Waae Synopsis V3 Glen C


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Waae Synopsis V3 Glen C

  1. 1. Title: Learning in Context: Creativity and Professional Development in Initial Teacher Education. Glen Coutts, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow Scotland World Alliance for Arts Education, 2009 Summit: Towards a Paradigm of Creative Education for the 21st Century Creativity is one of the ‘hot’ words in Scottish education at the moment, but what does it mean to be a creative teacher? How can a teacher foster a culture of creativity in the classroom? A challenge for many secondary (high school) teachers is to embed subject learning in meaningful contexts: contexts that will deliver key subject content and cultivate what the Scottish government refers to as the ‘core skills’. I am interested in exploring the potential of creativity and problem solving in all school subjects and helping produce teachers who are creative in their teaching and who foster creativity in school students. Students training to be subject specialist teachers in secondary (high) schools at the University of Strathclyde have, as a compulsory part of their course, the option to study an ‘Area of Professional Development’ (APD). This paper reports on an initiative, which uses selected contexts as starting points for learning and teaching activity. Central themes include motivating students, working in groups, problem solving and setting subject learning ‘in context’. A key additional objective is to encourage collaboration and interdisciplinary practice. The design of the program drew on previous experience of arts- infused education with trainee social workers and community artists.