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The voice nov 2012

  1. 1. The Voice Online Our Saviiour Lutheran Church – Green Bay,, WI Our Sav our Lutheran Church – Green Bay WI November 2012 November 2012 Vollume 1,, Issue 11 Vo ume 1 Issue 11 The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Believer By: Pastor Dave HatchThe Holy Spirit. Why would Lutherans talk about  And after God through the Holy Ghost in BaptismThe Holy Spirit? We are not Pentecostals or has kindled and effected a beginning of the trueCharismatics, are we? Goodness, we should stick to knowledge of God and faith, we should pray Himthe academics, the liturgy, the Catechism, and our without ceasing that through the same spirit andlow-key solemn traditional ways! His grace, by means of the daily exercise of reading and practising Gods Word, He wouldOr should we? preserve in us faith and His heavenly gifts, strengthen us from day to day, and keep us to theThe role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian end. For unless God Himself be our schoolmaster,is richer, wider, and deeper than we can ever we can study and learn nothing that is acceptablecomprehend. The Holy Spirit’s influence goes from to Him and salutary to ourselves and others.the natural knowledge of God imprinted on the heart (2010-01-31). The Book of Concord - Concordia Triglotta[Romans 2:15-17], to the ignition of the conscience Edition (Kindle Locations 9228-9232). Kindle Editionalarming a person of a disturbance in his soul, to aHoly drawing of the sinner, in repentance, to the crossand open tomb for a restoration of the inner life of thesoul, to a continuous filling and guiding in theChristian’s walk, teaching him to discern good fromevil, in thoughts, words, and deeds through andincluding comforting the Christian in the crossingfrom this world to that which is to come.We Lutherans, reflecting on the Scripture, havegleaned a mighty theological harvest about the HolySpirit. Luther’s Small and Large Catechisms, ourLutheran Confessions and our liturgy, contain mounds  And in Christians this repentance continues untilof descriptive text on this amazing Third Member of death, because through the entire life it contendsthe Holy Trinity. Here are just a few examples taken with sin remaining in the flesh, as Paul, Rom.from our Confessions… 7:23, testifies that he wars with the Law in his - Cont’d on page 2 - 1
  2. 2. November 2012 November 2012 - Cont’d from page 1 - their own powers perceive, apprehend, understand, or believe and regard it as true, but the more members, etc., and that not by his own powers, but diligence and earnestness they employ, wishing to by the gift of the Holy Ghost, which follows the comprehend these spiritual things with their remission of sins. This gift daily cleanses and reason, the less they understand or believe, and sweeps out the remaining sins, and works so as to before they become enlightened and are taught by render man truly pure and holy. the Holy Ghost, they regard all this only as (2010-01-31). The Book of Concord - Concordia Triglotta foolishness or fictions. 1 Cor. 2:14: The natural Edition (Kindle Locations 9309-9312). Kindle Edition man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God; for they are foolishness unto him. Fifthly, this hereditary evil is so great and horrible (2010-01-31). The Book of Concord - Concordia Triglotta that only for the sake of the Lord Christ it can be Edition (Kindle Locations 9195-9201). Kindle Edition covered and forgiven before God in the baptized and believing. Moreover, human nature, which is During the next worship service, look for references to perverted and corrupted thereby, must and can be the Holy Spirit in the liturgy, the Scripture, and in the healed only by the regeneration and renewal of the music. What you won’t see, but will be affected by, is Holy Ghost, which, however, is only begun in this the role of the Holy Spirit through the reading of the life, but will not be perfect until in the life to Word, preaching of it, and the mystery of the Lord’s come. Supper. Here, He is working in your soul to keep oil (2010-01-31). The Book of Concord - Concordia Triglotta in your