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World Editors Forum 2011: Session The steps towards a successful tablet application, Stéphanie Jolivot


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Published in: Business, Technology
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World Editors Forum 2011: Session The steps towards a successful tablet application, Stéphanie Jolivot

  1. 1. 18th World EdITorS ForUM Session: The steps towards a successful tablet application Speaker: Stéphanie Jolivot Mark your calendar64th World NEWSpapEr CoNgrESS19th World EdITorS ForUM Vienna, Reed Messe Wien
  2. 2. i-MAD ?
  3. 3. “The best way toforecast the futureis to invent it “ Steve Jobs 2
  4. 4. A SUCESSFULL STRATEGY• Group Figaro : Ahead of the game• Digital is the convergence !• A winning strategy based on the complementary print- web in the production and enriching content – Figaro sites reach 1 out of 3 internauts on the French market – : 1st site for news on the French market with 6.5 MUV per month• 20% of Group Sales• First newsroom in France
  5. 5. MADAME FIGARO:THE ULTIMATE LUXURY BRAND A powerful and influential brand : 450 000 copies An authoritativ e label cultivating the French Chic and Iconic Fashion Cultural & lifestyle trendsetter Exclusive and engaging storytelling Business minded : read and shop !
  6. 6. WITH SMART EVOLUTIVE A CONTENT90 % home made« hot couture » !An ever evolving designTongue in cheekAn active network The magazine’s Guest EditorTarget : stylish, sucessfuland influential women
  8. 8. THE BRAND EXPERIENCEElisa , Elisa by Madame Figaro
  9. 9. DREAM ?The official Danish contribution tothe 12th InternationalArchitecture Exhibition – LaBiennale di Venezia promotesthe concept of the “thinking city,”posing urban questions andpresenting the answers reachedin Copenhagen.
  10. 10. REALITY ? The challenge :Keep the DNA of the print and make the user experience more fun !
  11. 11. I PAD : THE NEW « IT BAG » & KNOW HOW?
  13. 13. INNOVATION1 "collector" edition each month WHAT FOR? • Offering a new reading – CONCEPT : THE 25th HOUR experience focusing on the Madame Figaro brand – The Best of Madame Figaro » • Appealing to our existing readers Selection of 7 exceptional subjects designed by the digital • Winning over a new studio using adobe technology to audience offer an amazing brand • Fulfilling our advisers experience expectations in terms of innovation 12
  14. 14. Adobe® : WHAT ELSE?It offers a complete 1. Adobe® DPS uses INDESIGN, a sotfware known by all oursolution : from designers. The learning curve has been fast.content creation todistribution to 2. Adobe® DPS enables us toanalytics generate “wow effects” very easily (360° virtual visit, interactive slide shows) 3. Adobe® DPS allows us to create a magazine edition and send it automatically on Android and the AppStore.
  15. 15. A CREATIVE LABTo keep the experience hotand cool and relevant for all ages Design by An exclusive DA with a designer , guest designer of the I-MAD
  16. 16. A writer/ poet/ philosopher/ filmmaker/ architect/engineer chef/ designer traveler / dreamer photographer/ journalist / illustrator/ painter/ sculptor/ landscape artist/ celebrity/ influencers/THE e-MAGAZINE art gallerist/ GUEST EDITOR collector/ opera set designer/ composer/ musician/ choreographer/ dancer
  17. 17. ADVERTISINGMore than an ad!
  18. 18. READY MADE INTEGRATIONNew communication of Dior J’adore• An « Exclusive mise en scène » with a unique advertiser Dior• 3 integrated scripts – The movie – The myth – The 5 flavors