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Morton Henriksen - Digital compass - Where are we going, who's leading the way?


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64th World Newspaper C

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Morton Henriksen - Digital compass - Where are we going, who's leading the way?

  1. 1. Digital compass – Where are we going, who‘s leading the way?Morten HenriksenGeneral ManagerPublish Lab ASNorway
  2. 2. Make money on the web ?Labrador is what you need – What you need is Labrador
  3. 3. What we achieved • Reduced IT and production costs • Significant increased income from ads on web based on a strong increase of unique users • Increased quality of the online newspaper • Established as Norway’s second biggest online newspaper • Received several Professional Awards 3
  4. 4. – The National News Website of the Year The jury’s verdict: ”The national news website of the year made its mark earlier as an innovative news site, and was an early leader with solutions which are common today on most other news websites. In 2010 the website appeared in a new guise, with a more reader-friendly layout with its neat and orderly presentation of the main news stories of the moment.”
  5. 5. Drivers for change • High production cost • Low income from ads on web • Competition 5
  6. 6. Actions for change - Process • Streamline the production process – Journalists deliver in both channels – Common article base – No fixed «channel first» policy – Reduce number of designers – Reduce numbers of layouts – Automated front pages • A journalist can put it all up – Increase flexibility in presentation of news – Optimize the numbers of desk workers 6
  7. 7. Actions for change - Layout • Change layout to increase traffic – Place ads inside the main section – Remove the right margin – Video on the front page – Big pictures – Rapidly changes in presentation of content on the front page 7
  8. 8. Effect measured in clicks on ads Front News Sports + 11% + 14% Culture + 43% + 20% News + 33% + 100% Sports Culture + 140% + 50% + 17% Articles 8
  9. 9. CMSWebpage
  10. 10. Success Criteria • Tools customized for the real life work process – Labrador: simple, user friendly and flexible CMS made for journalists by journalists – Integration to paper production solutions (content sharing) – SaaS based tools • Design changes based on knowledge about user behavior • Change willing organization (Management, editors and employees aim at common goals) • Trust our employees rather than control them 10
  11. 11. Next step • Continuous improvement – Develop Labrador • Designated development and sales organization -> • Make a new, commercial CMS based on Labrador 1.0 • Requires development of tools together with the editors -> Labrador ver. 2.0 • Seek international partners and customers for further development of concepts and services – Continue to increase the efficiency and income • Improve the web expression based on knowledge • Let the professionals determine the content of processes and tools • Improve production process • Ulimited integration • Multi channel mindset • Simple is beautiful 11
  12. 12. In future ”everyone” will have four different screens More and more of the time we spend on media will be centred around the mobile devices - tablets and Use according to situation smartphonesHypothesis:To make money on a digital publishing platform one must exploit the peculiarities it offers•Labrador is designed to be a multi platform publishing tool•Labrador makes it easy to tailor content from unlimited, common sources to different platforms•Labrador makes it possible to optimize a multi platform publishing working process
  13. 13. • Develops and offers Labrador CMS SaaS solution to the market• Labrador is suitable for media companies with ambitions on the web• Labrador is the core in an optimized online newspaper production• Labrador is the core in a multi channel distribution work flow• Labrador is: – Simple – Flexible – Easy to learn – lowers production cost – allows for product improvements – made by reporters for reporters• Publish Lab has the knowledge to help our customers to: – become more visible on the web – make designs that allows for increased ads revenue – work with clients to achieve success on the Internet 13
  14. 14. Thank you for your attention This is not the END … It’s a loop without a START… 14