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Beyond COVID-19 How W7Worldwide Created Successful Virtual Events



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Beyond COVID-19 How W7Worldwide Created Successful Virtual Events

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Beyond COVID-19 How W7Worldwide Created Successful Virtual Events

  1. 1. How Created Successful Virtual Events Beyond COVID-19: 01 If there is one obvious trend the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the events industry, it is the adoption of virtual event platforms and formats as a viable alternative to in-person events. The global pandemic had an immediate impact with conferences and exhibitions cancelled due to travel restrictions and social distancing measures. Having produced major regional and international industry events in various sectors during 2020, was able to build on its track record of creating value-adding, engagement-driven conference experiences and fully-fledged immersive virtual events. In this report, we present two case studies of leading regional technology events to demonstrate how our specialist team was able to address the challenges by creating a complete online platform to connect with the media and target audiences. Deploying powerful digital PR tactics and social media effort, we leveraged the accessibility of online events and with that the ability to reach wider geographies and regions.
  2. 2. IDC 2020 CIO Summit The Race to Reinvent: Connecting Leaders to Empower Digital Transformation About the Campaign 02 IDC CIO summit 2020 brought together global analysts, market leading vendors and 500 of the GCC and MENA region’s most influential C-Suite leaders to make sense of the rapidly evolving digital transformation landscape and shape the digital strategies of tomorrow. The event is the premier and biggest technology conference in the region and had to pivot to a digital format due to COVID-19 this year. devised a holistic communications strategy to promote the conference to a specialized target audience. The campaign was particularly challenging, executed at a time when the entire world was still in lockdown.
  3. 3. Strategy 03 We deployed powerful media relations to achieve sector specific, regional, and national coverage with our successful efforts in getting key target journalists and outlets to attend and cover the event. Creating the communications platform for the IDC CIO summit was particularly challenging owing to short timelines and the new digital format, pushing the team to innovate and ensure positive results were attained. We built the key message house that helped capture the interest of the media at a time when the news agenda was dominated by COVID-19. Our approach was to establish industry authority for IDC CIO with thought leading content through difficult times. We promoted the conference’s aims to raise awareness of the acceleration of technological development during COVID-19 and under Vision 2030’s digital transformation program. The key goal was to bring visitors and raise awareness of the significance of IDC and the CIO Summit 2020 in Saudi Arabia and the region. A dedicated team of consultants and directors worked towards creating a winning strategy for CIO Summit 2020 and to build on and sustain the success from the previous years. The team researched the technology landscape and latest developments in Saudi Arabia and the region to understand the pressing issues concerning the sector. has a strong background in the field having handled Avaya, HMD Global, Sony, MENAISC and others. We employed the skills of technology consultants to help define the tone of voice needed to communicate effectively with the target audience. produced a campaign that provided multiple opportunities to create awareness and visibility before, during and after the CIO Summit, maximising exposure, and available budget. We developed thought leading content to give the CIO Summit and IDC an influential industry voice. Developing a concrete plan and content cycles, we featured the event with multiple story angles to maximize engagement and audience reach.
  4. 4. 04 Results Responding quickly to the new virtual format with focused digital PR efforts and thought leadership content, we were able to expand the reach of the CIO Summit platform. We built on our previous years’ experience with IDC to create a sustainable and powerful communications platform for the 2020 virtual event despite the challenging circumstances. IDC2020 was highly successful and featured widely as part of the CIO Summit media coverage, raising awareness of the conference, the significance of technology in the Kingdom and the event’s leading role in the sector.
  5. 5. 05 Our proactive powerful media relations and digital PR efforts saw IDC and its headline CIO Summit 2020 featured in prominent outlets such as ArabNews and AlEkhbariyaTV. attended to report on the event, leading to an incredible national, regional and sector specific media coverage, including tv and radio. The campaign generated an incredible impressions 850,334,722 Over 20 159 key journalists and media outlets pieces of tier 1 radio appearances 2 TV appearances 1