lamp! Edition (Kindle Locations 9007-9010). Kindle Edition For, first, although mans reason or natural intellect indeed has still a dim spark of the knowledge that there is a God, as also of the doctrine of the Law, Rom. 1:19ff, yet it is so ignorant, blind, and perverted that when even the most ingenious and learned men upon earth read or hear the Gospel of the Son of God and the promise of eternal salvation, they cannot from Our Saviour Lutheran Church 120 S. Henry Street Green Bay, WI 54302 (920) 468-4065 Senior Pastor – David H. Hatch Church Office – Michelle Burhite (920) 465-8118 (920) 468-4065 Associate Pastor – Greg Hovland Preschool Director – Christina Scholz (920) 544-3614 (920) 468-3596 2
  3. 3. The Voice Online The Voice Online Official ActsWeddings:Amy Lynn Sauer and Casey Lee Wagner Kathleen Siebert and Bill SconzertUnited at Our Saviour on August 25, 2012 United on September 15, 2012Baptisms:Julian Wesley Brantley Molly Mae OfficerBorn: April 9, 2012 Born: November 22, 2011Baptized: September 6, 2012 Baptized: September 15, 2012Son of Angel Brantley and Anna Wendt Daughter of Wayne Officer and Brittney RankelLincoln Noah ElmerBorn: July 13, 2012Baptized: September 16, 2012Son of Jason and Tia ElmerMembership Changes:IN: Paul and Lynn Steinhaus and minor, baptized children, Marissa, Lydia and Kambria, transfer from Hope Lutheran, De Pere, WI (LCMS)OUT: Kimm (Alden) and Angie DeWitt, transfer to Hope Lutheran, De Pere, WI (LCMS) December 2012 OSLC Usher ScheduleDay Date Service Lead Usher TeamSun. 02-Dec 7:45 am M. Dalebroux Andrew Prescher; Al Brietlow; Barry DalebrouxSun. 02-Dec 9:15 am W. Chamberlain Randy Dyle; Roxanne Dyle; Alex Chamberlain; McKenzie Waniger; Nathan ScholzSun. 02-Dec 10:45 am M. Charles Don Larson; Karen Kiekhaefer; Hunter AlftThu. 06-Dec 7:00 pm HC P. Kuehl Bill Baneck; †UN; †UNSun. 09-Dec 7:45 am HC M. Morgan Vernon Siech; Gloria Morgan; Ralph HoerchlerSun. 09-Dec 9:15 am HC D. Wians Lonnie Peerenboom; Todd Korth; Barb Korth; Davis LaMarche; Dan RicherSun. 09-Dec 10:45 am R. Bruhn Rich Ryman; Sue Bruhn; Richard ChristiansonThu. 13-Dec 7:00 pm N. Krueger †UN; †UN; †UNSun. 16-Dec 7:45 am A. Knaus Clarence Ney; Josh VanKauwenberg; Jerry VanKauwenbergSun. 16-Dec 9:15 am R. Vande Hei Walt Juhnke; Tiffany Duff; Brian Duff; Chelsea Vande Hei; Rachel Vande HeiSun. 16-Dec 10:45 am G. Buechner Carmen Leuthner; Lloyd Leuthner; DeVonte King; Rich SpangenbergThu. 20-Dec 7:00 pm HC C. Arthur Carl Zimonick; Gary Kirchman; Dick ZimonickSun. 23-Dec 7:45 am HC J. Kielpikowski Chad Kielpikowski; Ron Klumb; †UNSun. 23-Dec 9:15 am HC D. Bitters Robin Williams; Frank Helebrant; Don Schultz; Shelly Williams; Trey BoerschingerSun. 23-Dec 10:45 am M. Charles Don Larson; Karen Kiekhaefer; Hunter AlftMon. 24-Dec 1:30 pm HC R. Bruhn Rich Ryman; Sue Bruhn; Richard ChristiansonMon. 24-Dec 3:30 pm HC A. Knaus Clarence Ney; Josh VanKauwenberg; Jerry VanKauwenbergMon. 24-Dec 5:30 pm HC W. Chamberlain Randy Dyle; Roxanne Dyle; Alex Chamberlain; McKenzie Waniger; Nathan ScholzMon. 24-Dec 7:30 pm HC P. Kuehl Bill Baneck; †UN; †UNTue. 25-Dec 10:00 am G. Buechner Carmen Leuthner; Lloyd Leuthner; DeVonte King; Rich SpangenbergSun. 30-Dec 7:45 am M. Dalebroux Andrew Prescher; Al Brietlow; Barry DalebrouxSun. 30-Dec 9:15 am D. Wians Lonnie Peerenboom; Todd Korth; Barb Korth; Davis LaMarche; Dan RicherSun. 30-Dec 10:45 am M. Charles Don Larson; Karen Kiekhaefer; Hunter AlftMon. 31-Dec 6:00 pm HC N. Krueger †UN; †UN; †UN † UN -Usher Needed: If youd like to volunteer as an usher; Please contact the Lead usher of the group youd like to join, Or, contact Rich Spangenberg (920) 857-3014 or email 3
  4. 4. November 2012 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday‘Every Sunday Communion’ begins this month. This includes the weekday 1 ALL SAINTS DAY 2 3 9am Truth Project 10:30am ABCservices as well. We thank the members of Our Saviour who have joined the 12:15pm Worship festival at HopeAltar guild to make this possible. 6:30pm Truth Project Lutheran, DP 7pm Trad Worship 3:30pm Open Gym Daylight savings time – fall back4 5 6 7 8 9 107:45am Trad Worship 6:30pm Cub Scouts 6:30am General Election 12pm Staff Meeting 12:15pm Worship 5pm Monthly Fish Fry 9am-12pm Rummage8am ACC Class 7pm Board of Elders 7am Bible Study 3pm Youth Night 4pm Fish Fry Prep sale at Redeemer9:15am Praise Worship 9am Bible Study 5pm Weds Night Meal 7pm Trad Worship w/ Lutheran9:15am Truth Project 7pm Choir Practice 6pm Prayer Time Confirmation Exam 9am-4pm Rummage 3:30pm Open Gym9:30am Sunday School 6:30pm Praise Band 8pm Confirmation sale at Redeemer 4pm Blazin’ in the10:30am SS Teacher meeting 6pm Confirmation rehearsal Lutheran Son Auction,10:45am Trad Worship 6:30pm SH Bible Study No preschool or12pm Packers @ Lambeau Trinity classes Riverside Ballroom11 VETERANS DAY 12 13 14 15 16 17Mite Box Sunday 7pm Church Council 7am Bible Study 12pm Staff Meeting 8:30am Worn Out 3:30pm Open Gym7:45am Trad Worship w/ 9am Bible Study 3pm Youth Night WomenHoly Baptism 7pm Choir Practice 5pm Weds Night Meal 9am PS field trip No 4K (meet on the 15th9:15am ACC Class 6pm Praise Band 11:30am Trinity early for field trip)9:15am Praise Worship 6pm Confirmation dismissal9:30am Sunday School 6pm Prayer Time 12:15pm Worship No Trinity classes10:45am Trad Worship w/ 6:30pm Worn Out 7pm Trad WorshipConfirmation Women 6:30pm SH Bible Study 7:30pm Youth Board18 19 20 21 22 23 247:45am Trad Worship 7pm Board of 7am Bible Study 11:30am Trinity early 9am Thanksgiving 3:30pm Open Gym9:15am Praise Worship Education 9am Bible Study dismissal worship9:30am Sunday School 5:30pm Praise Band 12pm Staff Meeting10:45am Trad Worship w/ No preschool or 4K 6:30pm Cub Scout meeting 7pm Thanksgiving EveAdult Confirmation classes all week 7:30pm Choir Practice worship No Trinity classes No Trinity Classes25 26 27 28 29 ADVENT I 307:45am Trad Worship 6:30pm GBLSA 7am Bible Study 12pm Staff Meeting 8:30am Worn Out9:15am Praise Worship 7pm Stewardship 8am OLM meeting 3pm Youth Night Women10:45am Trad Worship 9am Bible Study 5pm Weds Night Meal 9am Truth Project 7pm Choir Practice 6pm Praise Band 12:15pm Worship 6pm Prayer Time 6:30pm Truth Project 6pm Confirmation 7pm Trad Worship 6:30pm Worn Out Women 6:30pm SH Bible Study
  5. 5. The Voice Online The Voice Online A Word on “Thanksgiving” from the Timeline By: Pastor Dave HatchIt is a magnificent experience to read the words from greatest peace and happiness. He had thethe hearts and minds of believers who have come and consolation of knowing that the Pope remainedgone before us; snippets from the “great cloud of his friend, and did for him what lay in his power. His enemies were not satisfied with the sufferingswitnesses*” (Hebrews 12:1). he had already endured, and they banished himLet’s go back on the timeline and listen in on the inner still further, to Pythius, at the very extremity of the Empire. He died on his way there onvoice of a Christian who was born 347AD; that is 1665 September 14, 407.years ago! Meet John Chrysostom. When we start to Source: John’s writings, our souls will glow with joy.The Christian Classics Ethereal Library tells us aboutJohn Chrysostom… St. John, named Chrysostom (golden-mouthed) on account of his eloquence, came into the world of Christian parents, about the year 344, in the city of Antioch. His mother, at the age of 20, was a model of virtue. He studied rhetoric under Libanius, a pagan, the most famous orator of the age. In 374, he began to lead the life of an anchorite in the mountains near Antioch, but in John Chrysostom confronting Aelia Eudoxia, in a 19th 386 the poor state of his health forced him to Century painting by Jean-Paul Laurens return to Antioch, where he was ordained a priest. Wikipedia tells us more about John… In 398, he was elevated to the See of Constantinople and became one of the greatest He lived with extreme asceticism (a lifestyle lights of the Church. But he had enemies in high characterized by abstinence from various worldly places and some were ecclesiastics, not the least pleasures) and became a hermit in about 375; he being Theophilus, Patriarch of Alexandria, who spent the next two years continually standing, repented of this before he died. His most powerful scarcely sleeping, and committing the Bible to enemy, however, was the empress Eudoxia, who memory. As a consequence of these practices, his was offended by the apostolic freedom of his stomach and kidneys were permanently damaged discourses. Several accusations were brought and poor health forced him to return to Antioch. against him in a pseudo-council, and he was sent into exile. In the midst of his sufferings, like the apostle, St. - Cont’d on page 6 - Paul, whom he so greatly admired, he found the 5
