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Keynote: Di Wilcox - The Magic Coat


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Presentation by author, Di Wilcox, on The Magic Coat: Creating calm, confident and caring kids. Presented at the Western Australian Mental Health Conference 2019.

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Keynote: Di Wilcox - The Magic Coat

  1. 1. Investor Presentation
  2. 2. Why was The Magic Coat Program create
  3. 3. Mental Health Starts Where we Live, Learn, Work and Play.
  4. 4. To enable children to LIVE with the mental health strategies that The Magic Coat provides we run parent and child workshops as well as parenting workshops.
  5. 5. To enable children to LEARN the strategies of The Magic Coat we run school workshops and train teachers with a teachers resource manual.
  6. 6. Why should we care so much about mental health as part of a child's education? • Mental health disorders have affected 1 in 7 students in the last twelve months • Students with mental health disorders scored lower NAPLAN results on average in every test domain and year level. • On average, students with a mental disorder in Year 3 were 7-11 months behind those with no mental disorder, but by Year 9 were on average 1.5 - 2.8 years behind. • Students accessing services for mental health disorders benefit but the gaps do not fully close. • In Years 7-12 students with a mental disorder missed an average of 24 per days per year compared with 11 days for students without a mental disorder. • Students with mental disorders have lower levels of connectedness to school and engagement with school work. • The combination of mental disorders and socio-economic disadvantage compounds the impact on academic achievement. Source:
  7. 7. How do we engage families in the workplace? Have you ever gone to work worried about the mental health of a child? How productive was your day when you are concerned with the welfare of your child? The Magic Coat program has just started offering parent/child workshops in the workplace to give families a common language to manage mental health in their children.
  8. 8. How do we bring PLAY into the Magic Coat strategies?
  9. 9. It is important to understand that The Magic Coat has been created around the idea of Positive Psychology. "Positive Psychology is the study of strengths and virtues that enable individuals, communities and organisations to thrive” Source: Positive Psychology Institute
  10. 10. The Magic Coat has been created with bright colours and characters that encourage the children to connect with the program and the messages that each character represents.
  11. 11. Magic String of Shells
  12. 12. The sea turtle
  13. 13. Oyster and the Pearl
  14. 14. Pocket full of Starfish
  15. 15. Message in a Bottle
  16. 16. The Surfboard
  17. 17. The Beach Ball
  18. 18. Follow The Magic Coat on: Facebook: @magiccoatforkids Instagram: @magiccoatforkids Website: