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The Awesome Marketing ROADMAP to profit


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The internet has a staggering collection of opportunities to market your businesses. But it has come at a price – you can easily become overwhelmed by the magnitude of what can and should be done. It is also no longer effective to develop marketing as a series of stand-alone campaigns. Marketing should be a process.

We've designed a marketing ROADMAP that will help you plot a journey for your marketing. As an introduction to this ROADMAP we've created this presentation to explain how all the dots connect into a single process. It is a journey of which the end destination will always be an increase in success and profits.

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The Awesome Marketing ROADMAP to profit

  1. The awesome Marketing and Sales ROADMAP to profit
  2. Five steps to success. To be successful at online sales and marketing you need to look after five key areas: - You need a strong, clearly defined brand.
  3. - You need to attract attention.
  4. - You need to retain attention on the brand.
  5. - You need to convert that attention to sales.
  6. - You need to increase the transaction value per customer.
  7. Let’s look at each key area in more detail: 1. A STRONG BRAND A strong brand creates a sense of expectation which boosts the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts.
  8. To create a strong brand you need to: Clearly define your position in the market place (what you do, how you do it and what the benefit are)
  9. Create a memorable, meaningful and likable brand personality which people can relate to
  10. Offer an engaging brand experience that connects with people on an emotional level.
  11. 2. ATTRACT ATTENTION Without the ability to attract attention you will be invisible to any lead generation opportunities.
  12. To attract attention you need to: Do things differently so you get noticed.
  13. Offer superior, accessible and affordable solutions.
  14. Be where your prospects are looking for answers.
  15. Engage with you prospects. Remember, as you are busy building a relationship you are not selling yet. Your products should stay at home.
  16. 3. RETAIN ATTENTION You need to retain people’s attention to give you time to build meaningful relationships and be there when they are ready to buy.
  17. To retain attention you need to: Create a place where people can reliably find answers to their needs.
  18. Facilitate engagement so people start participating.
  19. Foster self-expression so people have a fulfilling experience and feel valued.
  20. Now, as a trusted thought leader, prospective clients will ask you to present your solution to their problem.
  21. 4 CONVERSION Attention has little value unless you apply the art and science of converting that attention into sales.
  22. To convert attention you need to: Heighten awareness of the prospective client’s problem.
  23. Expose the impact of that problem.
  24. Create a vision of the solution.
  25. Build trust in your ability to solve the problem.
  26. 5. TRANSACTION VALUE To maximise the ROI from your marketing efforts you need to increase the transaction value per customer.
  27. Sell on value, not on price.
  28. Upsell.
  29. Cross-sell.
  30. Nurture each relationship.
  31. The roadmap is a process of continually identifying the weakest areas in the chain and strengthening them.
  32. We’re going to make a brave attempt to go into even more detail now …
  33. BRANDING - Define the brand position.
  34. - Create brand personality.
  35. - Create a formula for an engaging brand experience.
  36. CAPTURE ATTENTION - Set up content sources.
  37. - Create high value content.
  38. - Distribute content across multiple channels, both online and off-line.
  39. - Generate initial awareness through advertising, press releases, etc.
  40. - Engage with the audience.
  41. RETAIN ATTENTION - Create social media communities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare, etc.
  42. - Create ‘stickiness’ on your website with a newsletter, blogging, apps, presentations, etc.
  43. CONVERSION - Empower your website for sales with solution selling (Pain, Impact, Vision)
  44. - Know you client and personalise your content accordingly. Look at the DISK profile system.
  45. - Create effective calls to action.
  46. - Upsell, cross-sell and sell again. TRANSACTION VALUE
  47. Empower all sales with high impact content and presentation.
  48. All the above feeds into your revenue generation processes. Strengthen them continually. PROFIT
  49. Track, test, measure and improve everything all the time.
  50. Thank you for watching this WAKSTER presentation. You can access the list of questions and download the free ROADMAP flowchart from the website.
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