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2012 1011

  1. 1. The International Paper for Seventh-day Adventists Nov e m b e r 2012 Years of Mission Giving 14 Translator The Jews of 22 27 Jesus’ of theWord Adventism Life-changing Power
  2. 2. Nove mb e r 2012 C O V E R S T O R Y 14 Translator of the Word A D V E N T I S T S E R V I C E 16 100 Years of Mission Giving By Gina Wahlen By Celeste Ryan Blyden Mikhail Kulakov, Jr., leads a team of scholars in translating a new version of the Bible into modern Where would we be without it? Russian. 8 It’s Time W O R L D V I S T A Being about our Father’s business 20 He Can and He Will F U N D A M E N T A L B E L I E F S By Eliezer Gonzalez Coming soon: A new and improved Planet Earth!12 Standing Up D E V O T I O N A L By Lael Caesar You don’t always have to do something. 22 A D V E N T I S T The Jews of Adventism By Mark A. Kellner L I F E How they preserve their culture as they serve their Messiah 25 To the Jew First S P I R I T O F By Ellen G. White P R O P H E C Y Our outreach is all-inclusive.D E PA RT M E N T S 3 W O R L D R E P O R T 11 W O R L D H E A LT H 27 B I B L E S T U D Y 3 News Briefs Cardiovascular Disease Jesus’ Life-changing 6 News Feature Power 26 B I B L E Q U E S T I O N S A N S W E R E D 28 I D E A E X C H A N G E Marked www.adventistworld.org Available in 13 languages online2 Adventist World | November 2012
  3. 3. The Unfinished Mission Story“But Sergio did not improve.” WORLD REPORTI t’s the only line I can still remember of the first mission story I ever had to tellat church. When I was 10, my fourth-grade teacher somehow cajoled me into South America:memorizing and then telling the missionstory from the Mission Quarterly, and— Adventist Outreach Seeks Greaterterrors!—presenting it to the Sabbathschool members in the large congregationshe attended. Member Engagement As best I can recall, Sergio was a small ■ Lay evangelism was the focus of a 200-person gathering of Southand very ill boy from Brazil, who desper- American Division leaders recently, held at the Seventh-day Adventistately needed medical help from a church- Church’s headquarters in Brasília, capital city of Brazil.run clinic. And try as I may, I still can’t Luis Gonçalves, who coordinated the meetings, said one of therecall how the mission story turned out. main discussion topics for the group was the development of trainingAll I have left of it is that rather ominous- for lay evangelists in all countriessounding fragment: “But Sergio did not and regions. The initial goal is toimprove.” empower more than 1,400 laypeo- Needless to say, I’ve thought a great ple, who then would perform moredeal about Sergio over the years. Each than 2,000 outreach programs.time I meet a Sergio in my travels around “Members will engage in evan-the world—and there are many—I ask gelism in a practical way,” saidmyself, “Could this be him? Is this the Gonçalves.boy from the mission story 40 years ago Evangelism is not limited onlywhose health was heading the wrong to prophecy seminars and other A S Ndirection?” topics during a set time period. It I’m not the only one for whom the has much to do with building C O U R T E S Ymission stories of this worldwide move- permanent relationships, evenment have been greatly influential. As after baptism, within the context HOMEWORK: Marcos Alexandreyou’ll learn from this month’s cover fea- of discipleship. Martins (right) tells about evangeliz- P H O T Oture, “100 Years of Mission Giving,” mil- Discipleship is what motivates ing his neighborhood.lions of Seventh-day Adventists around Marcos Alexandre Martins, 25,the globe have for 100 years been finding who gave his testimony at theinspiration, motivation, and worthy proj- conference’s opening session on August 28, 2012. Along with hisects to support in the mission stories told mother, Iolanda, Marcos was responsible for contact with a psy-with such color and skill. The thirteenth chologist who was recently baptized into the Adventist Church. InSabbath offering—long a treasured the words of Erton Köhler, South American Division president:opportunity to push forward the mission “Evangelism is not the mission of a department—it is the missionof the church—has built schools and of a church.”churches and seminaries and publishing In the Brazilian states of Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, andhouses—and hospitals, maybe even the Espirito Santo the results of evangelism training are already beingone where Sergio sought help. seen, leaders report. Raimundo Gonçalves, who coordinates outreach Pray as you read this month’s edition strategies in this region of Brazil, explains that more than 8,000 peo-of Adventist World. Pray for a heart that ple were trained in person or via satellite in an 18-month period.still seeks to know how the mission story “I see greater mobilization in churches, and consequently bap- will finally come out, and for a tisms occur with people better prepared for the spiritual challenges,” heart made generous by grace. Gonçalves says. Two of the most challenging goals the Adventist By the grace of God, and Church has in these states are to confirm the official Adventist pres- because you continue to ence in 389 cities and increase its evangelism efforts in urban con- care, Sergio will yet improve. Continued on next page November 2012 | Adventist World 3
  4. 4. WORLD REPORT Beyond: The Search is a 14-part documentary series featuring stories from around the world that promote the Christian worldview as relevant, attractive, and reasonable. Produced by AMN, the series has already received a number of mainstream film awards, including two prestigious Cine Gold Eagles. For more information, visit www. beyond.info. —reported by Jared Madden and Kent Kingston, South Pacific Division South Pacific: Conference Teaches Women to Share Their FaithS P D ■ Hundreds of Adventist womenC O U R T E S Y leaders from across the South Pacific have been empowered to spread the gospel through a world-first FIT FOR A KING: King Tupou VI of Tonga receives a set of DVDs produced conference held in Brisbane, Australia.P H O T O by Australia’s Adventist Media Network. Every nation in the church’s South Pacific Division (SPD) was repre- sented at the Adventist Women’s Con- ference, themed “Touch a Heart, Tell glomerates such as the Rio Grande Tonga: King Receives the World.” The 630 attendees (the metropolitan area of Rio de Adventist DVD included 230 women from Papua New Janeiro), with more than 6 million Guinea, the largest group represented. inhabitants. ■ The king of Tonga was the grateful In Buenos Aires, Argentina, the recipient of one of the first Beyond: challenge is huge too, as evidenced by The Search DVD sets to go to the David Del Valle, coordinator of evan- Pacific islands. gelism. One strategy is to recruit 3,000 King Tupou VI, a member of the young volunteers (Calebs) who will Free Wesleyan Church, was given a give Bible studies, maintain friend- Beyond box set during official celebra- ships, and contribute to strengthening tions to mark his birthday. small groups. Del Valle and his team Tonga native Paula Moimoi Latu, are working in advance of a citywide who works for Sanitarium Health and outreach in 2013, featuring up to an Wellbeing at Tuggerah, Australia, pre- aggregate of 187 weeks of messages. sented the gift. S P D “We also planted four new The presentation received great inter- CONFERENCE PARTICIPANT: Sarah C O U R T E S Y churches in Buenos Aires, as well as a est in the local press and community. school for lay evangelists and district More than 400 orders for the DVDs have Aratia, director of women’s ministries for pastors,” he adds. already come from Tonga, according to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the —reported by Felipe Lemos, ASN staff the Adventist Media Network (AMN). Cook Islands, was among those partici- P H O T O pating in the women’s ministries event. 4 Adventist World | November 2012
  5. 5. Hosted by the SPD Women’s Min- Jamaica: Adventististries Department, the conferencewas the first of its kind, according to University Honors Primedepartment director Erna Johnson. Minister With Honorary“It’s a first for women’s ministries theworld over,’’ she said. “They have done Degree ■ Portia Simpson Miller, Jamaica’sretreats before, but never a conference prime minister, received a honorary HONORED: The Prime Minister of Jamaica,to show women how to do outreach. N E T W O R K degree from Northern Caribbean The Most Honorable Portia Simpson Miller, “The whole reason for the confer- University (NCU) during its 2012 receives an Honorary Doctor of Publicence was to teach women first of all to commencement exercises at its main Service degree from Trevor Gardner,have a relationship [with God] and N E W S campus in Mandeville, Jamaica.study the Bible for themselves; then to President of Adventist Church-operated The prime minister received anbe able to share that with others.” Northern Caribbean University, during A D V E N T I S T honorary doctorate of public service Guest speakers included General commencement exercises on August 12. during the first commencement exer-Conference Women’s Ministries The university is located in Mandeville. cise, at which she was the mainDepartment director Heather-Dawn speaker.Small; La Sierra University (California) “I thank you for conferring uponassociate professor of New Testament me the honorary Doctor of Publicstudies Kendra Haloviak Valentine; nishing to ensure your education. You Service degree, which I accept withand SPD president Barry Oliver. A must never forget their contribution humility and dedicate to the people ofseries of workshops was held through- in ensuring that you are here today,” Jamaica, to whom I have dedicatedout the weekend on such topics as dis- said Simpson Miller. most of my life.”cipling children, friendship evange- Her Excellency Audrey Marks, for- She added, “The Bible says that alism, spiritual gifts, and leadership. mer ambassador of Jamaica to the city set upon a hill cannot be hidden, The Sabbath offering collected United States of America, was the sec- and NCU, formerly West Indies Col-more than A$9,000, which will sup- ond commencement speaker and was lege, has been lit in a bright, shiny edu-port such ministries for teenage girls also given an honorary Doctor of cational beacon that has more than 100and young women as Gigi magazine. Public Service degree. years of contribution in education.”The Saturday night closing program —reported by Nigel Coke, The prime minister also used theincluded a challenge for women to go Inter-American Division opportunity to praise the Adventistout and share the gospel once they Church for its contribution to nationreturned to their communities. Philippines: Adventist building. Johnson said the sad fact was that “I extend the appreciation of a grate- Nurses Gain Top Honorsmany women across the South Pacific ful nation to the Seventh-day Adventist ■ The Manila Adventist Medicalthink they have nothing to contribute Church with its more than a quarter Center (MAMC) was named grandto church life. “They are capable million members in Jamaica for your winner of the second Rachellwomen; they have gifts and talents sterling contribution to the spiritual, Allen Nursing Quiz Show 2012, anthat would enhance the ministry of educational, economic, and social devel- invitational event sponsored by thethe church,” she said. opment of our people and our nation.” nursing test review company. “My goal has always been to help As she addressed the more than Registered nurses Jamill Prieto,women realize their potential. I will 500 graduates assembled, the prime Weanne Estrada, and Cherianne Cosejobe encouraging them to do outreach, minister challenged them not to forget bested other teams to win the competi-and I will be supporting them as their parents as they climb the ladder tion at the University of the Philippinesmuch as I can.’’ of success. “I commend those mothers Film Institute in Quezon City.—reported by Tracey Bridcutt, South and fathers who would forgo thePacific Division church hat or a new dress or new fur- Continued on next page November 2012 | Adventist World 5
  6. 6. WORLD REPORT The invitational event tests medical By Corrado Cozzi, Euro-Africa Division institution representatives in a variety of nursing specializations. In addition to the grand winner trophy in the reg- istered nurse category, the contestants Euro-Africa Division: earned scholarships to the Rachell Allen Nursing Review Center, a cash Adventists Meet At Waldensian prize, and products from sponsors. The Manila Adventist Medical Center and Colleges, formerly Manila Sanitarium and Hospital, is a tertiary level IV academic medical center located in Pasay City, Metro Manila. The hospital is the primary teaching affiliate for Manila Adventist College. Temple MAMC has also served as a train- ing hospital for specialist physicians in surgery, anesthesia, internal medicine, Lay ministries convention pediatrics, obstetrics, and gynecology. T Rachell Allen Reviewers, U.S.A., is he end of summer—August 30 to September 2, an international review center 2012—was the beginning of a season of inspiration designed to assist nurses in their prep- for nearly 400 Seventh-day Adventists from across aration for licensing exams such as the the Euro-Africa Division (EUD), as participants in the Commission on Graduates in Foreign region’s first-ever lay ministries convention gathered at a Nursing Schools and the National Waldensian church in Bobbio Pellice, Italy. Adventists and Council Licensure Examination. others regard the Waldensians as early Christians who kept —reported by Gay Deles, via Adventist the seventh-day Sabbath. News Network Attendees came from Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Repub- lic, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, and Switzer- land, as well as Italy. Ted N. C. Wilson, General Conference president; his wife, Nancy; Adventist Mission director Gary Krause; and division leaders were guests at the event, but cen- ter stage was reserved for lay members themselves. “The main goal of this event is to share testimonies on evangelism experienced by lay people in their local coun- try,” said Paolo Benini, personal ministries director for the Euro-Africa Division and an organizer of the event. Three-minute presentations were allotted to each lay project. Each country was introduced by a report that pre- sented the major programs and projects supported by the church members in that nation. The presentations centered on innovative means of outreach to a Europe that is largely “postmodern” in its philosophical outlook. K E N N E T HVICTORY CELEBRATION: The winning team Said one delegate, “I will go home with a lot of ideas, andand supporters from Manila Adventist Medical with God’s help I will be able to put some of them to use.”Center. Youth delegate Gabriele Taddei added, “The laypeople’s I A N testimonies have been uplifting and inspiring; it’s encour- 6 Adventist World | November 2012
  7. 7. P H O T O S C O U R T E S Y O F E U D C O M Top left: WALDENSIAN CHURCH: Exterior of Waldensian church in Bobbio Pellice, Italy, where hundreds of Adventists from the Euro-Africa Division gathered for the lay ministries conference. Bottom left: PRAYER PAUSE: Division president Bruno Vertallier (right) prays alongside General Conference president Ted N. C. Wilson and Nancy Wilson. Right: MORNING WORSHIP: Participants answer a call to service during lay ministries conference.honors early sabbatarians aging to see how God is working through His people all my eyes over the beautiful mountains and the little stony around Europe. Sharing our experiences gave us the roads of Bobbio Pellice, it made me think back to the days opportunity not only to know what is happening in other when these rocks protected the religious freedom here in countries but also to get new ideas for evangelism.” Italy,” said Salvatore Cutrona. “I’ve found it very appropri- Krause shared a church planting report and a Global ate to have these meetings right here in the Waldensian val- Mission overview. In one of his presentations, Taddei leys, especially after the message that Pastor Wilson shared noted, “he showed a clip about a couple from Atlanta with with us on revival and reformation.” three children who moved to a dangerous neighborhood of These kinds of meetings give the opportunity of com- the city. They used Jesus’ method of reaching the people, munication between the church and the lay members who mingling with them, and ministering to their needs; the are involved in personal ministries. As Wilson said: missionary’s words really moved me.” (To read the report “Church leaders cannot do it all by themselves.” that appeared in Adventist Review, go to: http://www. “The Lord has been good to us in Bobbio Pellice, send- adventistreview.org/issue.php?issue=2011-1528&page=16.) ing more than 400 witnesses from different European Christian Altin, another youth participant, attended a countries to this special Waldensian valley, the scene of so workshop entitled “Creation and Evangelism.” He said, many memories of their faithfulness to carry the truths of “Can we believe in evolution without our faith being the Bible,” said Bruno Vertallier, EUD president. affected? Do people have an interest in creationism? Is Along with the hundreds of participants, the event there something going on to present these issues to the drew the attention of at least one significant media outlet: public in a captivating way? This workshop caught the L’Osservatore Romano, the official daily newspaper of the attention of those attending because the speakers shared Holy See in Rome, published a report of nearly 1,000 exciting experiences of how each one of them is bringing words noting the Adventist event and commenting on the creationism to the public.” discipline and evangelistic fervor of the participants. It’s The health message presentations were well received in not the first time the newspaper has spoken well of Sev- the towns of Torre Pellice and Bobbio Pellice. The Roma- enth-day Adventists: Following the 2011 earthquake in nian Union presented an interesting “health bus,” made Japan, L’Osservatore Romano noted the reaction of Adven- just for health expos, reminding us that indeed the right tists there and Pastor Wilson’s comments of support for hand of Adventist outreach is the health message. victims. “I knew the program, I knew the guests, but when I set —with additional reporting by Adventist World staff November 2012 | Adventist World 7
  8. 8. A S A N H I L A S H A K E DW O R L D V I S T A F O Y S E T R U O C O OT P H MOUNT CARMEL STANDOFF: A recent forest fire on Mount Carmel (inset) sent billows of smoke that were visible from outer space; reflecting not only the majesty of God’s answer to Elijah’s prayer, By Ted N. C. Wilson but also the divine perspective of Elijah’s faithfulness. I Time t’s To Be About Our Father’s Business The following article is adapted from a sermon given on August 11, 2012, at the Never minimize the power of prayer. Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI) International Convention in No matter what we are going through, Cincinnati, Ohio. Elements of the oral style have been retained. —Editors or what we may face; no matter where we have to stand for truth, God will see D o you believe it is time to be the truth—in love—but to speak the this church through! Prayer is a power- about our Father’s business? truth! Jesus is coming soon! ful protection against the devil’s insidi- We are a people of prom- Let’s briefly look at the familiar ous plans. ise, bidden to share the straight mes- story of Elijah the Tishbite—the very After Elijah prayed, he was ready to sage of Christ’s precious love and His humble individual, the reformer, the give a special message to the king. soon coming to the world. We know simple man, the straightforward per- Although Ahab “did more to provoke that this is God’s Advent movement; son who had a burden for Israel. Elijah the Lord God of Israel to anger than all this is His remnant church; these are prayed to God to change the course of the kings of Israel who were before His three angels’ messages; the sanctu- Israel, and God answered his prayer. him” [1 Kings 16:33], Elijah was not ary message is His truth; and His final afraid. The prophet walked straight into warnings to the world are the mes- Prayer and the Elijah Message the palace. Passing by the guards, he sages we are to proclaim. But do we Elijah knew the essential truth for gave no defense of his entrance or apol- really believe these things? Our only his time and all time: Prayer is power- ogy for arriving unannounced, because safety is in God’s Word. ful. God can do incredible things as he knew he was on God’s mission. Do you believe? You know it is you invite Him to change the course of Striding straight into the king’s time; it is time to stand up and speak whatever is facing you or the church. presence, Elijah proclaimed: “As the 8 Adventist World | November 2012
  9. 9. Lord God of Israel lives, before whom Notice how this dramatic confronta- mel, the four hundred and fiftyI stand, there shall not be dew nor rain tion unfolds: Ahab asks a most inter- prophets of Baal, and the four hun-these years, except at my word” [1 esting question: “Is that you, O trou- dred prophets of Asherah, who eat atKings 17:1]. Then he disappeared. bler of Israel?” [verse 17]. It was a Jezebel’s table” [verse 19]. People both in and outside of the remarkably strange question. Godroyal courts soon heard about the had tried to turn Israel around, to Standing Firmprophecy, and they made fun of God’s reform the nation, to turn His people Under divine direction, Elijahprophet. “Ahh, what does Elijah know? back to Him. Ahab knew—as all chose Mount Carmel because it was aIt has always rained; it is going to wicked men ultimately know—that most conspicuous place to displayrain,” they ridiculed. Just as today, what he was doing was wrong, but he God’s power. The text tells us that itthere were many skeptics and many tried to justify himself. In the book was early in the morning when thou-cynical people. Prophets and Kings we read: “It is nat- sands gathered near the top of that So begin with this understanding, ural for the wrongdoer to hold the great mountain rising up from thebrothers and sisters: As you preach the messengers of God responsible for the coastal range. Jezebel’s prophetsElijah message today, you will be ridi- calamities that come as the sure result marched to the site in all their gor-culed—be prepared for it. Thank God of a departure from the way of righ- geous array; the king in his regal robesand claim Matthew 5:11, 12: “Blessed teousness. Those who place them- arrived; and Elijah stood alone.are you when they revile and persecute selves in Satan’s power are unable to Pointing to the impossibility ofyou, and say all kinds of evil against you see things as God sees them. When genuine faith coexisting with evilfalsely for My sake. Rejoice and be the mirror of truth is held before practices, Elijah demanded that hisexceedingly glad, for great is your them, they become indignant at the listeners make a choice. “How longreward in heaven, for so they persecuted thought of receiving reproof ” [pp. will you falter between two opinions?”the prophets who were before you.” 139, 140). the prophet asked the people. “‘If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal,Blaming the Messenger Great Courage Needed follow him.’ But the people answered As the results of Elijah’s prophecy How is it with you and with me? him not a word” [verse 21].began to become evident, Ahab’s Are we ready to receive God’s I had the great privilege a fewwicked wife, Jezebel, denounced Elijah reproof in our own lives? Are we weeks ago to be in Israel for the firstas the source of the problem. Here willing to humble ourselves and time and to see Mount Carmel from aagain is a lesson for God’s last-day accept the changes that a loving God distance. Unfortunately, time did notpeople. Many times when you are urges us to make? allow us to visit that incredible placestanding for truth, those who hear the Elijah showed great courage at this where this magnificent event tooktruth you are sharing will denounce tense moment, and we may coura- place. I’ve imagined myself at Mountyou as the problem. And so the Israel- geously follow his example. He was Carmel many times: have you putites said, “If we put Elijah out of the known as a person who routinely yourself in that picture, too? Wouldway, all of our troubles will be over.” declared, “Thus saith the Lord.” He you be willing to stand firm for God? When Elijah could not be found, spoke truth distinctly and bravely. God’s Word tells us that the IsraelitesJezebel was furious and killed all of Three thousand years later God still were afraid to reveal anything aboutGod’s prophets she could find. When needs strong men and women to their commitments. “The Lord abhorsGod dried up the rain in the land speak His truth clearly, in love, and indifference and disloyalty in a time ofbecause of the sins of His people, Jeze- with the power of the Holy Spirit. crisis in His work,” wrote Ellen Whitebel watered the ground with the blood Responding to Ahab’s accusation, in Prophets and Kings. “The wholeof His servants. But in the third year Elijah offered a powerful defense: “I universe is watching with inexpress-of the drought, God gave another have not troubled Israel, but you and ible interest in the closing scenes ofmessage to Elijah: “Go, present your- your father’s house have, in that you the great controversy between goodself to Ahab and I will send rain on have forsaken the commandments of and evil” [p. 148]. Friends, whether wethe earth” [1 Kings 18:1]. the Lord and have followed the Baals” appreciate the fact or not, the whole At last, the two were face to face— [verse 18]. Then he launched his universe is watching us right now toAhab, the proud king, and Elijah, appeal: “Now therefore, send and see what we will do, how we willGod’s humble but fearless servant. gather all Israel to me on Mount Car- choose. This is no moment for equiv- November 2012 | Adventist World 9
  10. 10. W O R L D V I S T A ocation or double-mindedness. Let us know that You are the Lord God, and “How long will we halt between two stand loyally for God’s truth. that You have turned their hearts opinions?” It is time to be about our Pointing to the 850 prophets, Elijah back to You again.’ Then the fire of Father’s business. I challenge you: made the proposal that they prepare the Lord fell and consumed the burnt Don’t let yourself be distracted by an altar and sacrifice, and he would do sacrifice” [1 Kings 18:37, 38]. anything that will undermine or the same. “Then you call on the name The amazing display of the truth diminish the significance of the mis- of your gods,” he instructed them, “and of God’s Word burned up more than sion God has given to His end-time I will call on the name of the Lord; and the evening sacrifice: it also burned people. In an era when controversy is the God who answers by fire, He is itself into the imaginations of God’s painfully common and divisiveness God” [1 Kings 18:24]. The terms of people for centuries to come. Like me, abounds, we must not allow disunity this contest were clear, simple—and I know you wish you could have been to come into the church and take our dramatic. Everyone, prophets of Baal there. As with the pillar of fire that eyes off of the great Elijah message included, agreed with the plan. protected and separated the children that God has entrusted to each of us. What followed next was one of the of Israel from the pursuing Egyptian Hear again the challenge Paul strangest—and saddest—scenes in army, God was again demonstrating gave in Romans 12:2: “Don’t let the sacred history. Hundreds of men, sup- that He alone is both true and power- world around you squeeze you into posedly worshippers of a powerful ful. That same God will go with you as its mould” [Phillips].2 Don’t allow pagan deity, flailed and cut them- you go about your Father’s business. the devil to diminish your faith in selves, trying to get their god to send Stunned by the power of Elijah’s the authority of the Bible, in the fire. Sharpening the crisis, at noon, God, the people bowed in submission truth of God’s seventh-day Sabbath, Elijah began to taunt them: “Cry to God. “The Lord, He is God! The in the historicity of the Creation aloud, for he is a god; either he is Lord, He is God,” they repeated [verse account given us in Genesis, in the meditating, or he is busy, or he is on a 39]. A great opportunity for revival urgency of the sanctuary truth, or in journey, or perhaps he is sleeping and and reformation was suddenly at the beauty of the message of righ- must be awakened” [verse 27]. hand. Months—years—of physical teousness by faith. Brothers and sisters, the God of the and spiritual drought were succeeded A shaking is coming—we know Seventh-day Adventist Church does by a powerful storm of heaven-sent that. God is asking us to stand firm for not sleep. He is wide awake, “for the rain. From the hour of decision Him. Now is the time for revival and eyes of the Lord run to and fro flowed the streams of living water reformation, for mission to the cities. throughout the whole earth, to show that began to renew a sin-sick, spiri- Now is the time to be “revived by His Himself strong on behalf of those tually impoverished nation. All Word”; now is the time for medical whose heart is loyal to Him” [2 Chron. because one man—and so far as he missionary work. It is time to preach 16:9]. We have a God who will hear us then knew, only one man—found the gospel of Jesus Christ with clarity and will see us through to the very end. courage in his faith, and decided that and conviction so that the world may being on God’s side was worth more know in the cities and the country Rebuilding the Altar than public approval or wealth or that the Lord, He is God. At the end of the day Elijah fame ever could be. Now is the time. Are you willing to rebuilt God’s altar and asked that Later, when Elijah became discour- go about your Father’s business? ■ something unusual be done. Raising aged and felt alone, God reminded 1 Scriptures credited to NCV are quoted from The Holy Bible, the drama yet another notch, Elijah him of 7,000 people “who have never New Century Version, copyright © 2005 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. commanded that a trench be dug bowed down before Baal and whose Used by permission. 2 Bible texts credited to Phillips are from J. B. Phillips: The New around the altar, and that water be mouths have never kissed his idol” [1 Testament in Modern English, Revised Edition. © J. B. Phillips 1958, 1960, 1972. Used by permission of Macmillan Publishing Co. brought and poured on the sacrifice. Kings 19:18, NCV].1 Brothers and sis- Three times the sacrifice was inun- ters, don’t ever feel that you are alone. dated—until water filled the God is there, and you have many faith- trenches. Then at the time of the ful brothers and sisters around you. long-forgotten evening sacrifice of Ted N. C. Wilson the sanctuary service, Elijah prayed a Now Is the Time is president of the simple prayer of faith: “ ‘Hear me, O Each time we revisit the Mount General Conference of Lord, hear me, that this people may Carmel story, we must ask ourselves, Seventh-day Adventists. 10 Adventist World | November 2012
  11. 11. W O R L D H E A L T H Cardiovascular DiseaseA leading killer saturated fats and calorie-dense foods (commonly known as junk foods), as well as decreased physical activity. These have fueled the emergence of high blood pressure and degenerative arterial disease (atherosclerosis). In By Allan R. Handysides and Peter N. Landless many parts of the world, physical activ- ity is declining, there is an epidemic of overweight and obesity, and the rates ofI read about the problem of coronary heart disease in industrialized coun- high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes,tries. I live in Sub-Saharan Africa and am saddened by our significant prob- and abnormal blood fat levels (choles-lem with HIV and AIDS, but wonder whether this part of the world is at risk terol) are increasing—even in children.for the heart disease that seems so prominent in affluent countries. Do we Sub-Saharan Africa has not beenwho live in low- to middle-income countries need to be concerned about the left unscathed by this mega challengeproblem of coronary heart disease? of cardiovascular disease. Increased urbanization has led to changes inY our question probes into deaths, and these were mainly related nutritional patterns, physical activity the whole process of the to rheumatic heart disease (rheumatic has decreased, and obesity is a growing changing face of heart disease fever) caused by streptococcal infec- problem. It is currently estimated thatin the world at large and in low- to tions, and heart muscle damage (car- 40 percent of women in South Africamiddle-income countries in general. diomyopathies) related to other infec- are overweight. Tobacco use also con-Cardiovascular disease (CVD) tions and malnutrition. tinues to increase in low- to middle-became the single largest cause of As nutritional knowledge increased, income countries, further increasingdeath worldwide in 2004, when it was as public health measures improved the risks for coronary heart disease.estimated that it caused 17 million sanitation, and as water cleanliness and Population risk-factor profiles ofdeaths. This figure continues to grow. immunization became common prac- developing countries are mimicking Low- and middle-income coun- tices, there was a decrease in infectious the developed countries more andtries are seeing an alarming and accel- diseases. Life expectancy increased more. Regular exercise, a diet rich inerating increase in rates of cardiovas- dramatically, and in a number of coun- fruits and vegetables, avoidance ofcular disease. CVD now causes the tries the child and infant mortality rate saturated fats, and the avoidance ofmost deaths in all developing regions, declined. During this time cardiovascu- tobacco in all its forms are essential ifwith the exception of Sub-Saharan lar diseases accounted for between 10 you wish to avoid heart disease.Africa; in this part of the world CVD is to 35 percent of deaths and included In short, practice the healthythe leading cause of death in those rheumatic valvular heart disease, Adventist lifestyle. Make wiseover 45 years of age. Infectious diseases hypertension (high blood pressure), choices—your heart will know thesuch as HIV and AIDS, malaria, and coronary heart disease, and stroke. difference! ■lower respiratory tract infections con- It is sadly ironic that nutritionaltinue to be the leading cause of death practices caused the pattern of diseasesin the young in Sub-Saharan Africa. to change even further. In technical There has been a change in the terms an epidemiologic transition tookpattern of diseases over the past 150 place: degenerative and human-madeyears. Before 1900, infectious diseases conditions (noncommunicable dis-and malnutrition were the leading eases) have come to the fore, and car-causes of death in almost every part of diovascular diseases now account for Allan R. Handysides, a board-certified gynecolo-the world. If one added to this the between 35 and 65 percent of deaths, gist, is director of the General Conference Healthhigh infant and child mortality rates, mainly from coronary heart disease Ministries Department.the mean life expectancy was approxi- and stroke. The factors that are largely Peter N. Landless, a board-certified nuclearmately 30 years. Heart diseases responsible for this change in disease cardiologist, is an associate director of the Gen-accounted for less than 10 percent of pattern include the increased intake of eral Conference Health Ministries Department. November 2012 | Adventist World 11
  12. 12. D E V O T I O N A L S tanding seems to be harder than sitting. Standing They don’t know what to do. But they know they can’t seems to be harder than falling. Even walking seems just stand there. They have to do something. to be easier than standing. Have you ever noticed So they start up a chant about going back home: “The how much easier it is to walk around in circles, going sons of Israel looked, and behold, the Egyptians were march- nowhere, or to pace the floor back and forth inside a ing after them, and they became very frightened. . . . They room—going toward the wall, then back toward the said to Moses, ‘. . . It would have been better for us to serve other wall, then back toward the first wall again—instead the Egyptians than to die in the wilderness’ ” (Ex. 14:10-12).* of just standing? You know you aren’t going anywhere. This is, of course, untrue, but is one consequence of the feel- But it’s easier to walk up and down going nowhere than ing that we can’t just stand there—we must do something. It it is just to stand. is a feeling that inspires triple confusion.Standing By Lael Caesar You don’t always have to do something. Have you ever heard the command: “Don’t just stand there! Do something!” Do what? Nobody can necessarily tell, but it’s better than just standing there. Just standing is prob- lematic. Something, it seems, is wrong with standing, even when you don’t know what else you can do besides stand. The Urge to Act You and I both have a question about that: We want to know the origins of, and basis for, that desperate human urge—the urge to do something even when we have no idea what. Old Testament history points us to one momentous occasion when desperate humans responded to that urge. It is a point in Israel’s story during which God is rescuing Abram’s children from trouble. He wants to take them to a place where they can live well and free. They have to cross the sea, and they don’t have any boats. 12 Adventist World | November 2012
  13. 13. Life is not first a physical matter. It is first and last a spiritual matter.Three Times Wrong You want to sit down before you faint. You are scared, and you First, we forget who and whose we are. As the psalmist don’t know what to do anyway! So what? What does Godreminds us, it is God who made us (Ps. 100:3). It was not a want you to do? Well, two things that are just one thing: Helottery prize that got Israel to the Red Sea; it was God’s per- wants us to do nothing; and He wants us to stand.sonal guidance (Ex. 6:6). At the edge of the sea, as ever The Septuagint [Greek] translation of “stand” in Exo-before, they were in God’s hands. But they had simply lost dus 14:13 uses the same term that appears in Ephesiansfocus on who and whose they were, and how they had got 6:11. The word is histemi—“stand” in its intransitive sense.to where they were. “Stand,” you see, can mean “set up,” which means that I am How did any of us get here? Genesis tells us. “In the in charge, as in “I stood the chairs up in a row.” And webeginning God . . .” (Gen. 1:1). We need to remember our would love to have that authority. But humans are not inbeginnings. But this is not the only area in which we charge of the universe. We are in trouble. Everybody sinceblunder by insisting that we must do something. We’re Adam’s sad misdirection has been in trouble. And we willalso yielding to a major and very attractive and popular not get out of trouble by pretending to be in charge, or byself-deception: We see ourselves as in charge of things turning and running.that will collapse if we do not act. Listening to Israel when What would happen to amputees if running away werewe think those thoughts, we may hear the folly of our the answer? Besides, running is a cowardly answer. Butown words. For Israel’s request is to return to slavery. when Paul talks to his Ephesian saints, he offers the answer A historic answer to such thinking comes from the of standing that Moses recommends in Exodus. When heNegro spirituals of America’s South. Some are quite says to stand, he’s talking specifically about seeing Egyp-famous: “Swing low, sweet chariot, coming for to carry me tians bearing down on you, or feeling the force of evil bear-home.” “River Jordan is chilly and cold, chills the body but ing down to crush you, and standing up. Having the pow-not the soul; river Jordan is deep and wide, milk and honey ers of darkness threaten and launch their fiercest charge,on the other side.” Though they sound like heaven, those and standing up. Standing is the message of Ephesians 6:11,songs were very earthly signals, too. People who toiled in for able-bodied souls, and for quadriplegics. That’s becauseslavery sang them to give hope to themselves and their standing up depends on more than legs.brothers and sisters. Those who heard the singing got a I thank God for an answer that does not discriminatemessage: the freedom runners were coming to smuggle against the physically less endowed. For life is not first amore slaves out of their hellhole. Neither physical nor spiri- physical matter. It is first and last a spiritual matter. Andtual slavery is anything to want to go back to. One of those God who gives us life, regardless of whether we have legssongs says, ‘Before I’d be a slave I’ll be buried in my grave!’ or not, has made it possible for every one of us to standWanting to go back to slavery makes no sense. But it’s the up. He provides the armor in which we may “stand firmkind of folly that is expressed when I think I have to do against the schemes of the devil. For our struggle is notsomething. against flesh and blood, but . . . against the spiritual forces A third and most tragic implication of this flawed of wickedness in the heavenly places.” As we “take up thethinking is that we’re mostly denying God the chance to be full armor of God, [we shall] be able to resist in the evilGod: Listen to Moses tell us what God wants us to do: day, and having done everything, to stand firm” (Eph.“Moses said to the people, ‘Do not fear! Stand by and see 6:11-13). ■the salvation of the Lord which He will accomplish for you * Scripture quotations are from the New American Standard Bible, copyright © 1960, 1962, 1963,today; for the Egyptians whom you have seen today, you 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.will never see them again forever. The Lord will fight foryou while you keep silent’ ” (Ex. 14:13, 14).What to Do, Then Lael Caesar is glad he can stand with Jesus. So what are we supposed to do when we don’t know what Footraces are not his forte. He is an associateto do? According to Moses, the answer is stand up! But you are editor of Adventist World.frightened. You’ve seen the Egyptians. Your legs are melting!P H O T O B Y E M R E D A N I S M A N November 2012 | Adventist World 13
  14. 14. A D V E N T I S T S E R V I C E By Celeste Ryan Blyden Translator of the Word Translating the Bible into modern Russian is a fearsome yet rewarding responsibility O n the third floor of the Sligo Seventh-day Adventist Church office building in Takoma Park, Maryland, in a tiny white-walled attic with three windows, Mikhail Kulakov, Jr., is waxing poetic about merging the past with the future. “The task of a translator could be compared to a musician transposing a piece written for violin and readying it for guitar,” he says. One end of his desk is completely covered with open GOD’S WORD IN RUSSIAN: From his office in Takoma Park, Maryland, U.S.A., Mikhail books and Bibles, a lamp, a smattering Kulakov, Jr., oversees a team that is translating the Bible into modern Russian. of office supplies, an open laptop computer, and a black encased iPad 2. standing,’” he reads in full crescendo. time zones away in Russia, painstak- The professor of philosophy on a five- The goal, he says, is to find the ingly research, write, review, and year leave from Washington Adventist best words and idioms to render the rewrite each text. “We go back and find University (WAU) rehearses the Rus- meaning of the original Hebrew and the original Hebrew, study the defini- sian translation of the Bible he hopes match them with words typical for tions of each term, consult the Russian will be useful for public worship and today’s Russian culture. “Scripture literature database to see how the best personal devotional study. was written over a period of 1,000 writers through the centuries used the “As we work on each phrase and years, and over that time language verbiage in the most appropriate, fit- passage, we read it aloud to see if it changed,” says Kulakov, who matricu- ting and closest context,” he shares. “We retains the melody and rhythm of the lated from Newbold College in Eng- choose a variant, sleep on it, review it original,” he notes. “This morning I land, the Seventh-day Adventist prayerfully and critically, and send it to reviewed Jeremiah 51:15 in the King Theological Seminary in Michigan, philologists—specialists in language James Version.” He peers at the text and, and the Oxford University’s Christ studies of syntax, style, and usage— with arms in full accompaniment, con- Church College, where he earned a who can tell us if it sounds like perfect, ducts an orchestra of words that stream Doctor of Philosophy in theology. natural, good Russian that is the best forth melodiously. “‘He hath made the “It’s important to keep the linguistic equivalent for the original phrase.” earth by his power, he hath established nuances in mind.” And so it goes—phrase by phrase, the world by his wisdom, and hath That’s why he and a dozen other text by text, passage by passage, chapter stretched out the heaven by his under- translators, some of whom live eight by chapter, book by book, and year by 14 Adventist World | November 2012 P H O T O B Y C E L E S T E R YA N B LY D E N
  15. 15. year. The process has taken more than extensive underground subway system finish their day, it’s morning here, andtwo decades, and so far the team has in Moscow, a metro area of 15 million, I review their latest version.” Now thatcompleted and published the Psalms many of whom struggle with alcohol- they’ve finished Jeremiah and theand the New Testament (2002); the five ism, domestic abuse, tobacco, addic- other major prophets, they Skype,books of Moses, known as the Penta- tions, or emptiness. “They are looking live-chat, telephone, and e-mail aboutteuch (2009); and Daniel and the 12 for something, and we have the answer,” drafts of their current work on theminor prophets (2011), all projects led he posits. “We are committed to bring- poetic and wisdom literature of Job,by the fourteenth and founding mem- ing this gospel of hope to them.” Proverbs, and Song of Songs.ber of the translation team, Kulakov’s At the division’s Zaoksky Adventist Back in his office at Sligo church,father, role model, and namesake, the Seminary and Institute 70 miles south Kulakov is trying to articulate why hislate Mikhail Petrovich Kulakov, Sr. of Moscow some of the translators are father’s legacy has become his life’sTalking about his father’s death in 2010 working with Mikhail Kulakov, Jr. In work. “I started working with myand carrying on his dream to translate May Biaggi, nine union presidents, the father in 2006, and I don’t know if inthe Bible is a “fearsome responsibility” publishing house president, and other my lifetime I will participate in any-that his son finds moving and, at this leaders of the vast ESD convened their thing as important, rewarding, joyous,moment, nearly overwhelming. Bible Translation Institute board. Kula- or humbling as this project. kov, Jr., who helped found Zaoksky in “I remember when he was workingStrong Heritage the 1990s, attended with fellow board on Genesis 5:22, which reads in King According to Guillermo Biaggi, members Weymouth Spence, president James, ‘Enoch walked with God,’” hepresident of the Euro-Asia Division of Washington Adventist University said. “Out of their desire to be reverent,(ESD), it was 22 years ago that Mikhail (WAU); and Zack Plantak, chair of nineteenth-century Russian scholarsKulakov, Sr., had the dream. “As the first WAU’s Department of Religion. instead chose ‘Enoch walked beforepresident of the Euro-Asia Division, he During his report Kulakov shared God.’ But having suffered throughwanted to translate the full Bible into how the meticulous work of the trans- humiliation and loss of dignity inmodern language, because the current lation team is drawing encouraging Joseph Stalin’s labor camps, my fatherRussian translation of the Holy Scrip- reviews from leading Russian philolo- wanted new generations of Russians totures is 130 years old,” he says. gists touting the beauty of the lan- experience a God who stands at the Biaggi, now president of Kulakov’s guage. He also shared how specialists doors of human hearts, respectfullyhome division, sits in his office on the in biblical languages have noted its knocks, and waits to see if we will invitefirst floor of the four-story division “accuracy and high literary and schol- Him to enter,” he says, pausing to gatherheadquarters in Moscow. Biaggi, exec- arly” work, and that leading Russian himself. Then comes the crescendo: “Heutive secretary Volodymyr Krupskyi, Orthodox scholars have given positive so wanted them to understand that youand treasurer Brent Burdick shepherd evaluations for its literary and schol- can have such a personal experience ofthe Adventist Church’s work in 13 arly quality. Adventist leaders, readers, love, acceptance, and affirmation withcountries including Russia, Moldova, and donors underwriting this project God, that on this rare occasion, prop-Belarus, Armenia, Ukraine, and are also pleased and anticipate the erly footnoted, he departed from theAfghanistan. They have the largest completion of the translation by 2015, original and chose to say ‘Enoch lived inland territory of the Seventh-day in time for it to be distributed at the intimate relationship with God.’”Adventist Church’s 13 world divisions. General Conference session in San Like father, like son. ■“Russia alone has nine time zones,” Antonio, Texas. “People who have readBiaggi says, pointing to a large framed the finished portions say, ‘Now I canmap on his office wall. The ESD has a understand the Word of God,’” saysmembership of 137,000 out of 315 Biaggi, who chairs the board.million inhabitants. All of this spurs Kulakov and his Celeste Ryan Blyden Although the church Biaggi leads serves as communication translation team forward and keeps director for the Columbiaexemplifies resilience and growth, they them going around the clock between Union Conference ofnow face a new crisis: postmodernism. Maryland, United States, and Zaoksky, Seventh-day Adventists in the mid-Atlantic“We used to share literature, but now Russia. “When I go to bed at night region of the United States. See a videopeople spend more time on the Inter- here, it’s morning there, and they start about this project at www.columbiaunion.net,” he explains. He talks of riding the work,” he explains. “And when they org/videos. November 2012 | Adventist World 15
  16. 16. C OV E R S T O RY 1OO Years of Mission Gi Making a World of W hat would you do with But $2 billion can do much more more than US$2 Billion? In than this. Seventh-day Adventists the United States the U.S. have learned that it can build a presidential candidates are estimated worldwide system of spreading the to have spent a total of $2.5 billion on gospel and ministering to millions, their campaigns this year.1 The cost of meeting the spiritual, physical, men- NASA’s Curiosity space rover mission tal, and social needs of countless to Mars was more than $2 billion.2 Two individuals and communities around and a half billion dollars represents the world. a small stake in Facebook,3 and also Over the past 100 years Seventh- represents the loss of Microsoft’s day Adventists have sacrificially given Online Services Division in 2011.4 US$2.2 billion in mission offerings,516 Adventist World | November 2012 P H O T O B Y C L A U D E R I C H L I