  6. 6. November 2012 November 2012 - Cont’d from page 5 - You can read and search the works by St. John Chrysostom here: He is recognized by the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church as a saint and as a Doctor of the Church. Churches of the Western tradition, including the Roman Catholic Church, some * Hebrews 12:1 - Therefore, since we are surrounded Anglican provinces, and parts of the Lutheran by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off Church, commemorate him on 13 September. everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race Known as "the greatest preacher in the early marked out for us. church", Johns homilies have been one of his greatest lasting legacies. Chrysostoms extant homiletical works are vast, including many hundreds of exegetical homilies on both the New Testament (especially the works of Saint Paul) and the Old Testament (particularly on Genesis). Among his extant exegetical works are sixty-seven homilies on Genesis, fifty-nine on the Psalms, ninety on the Gospel of Matthew, eighty-eight on the Gospel of John, and fifty-five on the Acts of the Apostles.” Source: now for a simple quote from Saint JohnChrysostom that applies to “Thanksgiving”, or rather,“Giving thanks”… Even if it be disease or poverty…, for seen and unseen benefits…, and for those which we receive against our will; …but also whenever we are either in poverty, or in sicknesses, or are being insulted, Volume 1, Issue 11 November 2012 then let us intensify our thanksgiving; ‘The Voice Online’ is published monthly by thanksgiving, I mean, not in words, nor with the Our Saviour Lutheran Church. All rights reserved. tongue, but in deeds and works, in mind and in No portion of this publication may be reproduced heart; let us give thanks to Him with all our souls. without permission. St. John Chrysostomos, Homily 19 on Ephesians, 2, Patrologia Græca, Vol. LXII, cols. 129-130 Edited by Mark Stone.For some, the new books are those that are the ones that Please feel free to contact the church office withwere printed a hundred years ago. And the best books constructive suggestions and/or comments atare 2500 years old or more. They are free to read on the Thanks to those who have alreadyinternet. Many are only ninety-nine cents on a Kindle. commented! We are always seeking moreFor example, for the price of a ringtone for your phone congregational input and can own the collected writings of most any out ofprint author. Wowsers! 6
  7. 7. The Voice Online The Voice Online Final Report on Super Sale The Super Sale is behind us now and we are looking forward to doing it again next year with your help. Please continue cleaning and purging your homes of unwanted and unneeded items in great condition and bring them to the lower level storage room. It’s not too early to begin to think how you might help with the sale next year. The sale this past August added $4,816.14 to our treasury! The committee would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who helped to make the sale possible. It takes many people doing many jobs to organize the great event that we have. Our reputation has been established and many people look forward to shopping at our sale every year. Our merchandise is reasonably priced and always clean and in good working order. People appreciate the great shopping atmosphere and helpful friendly church members that greet and help them as they shop. This event not only helps increase our treasury, but also brings our congregation and community together. Our community sees Christians working together, showing God’s love for all. Blessings, The Super Sale team Youth Announcement A Cutting-Edge Fundraiser!During the month of November, let the youth help you Green Bay Trinity has teamed up with Looksstuff your stockings and your refrigerators! We will be Unlimited Salon for a fantastic fundraiser! On Sunday,selling pumpkin rolls on Sunday, November 11th and November 11, from 11am – 2:30pm, join us at LooksSunday, November 18th for $8 a roll. (They normally Unlimited, 850 Lombardi Ave, for $10 haircuts! All ofgo for $14!) In case you missed it at Fall Rally, we the money raised will support Christian education atwill have necklaces, key chains, and bracelets Green Bay Trinity. With Thanksgiving coming up, thisavailable for purchase. is the perfect time to bring the family in. We are also still looking for a couple stylists to help out for a fewWe will also have meat, cheese, and chocolate hours by cutting hair. Please contact Maggie Hinz atbrochures to place an order from November 7th - Dec or 920-265-64325th. Delivery will be on Dec. 12, just in time for your with any questions, or if you are, or know of someoneholiday parties and events! Find a youth and help them who is willing to help out.attend the 2013 National Youth Gathering. Please spread the word! As always, thank you for your support! 7
  8. 8. November 2012 November 2012 First Alert – Men’s Retreat 2013The dates for the 13th annual men’s retreat have been set for February 8-10, 2013. Again the retreat will beheld at the Holiday Inn in Manitowoc. The theme for this year’s retreat will be True Courage, based on abook written by Steve Farrer with the same title. The Biblical character we will be looking at is Daniel as welook at the first six chapters of the book of Daniel. On the front cover of the book, these words are printedunder the title of the book: Emboldened by God in a Disheartening World. The goal of the retreat is to buildup men of the Lord as they face problems and challenges in their everyday life.For some of our sectionals we will also be using materials from the movie Courageous. Rich Cohrs from theLutheran Hour Men’s Network will be back with us and keep us updated on what is new in men’s ministry.Last year we had 125 men from 33 different congregations involved in the retreat. We have been gettingmore men from the North Wisconsin district of our Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod involved in the retreatso this year we are inviting all the churches in their district to join us at the retreat.Three congregations from the South Wisconsin district sponsor the retreat. Men from First Immanuel inCedarburg, Divine Redeemer in Hartland, and Our Redeemer in Wauwatosa are on the planning committee.More detailed information will be coming to you as detailed planning begins. If you have any questions aboutwhat goes on at a retreat, please call Jim Berg at 414-462-5871 or email him at Who will be leading the prayer before the meal at your house? If it is you, consider adding this little Thanksgiving Means Giving verse, “This is the day that the LORD has made; Thanks let us rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24)“Over the river and through the woods, to "Over the River and through the Woods" is aGrandmother’s house we go.*” Do you remember Thanksgiving song by Lydia Maria Child. Writtenthat special song? Turkey, gravy, stuffing, originally as a poem, it appeared in her Flowers forpumpkin pie with ice cream. And there are all the Children, Volume 2, in 1844.relatives, each with their own story. There are the words before dinner, “Oh, everything hrough_the_Woodslooks so good!” and the distressful words after,“Why did I eat so much?” It will happen again thisyear, most likely, just has it has every other year.But let’s set down the knife and fork for a minute.We will need to coach ourselves, for a reminder isin order, just like, “Remember to put your napkinon your lap”; remember, it’s not aboutThanksgiving, but about giving thanks to the OneWho gives, the Lord our God. 8
  9. 9. The Voice Online The Voice OnlineOSLC Business DirectoryAdvertisements in the business directory help Our Saviour defray the cost of ‘The Voice Online’ eachmonth. If you would like to advertise, please contact Michelle in the Church officeat (920) 468-4065 or Please support the sponsors who help support us!Photo creditsHoly Spirit (pg 1) Chrysostom (pg 5) cross (pg 6) (pg 8) 9