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World Editors Forum 11: Session Integration, Bernt Olufsen


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World Editors Forum 11: Session Integration, Bernt Olufsen

  1. 1. 18th WORLD EDITORS FORUM Session: Integration: the latest experiments in a multi- platform age Title: A REASON FOR EDITORIAL INTEGRATION Speaker: Bernt Olufsen Mark your calendar64th WORLD NEWSPAPER CONGRESS19th WORLD EDITORS FORUM Vienna, Reed Messe Wien
  3. 3. FRIDAY 22. JULY 15.34
  4. 4. ALL TIME HIGH FOR Extreme growth in traffic – doubled previous record one hour after the attack 29.000 views pr minute on frontpage 3 x normal traffic when news of explosion 6 x normal traffic when news of Utøya 34 % of traffic came from VG Mobile. Extreme growth also on tablet and VG TV.
  5. 5. 500 PAGES FROM JULY 23rd UNTIL AUGUST 8th
  6. 6. TERROR NEWS DEPARTMENT  14 reporters working in shifts  Devided into 3 groups: Crime & Investigations, Victims & Relatives, Politics & System failure  Serving all platforms  Publishing strategy, digital first  105 print pages since 8/25 (8 major front pages) 100 originalTerror desk in news stories digital (40 breaking news)the middle of
  7. 7. 2000 2007 2011 Daily readers VG and VG Nett 1997 to 2011 Source: TNS Gallup
  8. 8. 12 A monoproducttransformed to intricate complexity Source: TNS Gallup F&M 2011/9
  9. 9. A multitude of new channels,platforms and online businesses
  10. 10. WHY WE INTEGRATE COMPLEXITY  User behaviour  Market situation  Makes us stronger  To have a clear brand PAID CONTENT STRATEGY What drives the willingness to pay?
  11. 11. THE SOCIAL MEDIA GOAL – 10 PERCENT OF THE## FACEBOOK ##     NUMBER OF FANS  JOURNALISTS WORKING Total 88 000 New last month 6 800 A year from 169 now 83 500 4 400 136 44 000 1 000 56 19 500 665 27 15 500 500 21 10 000 254 13 10 000 243 12 4 000 143 5 1 500 24 1 1 900 24 2 1 350 46 1 900 17 1 1 450 123 2 926TOTAL 281 600 14 239 452 468
  12. 12. WHAT VG TRIES TO DO Platform focus when  Develop a plan describing necessary what competence we Multimedia plans for need three years from publishing now Making paid content be  Integrate TECHNOLOGY platform neutral and the READERS in our journalism  Programmers will increasingly be part of editorial teams  Build new cross platform publishing toolsDaily 15 min
  13. 13. NEW MANAGEMENT 50% 50% Editorial Commercial Online Newspaper Women Men Young experiencedAugust 15th we moved out of seven offices and co-locate in an open landscape
  15. 15. STATUS & PLANS Reorganised top management Publisher + one digital editor and one paper editor. Rebuilt the newsroom All reporters on the same floor Roll out plan for merging of departments 1. Entertainment & culture, 2. Sport, 3. Crime and so on. Goal: fully integrated mid 2012 Digital competence among paper journalists Internal education in the publishing system Search for common system for publishing Developing new strategy for publishing: Exclusive content in the paper and behind digital pay wall on tablet and net.
  16. 16. SCHIBSTED MEDIA HOUSES AFTENPOSTEN First step in 2008, moving print and online newsdesks together. Half of digital staff deployed in the editorial departments. 12 web reporters in a 24/7 task force – covering the news. All news departments given clear multi medial responsibility and traffic goals since 2010. Next step: All departments will have clear goals for online publishing and growth. 20 hour digital school: Training programme for most of editorial staff during 2012.
  17. 17.  STAVANGER AFTENBLAD Integrated newsroom is established. 18,5 % digital reporters. 10 – 15% of print content is published online. Project launched to map current digital competence, and strengthen all digital operations. In 2012 a new digital competence strategy will be deployed together with a new publishing strategy for the media house. The digital share of editorial staff will be increased with 5 journalists, bringing the share up to 22 %.
  18. 18. FÆDRELANDSVENNEN Print/Digital working together – open landscape Separate editing and separate newsdesk during the day – One editor and a shared desk in the evening All reporters works for all platforms Developing new publishing strategy: Digital first Next year: One desk regardless of platform
  19. 19. AFTONBLADET, Sweden One integrated newsdesk in the new Schibsted house in Stockholm. A news organisation working independent of publishing channels. One common planning and leadership process, with focus on all channels. Recruiting only people dedicated to online publishing. Scoops always online first Development programme for reporters and photographers
  20. 20. POSTIMEES, Estonia By october 2011 Postimees has a totaly integrated print and online operation. A new, functional editorial and sales system is installed.20 MINUTOS/MINUTES In Spain two different editorial teams for print and online, working close together with a common editor-in-chief. Integrated planning process. In France the print and online team have different editors, but discussions of integration is one the way.