  17. 17. making an enormous impact on the dreds of popcorn balls to raise $15 for teenth Sabbath mission offering. For world in which we live. That’s the Pitcairn fund—that is $365.85 in nearly a year J. L. Shaw, “superinten- rounded to $13.3 billion in today’s today’s dollars! Working together, dent” of the India Union Mission, had U.S. dollars.6 young and old raised $12,000 for this been writing letters to the Mission first Sabbath school mission project.8 Board: “At the last General Conference First Mission Project we pled for a minister for that great In 1885 the first Sabbath school A New Plan metropolis of Calcutta. The board mission offering was collected by the Following the Pitcairn project, Sab- made an effort to answer the call; but Upper Columbia Conference, a terri- bath school mission offerings contin- as you know, no help has yet been tory covering a portion of the north- ued to increase. On Sabbath, January sent. Many prayers, letters, and western United States. The offering was 6, 1912, Sabbath school members were appeals for the work in Calcutta have used to send missionaries to Australia. introduced to “a new plan” through a since been written, and still no help The following year the General small eight-page pamphlet that would has come. I am hoping, praying, and Conference promoted the first later become known as the Sabbath believing that help will soon be sent to churchwide Sabbath school mission school Missions Quarterly, published India.”10 In another letter Shaw wrote: project—building a mission boat by the Sabbath School Department of “The great Lord of the harvest surely named the Pitcairn to sail to the tiny the General Conference. somewhere has men and means to island in the South Pacific where the “Our Sabbath-school offerings pioneer the way.”11 have increased so splendidly that it is Shaw’s prayers were answered thought we may now have a special when more than $7,500 was given for object for which we may set apart the evangelistic work in the large cities of gifts of one Sabbath in each quarter,” India in the first Thirteenth Sabbath By Gina Wahlen announced the cover page. “The Gen- Offering, and George W. Pettit and J. eral Conference Committee has voted M. Comer, along with their families, to allow us to select the last Sabbath in were sent from the North Pacific each quarter as a day when we may Union Conference to work in India.ving donate to a special object.” Today approximately 900 ordained Thus, the special Thirteenth Sab- and licensed Seventh-day Adventist bath Offering program was begun, ministers work in nearly 4,000 along with the mission quarterly, churches throughout India.12 helping to focus the attention of the Other special mission offering proj- church on the specific regions and ects in 1912 included a new mission projects that would benefit from the station on the Selukwe Reserve in Rho- quarterly Thirteenth Sabbath Offer- desia (Zimbabwe), homes for mission-Difference ing. This, of course, was in addition to the regular mission offerings that were collected each Sabbath and sent to missions around the world. aries in China, India, Korea, and Africa, a school in Argentina, known then as River Plate Academy, and the Púa Training School in Chile. Members were encouraged to min- gle prayer with their gifts. “By intel- Limping Along islanders were waiting to be baptized ligent, prayerful, cheerful giving, our Writing to the secretary of the Gen- and join the Seventh-day Adventist gifts may be multiplied as were the five eral Conference, W. A. Spicer, the presi- Church.7 After its mission to Pit- loaves and two fishes, and a multitude dent of the South American Union cairn, the boat sailed on to Tonga, blessed thereby,” urged the first Missions Conference, J. W. Westphal, explained the Cook Islands, Samoa, and Fiji, Quarterly. “Pray as you give. In every the dire situation at River Plate Acad- continuing its missionary work for Sabbath-school on that day [Thirteenth emy: “We are limping along as best we several years. Sabbath], let there be a season of prayer can. . . . In the large schoolroom [the Children were some of the most in behalf of the cities of India.”9 chapel] three classes have to recite at enthusiastic supporters of this special the same time, because the classrooms mission project. One boy helped his Early Projects above are used as living-rooms for the mother pop popcorn over the family’s The cities of India were selected to students. One teacher has his classroom wood-burning stove to make hun- be the recipients of the first Thir- in the vestibule [by the stairway], and November 2012 | Adventist World 17
  18. 18. C OV E R S T O RYthe others have to help themselves as embarrassed to come back. It would training centers, libraries and mediabest they can; and the whole equip- have cleared up her condition, and centers, youth campgrounds, and Biblement is far from desirable.”13 thus she would have been cured and lesson materials in local languages came Through the special Thirteenth would not have been a source of infec- into existence through the generosity ofSabbath Offering, River Plate Acad- tion to others. . . . Many are sick who those who gave to the Thirteenthemy was able to repair and expand its come to us for treatment, but we do Sabbath Offering.buildings. Today River Plate Adventist not have the necessary equipment and These offerings have helped toUniversity in Argentina enrolls more supplies, and we are obliged to turn send thousands of missionaries and many away because we cannot go interdivision workers, Global Mission beyond our budget.”15 pioneers and lay evangelists, doctors, More than Sabbath school members dentists, nurses, teachers, and pastors responded with a mission offering to serve in every part of the globe. that year of $2.5 million to help with Special mission offerings have this and many other needs in the Mid- helped to provide materials for evan- dle East region, as well as in Africa, gelistic outreach, radio and television mission projects India, Burma, and Inter-America. programming, broadcast equipment, completed in satellite broadcast time, literature, Telling the Stories books, and video and online Bible last 100 years. In 2012 the Sabbath school Missions studies. More than 1,200 mission Quarterly, now known as Adventist projects around the world have beenthan 2,500 students per year and Mission, turned 100. For the past cen- completed because of generous gifts tooffers more than 30 university degrees tury this small publication has faith- mission, and many more are stillthrough its Schools of Business fully chronicled the needs of missions being completed.Administration, Education, Health around the world and has inspired Charlotte Ishkanian, who hasSciences, and Theology.14 young and old to give to the special served as editor of Adventist Mission Thirteenth Sabbath Offering projects. since 1993, spends much of her time inMedical Mission in Depressed Schools and universities, hospitals, the field gathering stories and con-Times clinics, and orphanages, printing presses ducting interviews that will be featured In the 1930s much of the world and Better Living centers, churches and in upcoming issues of the magazine,experienced difficult financial hard- chapels, dormitories and evangelistic available in editions for children andships during what became known asthe Great Depression. Unemploymentwas high and income low, and yet Sab- $5.83bath school mission offering boxeswere overflowing as members faithfully $5.01followed the “60 cents per week” mis-sion offering plan, providing the means $4.47to help millions of people in need. In 1931 Dr. A. Arzoo, who wasserving in Sultanabad, Pakistan, told ofone such need, which was published inthe Missions Quarterly: “Some time Average amount given to missions per member each year.ago a young girl was brought to me fortreatment. Her throat was in a verybad condition. A dreadful disease waseating its way into the flesh. A pre-scription was given to her people, andthey were told to buy the ampule andcome back to the dispensary. They allwent to get the medicine, but theynever returned. I suppose they could 1912 1932 2011not pay for the medicine, and were too *The amounts above reflect the average yearly gift to missions per member and are not adjusted for inflation.18 Adventist World | November 2012