAM Mount offers many options for mounting the X7 in a wide variety of applications. • In most applications, the 1.5” ‘C’ RAM ball is adequate for supporting the X7 with vehicle docking station. • The RAM ball mount offers full adjustment and versatility enabling the X7 to be mounted in almost any scenario.
  5. 5. RAM Mounts for DRS Armor• Additional mounts are available depending on customer requirements.• RAM offers a low cost pivot mounting options that offers horizontal and viewing angle adjustment.• The pivot mount can act as a flat surface mount or can be added to a swing arm solution.• Swing arm solution is commonly used in conjunction with the RAM pedestal mount.• The pedestal mount can be mounted to the floor of commercial vehicles.
  6. 6. Example Installations Law Enforcement
  7. 7. Example InstallationsUtility/Work Truck/Commercial
  8. 8. Example Installations Lift Truck/Material Handling
  9. 9. RAM Tough-Box Consoles  Unique molded console design sets a new standard for ergonomics and safety  No sharp edges or corners ensure occupant safety and provide a state of the art appearance.  Die cast interlocking faceplates are rigid and tough, not flimsy and flexible.  RAM Twist-Lock feature allows for quick access to mounted equipment making installation or change outs simpler than ever. Industry first modular design allows for almost infiniteinstallation options. Combination of rugged materials to create the ultimate inruggedness while maintaining a light weight profile. Innovative accessories available at a fraction of thecompetitor’s price. Integrated plastic injection molded dualcup holder features pen holder and driver’s license/businesscard slot. Industry first integrated cooling system assures yourelectronics stay cool and perform when they are needed most.
  10. 10. Why Choose RAM? RAM offers the most diverse selection of mounting options in the industry at a fraction of the competition’s price. RAM addresses all of your department’s mounting needs for less. This frees up funding for other uses and ultimately enables your department to stretch your budget further. RAM offers a lifetime warranty on all of its mounting products. This means that once you chose RAM, you can rest assured your products will be guaranteed for life. RAM Mounts enable DRS products to be mounted where your customer needs them. This equates to a more ergonomic and comfortable working environment for your customers. RAM has the capability to customize solutions for your customer’s specific needs. RAM can quickly react to customer requirements unlike many competing manufacturers. RAM Mounts are made in the USA.