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The Game: A powerful tool


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The Game: A powerful tool
This is part of the Game Design lecture I made on The 6th National Videogame Contest at Uruguay. It was on the 7/20/2011 at Ingenio-LATU.

The Game: A powerful tool

  1. The Game:<br />A POWERFUL TOOL<br />Alvaro Gonzalez - Producer & Game Designer | Kef Sensei Game Developer<br />
  2. ?<br />?<br />Mechanics<br />?<br />Game Design<br />
  3. Eric Zimmerman<br />
  4. 1.Acquire<br />First Matter : First Five seconds “ I am Smart / this is what I expected” First 15 min “This is fun – what I expected – only better”<br />“I know what I am doing (control) – I like it”<br />“want to see more—rewards”<br />First Rules: Win First win Fast<br />Give a reason to return<br />
  5. 2.Engage<br />Reward the actions – x1 x2 x3 x4!<br />Customize<br />Uniqueness<br />Achivementsand frineds.<br />status - recognition<br />
  6. 3.Retain<br />Goals<br />Look Ahead<br />Constrain and Quantity – Management over time<br />News – Update<br />Dependent<br />
  7. |<br />|<br />|<br />|<br />|<br />|<br />|<br />|<br />|<br />|<br />|<br />|<br />|<br />FUN THEME<br />
  8. << FUN<br />THEME >><br />
  9. POLITICS<br />TAXES<br />GYM<br />DIET<br />Everything can be FUN!<br />FLIGHT <br />CONTROL<br />FARMER<br />WAITRESS<br />
  10. GAMIFICATION<br />GAMIFICATION<br />“Is the process of using game thinking and mechanics to engage audiences and solve problems.”<br />Gabe Zichermann<br />
  11. Future Clients…<br />Bartle Test<br />
  12. Alvaro Gonzalez<br />E-mail:<br />TWITTER: @WASDCtrlSPACE<br />Linkedin Group: Meet Latin American Game Developers <br /> |<br />Eric Zimmerman <br />Game designer, artist, academic, and writer<br /><br />Gabe Zichermann<br />Expert, Author, Speaker & Writer on the subject of Gamification and Engagement Mechanics.<br />Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals<br />Katie Salen (Author), Eric Zimmerman (Author) <br />THANKS<br />