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The Awesome Power of Wow, Aha and Yippee


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In this presentation we explore the awesome power of adding Wow, Aha, and Yippee to your content creation, be that for your presentations, content marketing campaigns, sales material or website.

The Awesome Power of Wow, Aha and Yippee

  1. The Awesome Power of Wow, Aha and Yippee.
  2. Our ‘whole brain’ approach to creating content that generate leads and convert leads to sales.
  3. First we ask: what outcomes are you looking for?
  4. Open new markets.
  5. Generate more leads.
  6. Increase conversions.
  7. Inform and Educate.
  8. Then we think about “Wow”, “Aha” and “Yippee”.
  9. “Wow” captures attention, builds interest and starts conversations.
  10. “Aha” facilitates engagement, encourages exploration and generates positive action.
  11. “Yippee” creates loyalty, encourages referrals and stimulates growth.
  12. When we get “No emotions, please!” we say …
  13. Without emotion, we are biologically incapable of making decisions.
  14. Decision drivers are all about emotions.
  15. Our conscious, rational minds represent a very small layer atop a vast well of unconscious drivers.
  16. First, know your target audience and objectives.
  17. Next, build a narrative to guide the audience through the decision making process.
  18. Lastly, empower the narrative with perceptions, impressions and emotion.
  19. We call it the whole brain approach: Facts + Perceptions + Emotions.
  20. We create characters for story telling.
  21. We develop InfoGraphics to educate.
  22. We develop Presentations to persuade.
  23. We develop Animation to inform and entertain.
  24. We develop Content Graphics to retain attention.
  25. We develop Games to engage.
  26. Find our how to use the whole brain approach to create Wow, Aha and Yippee to: Empower your Brand Empower your Website Empower your Marketing Empower you Presentations
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