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World Editors Forum 11: Session Innovation in print Thomas Goetz


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World Editors Forum 11: Session Innovation in print Thomas Goetz

  1. 1. 18th WORLD EDITORS FORUM Session: Innovation in print Title: „Kleine Kinderzeitung“ Speaker: Thomas Götz Mark your calendar64th WORLD NEWSPAPER CONGRESS19th WORLD EDITORS FORUM Vienna, Reed Messe Wien
  2. 2. „KleineKinderzeitung“| October 11 | Kleine Zeitung
  3. 3. Key facts – „Kleine Kinderzeitung“• Kleine Kinderzeitung – Austria‘s first weekly newspaper for children is an important innovation in the media market• Since January 2011 every saturday in Styria and Carinthia, since June Vienna edition• Target group: children between 6-11 years• Circulation 18.000 copies (status: May 2011)• „Kleine Kinderzeitung“ should inform, entertain, surprise and inspire kids to read (newspaper)• „Kleine Kinderzeitung“ is available only in subscription Price: 4,90 Euro for subscribers of Kleine Zeitung, 6,90 Euro für Non-subscribers | October 11 | Kleine Zeitung
  4. 4. All topics from children‘s perspective NEWS KNOWLEDGE/EXPERIMENTS COVER ANIMALS SPORTS| October 11 | Kleine Zeitung
  6. 6. Rising circulation and break even in 2nd month Circulation development… …and positive impact on break even • „Kleine Kinderzeitung“ had about Break even 8.000 subsribers before the launch – trust in the brand „Kleine16.500 Zeitung“ was amazing15.00013.500 • Break even was allready achived12.000 in february with 10.200 sold10.500 copies 9.000 7.500 • Own editorial team (4 journalists) 6.000 – 2 in Graz, 1 in Carinthia and 1 4.500 for Vienna edition 3.000 • Layouter (Geolino), support 1.500 through Art-Director KLZ 0 Average circulation /month Average subsribtion / month | October 11 | Kleine Zeitung
  7. 7. Further monetization of thecommunity• Kinderzeitung summer issue – 64 pages > 9.90 Euro with „goodies“ > At kiosk without goodies – 5.90 Euro• Kleine Kinderzeitung summer reporter camps for children > 2 weeks, reportercamps for children between 7-12 years > Kids create their own newspaper, educators of Kinderbüro and journalist of Kleine Kinderzeitung guide through the workshops > In the morning workshops, afternoon – time for attractive leisure time activities, sports, play etc. > This year sponsored by The City Graz, roll out next year, depends on need and response > Costs: 99 Euro| October 11 | Kleine Zeitung
  8. 8. Price winning games• Children have to paint, write stories etc. and can take part on price winning games• They can win prices for themselves or their parents (e.g. holiday for the family on mother‘s day)• Cooperation partners – e.g. tourism Styria• Tematically: freetime, health, holidays, books etc. – clear benefit for the target group, of an educational value! | October 11 | Kleine Zeitung
  9. 9. „Quality check“ with readers and experts Reader‘s feedback Expert‘s Feedback Education• We are interested in topics • For content expertise we hav • Journalists of Kleine children want to read in their an experts network in relevant Kinderzeitung get advice from newspaper and topics which areas – writer of children experts, if needed (e.g. how to affect children books, children museum, cover topic „Bin Laden“)• For that reason every week we have editorial meetings Children‘s office Graz, Police • Special educational in schools. We create a (safaty advices)psychologist, measures for journalists and newspaper for children from teachers, austrian publishers layouter children. It is no „translation“ (kids books), linguists of the newspaper for adults • Networking with simular • Bi-monthly feedback projects in Europe• Editorial meetings are being supported by „Kinderbüro meetings with experts, who Steiermark“, teachers and were involved in product other experts development, garantee further• Maximum involvment of continuous development of children means for example Kleine Kinderzeitung that children are together with journalists of Kleine Kinderzeitung to interviews with stars and ask their own questions (e.g. Benni Raich, Mirjam Weichselbraun etc.) | October 11 | Kleine Zeitung
  10. 10. Successfull cooperations with attractive partners • Government department for education, culture • After school care clubs • Youth organisations • Youth hostels and family hotels • Hospitals • Sport clubs • Shopping-centers (kids care) • Attractive leisure targets for children • Politics – e.g. sponsoring of newspaper subscribtions for socially disadvantaged kids • Tourism organisations • Schools inspectors • Libraries • Media events – e.g. Antenne Steiermark golf day for schools Beside classical marketing activities several reasonable and very successfull cooperations were realised in order to reach the target group with the product | October 11 | Kleine Zeitung
  11. 11. Special advertising formats• Tematically: health, sports, animals, freetime, knowledge, reading, books etc.• Clients have the possibility to deliver marketing materials and goodies assembled with Kleine Kinderzeitung• Further special formats:  Poster A3 e.g. Spar  TipOn Card / Banderole | October 11 | Kleine Zeitung