World Newspaper Congress / World Editors Forum 2011: Delegates Survey


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The results of the delegates survey.

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World Newspaper Congress / World Editors Forum 2011: Delegates Survey

  1. 1. Delegates Survey 63rd World Newspaper Congress / 18th World Editors Forum Michael Heipel
  2. 2. General information Online Survey was sent out on Sat, 15 October to 909 valid email addresses, with an email reminder mailed out one week later. 217 responses came in, a response rate of 23,9% (good result). The following results are consolidated from 4 language versions (French, Spanish, English, German)
  3. 3. Delegates Survey 1. How did you become aware of the World Newspaper Congress/World Editors Forum?
  4. 4. 2. Which conference part did you primarily attend? Delegates Survey
  5. 5. Delegates Survey 3. What are the main reasons for you to attend the World Newspaper Congress/World Editors Forum
  6. 6. Delegates Survey 4. How much new information did you learn that you plan to implement in your job? Comment: significant differences according to language version. In German responses, only 23,5% answered „Very much“/“Much“
  7. 7. Delegates Survey 5. Was there a particular session you attended or side/evening that you valued most? 24 x Tablet Publishing (Mario Garcia) 22 x Innovations in Newspapers 13 x World Press Trends 9 x Leadership; Paywalls 4 x Gala Dinner; Ethics; Community; Press Freedom 3 x Branding, Finance 2 x Repositioning, Lean Production; Heurigen; Townhall; Beyond the Article; Young Readers 1 x WikiLeaks; News Agencies Lunch; Data Journalism, Board Dinner; How to tell the truth in a Revolution, Official Opening; Media Development
  8. 8. Delegates Survey 6. Will you be doing things differently in the future, based on what you learned at the Congress/Editors Forum in Vienna?
  9. 9. Delegates Survey 7. What will you be doing differently? Give more attention to tablets (10x), integrate and re-organize newsroom (6x), give more attention to story and content (6x), change the way we use social media (5x), erect paywall (5x), focus on youth (3x), involve our readers (3x), explore new business models , re-train editorial staff, seek different distribution channels, craft new marketing strategies, take smarter decisions, use technologies from developed nations, master digital revolution, digital publishing first, aim at value instead of volume growth, learn from other organisations, experiment, experiment, experiment.
  10. 10. Delegates Survey 8. To what extent did the World Newspaper Congress/World Editors Forum meet your expectations?
  11. 11. Delegates Survey 9. How many people did you get to know during the World Newspaper Congress/World Editors Forum that you are quite certain will be of value to you in your present position or future career?
  12. 12. Delegates Survey 10. Considering participation costs and the value of your time away from the office, was attending the World Newspaper Congress/World Editors Forum a good investment for your company? Please rate 5 = Very much so, 1 = Not at all
  13. 13. 11. Will you recommend the World Newspaper Congress/World Editors Forum? Delegates Survey
  14. 14. 13. Can we quote you? If so, please write your general comments about the World Newspaper Congress/World editors Forum here: Delegates Survey # Très content de l'excellent niveau de discussion et des contacts rencontrés, le tout au sein d'une organisation efficace et dans un esprit positif comme ouvert de networking. ( Clement Charles) # Es ist wichtig, mit den Chefredakteuren aus der ganzen Welt zusamnmenzukommen. Manche eigenen Probleme erscheinen kleiner und werden relativiert. Einige gute Anregungen konnte ich mit in mein Medienhaus nehmen, auch wenn wir in Zukunft als Zeitung sicher keinen Weihnachtsmarkt mit lebenden Rentieren veranstalten können, wie die Kollegin aus Schweden. (Jörg Riebartsch, Darmstadt) # Ein gut strukturiertes Branchentreffen; Themen auf der Höhe der Zeit im Fokus; kompakte Präsentationen; Zeit für Kontakte; abgerundet durch spezifische Informationen. (Claus Reitan) # It was a wholesome experience and an internal battery recharging process. Hosted in the wonderful city of Vienna, the Congress and Editors Forum covered the entire range of issues from processing to publishing, traditional problems to future directions, interacting with some of the best minds in the Industry from around the globe. Kudos to the Organizers. (Deepu Ravi) # It is an eye opener and a place to network and meet people with solutions to your problems. it avoids reinventing the wheel. Its a must for people in the newspaper industry. (Sharon Samushonga) # The World Newspaper Congress offered state-of-the-art thinking on international trends in the news media -- combined with real-world experience -- that will be of vital importance in this tumultuous period. (Anne Nelson) # As a first time visitor to WEF2011 I can honestly say that the event surpassed my expectations. In an industry where time away from the office can be rare, the sessions were informative, relevant and inciteful and ultimtely justified the opportunity to meet new contacts.(Ossie Ikeogu) # Crisis for newspapers? No, this is the time of oppurtunities. Print isn't going to die if journalists keep alive and kickin' and use all the publication platforms to make great stories. It's not print or digital. It's print and digital together. Hand in hand, side by side, as Laurel & Hardy, Brasil & football, Vienna & classic music and journalists & words, photo's and video's. (Rolf Finders) # The Congress offers a fantastic opportunity to hear about new developments and trends in the newspaper industry first hand. You sit back and ask what you could my newspaper do better to further consolidate our leadership position in the industry? (Angela Emuwa) # Fabulous event which connected me to lot many people and trends. (Shyam, DNA India)
  15. 15. 14. In 2012, the 64th World Newspaper Congress/19th World Editors Forum will take place in Kiev/Ukraine (2-5 September) . Will you Delegates Survey
  16. 16. 15. What are the „hot“ topics that you would like us to address next year at the World Newspaper Congress and World Editors Forum in Kiev? Delegates Survey Long-term sustainability of print platform, copyright issues, value innovation, co-creating, digital revolution, press freedom, young readers, youth content, more on tablet and mobile experimentation, monetizing the digital channels, marketing the key strengths of newspaper advertising, how we can save the print, improving the quality of journalism, tablets, paid content, new business models, solutions for great tablet apps… „ Almost every topic you covered this year.“
  17. 17. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION. Michael Heipel Executive Director [email_address] Tel. +49.6151.733-000 WAN-IFRA Darmstadt Washingtonplatz 1 64287 Darmstadt, Germany Tel. +49.6151.733-706 WAN-IFRA Paris 96 bis rue Beaubourg 75003 Paris , France Tel. +33.147.4285-00