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Alison Paterson - Supportive Landlords


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Presentation by Alison Paterson, Access Housing, Supportive Landlords: A proposed model of service delivery. Presented at the Western Australian Mental Health Conference 2019.

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Alison Paterson - Supportive Landlords

  1. 1. Supportive Landlords A proposed model of service delivery
  2. 2. Need for Differentiation WA Housing Strategy Continuous improvement Demonstrate impact Create funding / subsidy opportunities DRIVERS
  3. 3. What is the problem and whose problem is it? • Individual • Community / Tax Payer • Housing Provider / Landlord
  4. 4. • Tenant Engagement / when disengaged from formal support • Early identification of unmet need and management of risk • Efficient – flexible approach match service provision to a person’s changing needs over lifetime of a tenancy • Can absorb more commercial risk than other housing providers Features specific to Supportive Landlords:
  5. 5. Draft Report on Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Accommodation and Support Strategy (2018-2025) WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR THE SUPPORTIVE LANDLOD MODEL ??
  6. 6. • Not all Landlord/Housing providers are the same. • The decisions that a landlord makes determines if they stay housed or homeless. • Supportive landlords can act as a circuit breaker between someone staying housed and/or being homeless. • Supportive landlords provide a service that neither external support providers or other kinds of landlords can provide. • There is a cost to delivering a supportive landlord service. • There is a cost to community of not doing this. • Housing First models need to sit alongside Supportive Landlord services to ensure people stay housed over the long term of their accommodation and recovery journeys. Key Take Home Messages: