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World Editors Forum 11, Session Looking beyond the article Bill Adair


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World Editors Forum 11, Session Looking beyond the article Bill Adair

  1. 1. 18th WORLD EDITORS FORUM Session: Looking beyond the article Speakers: Bill Adair Mark your calendar64th WORLD NEWSPAPER CONGRESS19th WORLD EDITORS FORUM Vienna, Reed Messe Wien
  2. 2. Bill AdairEditor, PolitiFact.comWorld Editors Forum 15 October 2011
  3. 3. 4 years….
  4. 4. 4,000+ Truth-O-Meter articles
  5. 5. • 508 Obama promises tracked and rated• 57 Republican promises tracked and rated
  6. 6. The PolitiFact Network: Partnering withnewspapers to run state PolitiFact sites
  7. 7. The PolitiFact Network• 1st year goal: 6 states• We got: 8• Unique arrangement allows partners to sell ads on their own sites count own traffic
  8. 8. Breaking away fromtraditional story forms• Truth-O-Meter fact-checking articles• Campaign promise meter updates (Obameter, etc.)
  9. 9. New story forms:• Truth-O-Meter items are fact- checking articles with different components than news stories• “Ruling statement” is claim being checked• We bury the lede – ruling is in conclusion
  10. 10. Truth-O-Meter article:
  11. 11. Campaign promise updates:• For Pres. Obama, governors, congressional leaders• Track progress or fulfillment of campaign promises• Rated In the Works, Stalled, Compromise, Broken or Kept
  12. 12. Campaign promise updates:• Created a database of all promises• Updates are short articles that conclude with the rating
  13. 13. Campaign promise updates:
  14. 14. New story forms allow tallying and sorting• Readers can browse Truth-O- Meter items by: • Person • Subject • Rating• Person report cards of how many True, False, etc.
  15. 15. Promise meters also allow tallying, sorting• Readers can browse by subject and rating• Scorecards of how many Kept, Broken, etc.