  6. 6. MENA ISC 2020 From Resistance to Resilience About the Campaign 06 The Middle East and North Africa Information Security Conference, MENAISC, represents the biggest Cybersecurity Conference in the MENA region. Hosted by leading cybersecurity advisory company VirtuPort for the past 8 years, the 2020 event took place virtually for the first time due to COVID-19, with the participation of 7 different countries under the theme “From Resistance to Resilience”. ’s partnership with for the fourth year running in promoting MENAISC, enabled us to respond quickly to the extraordinary circumstances and communications needs, bringing over 1,900 cybersecurity and information technology industry experts to the conference and generating 412 pieces of national, regional and industry media coverage.
  7. 7. Strategy 07 Building on our strong media relationships and insight into the specialized cybersecurity sector, we produced timely thought leading content around the event, securing 7 expert interviews and 40 media opportunities for event sponsors. Our ability to adapt our communications strategy to the event’s virtual format and providing thought leadership on the significant rise in cyber threats since COVID-19 resulted in Our overall goal was to raise awareness of and MENAISC2020 in Saudi Arabia and the region to bring visitors to the event during a time when the media agenda was dominated by COVID-19 and virtual events were still a new format to many. deployed a dedicated project team with expertise in the technology and cybersecurity sector to work on the campaign, building on the success and learnings from previous years. Developing a concrete plan and content cycles, we featured the event with multiple story angles to maximize engagement and audience reach 2020 marked a hugely different event since it was held virtually and we had to pivot quickly to the new format, building the platform online and focusing on digital PR and communications. a 59% year on year growth of media exposure and brand reach for MENAISC.
  8. 8. 08 Results The greatest challenge for ’s #MENAISC2020 campaign had been to build the communications bridge for the first virtual edition of the event as a first of its kind in Saudi Arabi and the region. Despite the challenges COVID-19 represented, were able to expand the reach of the MENAISC2020 platform, building on our previous years’ efforts and experience with our sustainable and powerful communications platform for . Our proactive thought leadership focused approach saw MENAISC2020 featured in prominent outlets with timely content around the increased risk of cyber threats to businesses since the pandemic. Our creative and social media teams successfully executed a content and engagement campaign that brought over 1,900 influential, high level cybersecurity industry Professionals from Saudi Arabia and the region to the event.
  9. 9. 09 Our powerful media relations effort generated our campaign reached Tier 1 national and regional news outlets, online platforms, and specialist media, generating an incredible We secured 7 radio appearances and our social media activity around #MENAISC2020 generated a further and our social media activity around #MENAISC2020 generated a further 35% English 65% Arabic impressions radio appearances 412 pieces of coverage, EN AR 4,240,433,781 impressions 3.9m 7
  10. 10. 10 Over 40 media outlets 4 Year partnership were present during MENAISC2020 to report on the event, the various keynotes and the highly successful ‘Cyber Sabre’ Hackathon competition. Interviews with platinum sponsors, as well as ’s CEO were conducted, with the team coordinating all press office activity and interview schedules. Special reports from leading outlets such as Arab News, Al Ekhbariya, Jeddah Radio, Riyadh Radio and others covered MENAISC 2020. were able to build on the cumulative knowledge of its As part of its commitment to support aspiring cybersecurity talent, VirtuPort awarded generous monetary prizes to the top 4 Cyber Sabre Hackathon competition. The winners were featured in the media coverage, providing them with new career opportunities and proof of their cybersecurity skills. with in promoting MENAISC. Year on year we achieved a 280% increase in impressions, 38% increase in social media engagement, 100% increase in TV coverage, 14% increase in social media impressions, 59% increase in regional media coverage.
  11. 11. 11 2,800 Industry Expert Visitors 412 Pieces of Coverage 7 Radio Interviews 4,240,433,781 Impressions 3.9m Social Media Impressions Sentiment 100% positive Client Testimonial Facts & Figures Samir Omar “For this year’s virtual conference, succeeded in gaining powerful media attention for the event at all levels – locally, regionally, and internationally.” “ proved itself to be the leading communications agency in the technology and cybersecurity sectors. It was selected as the communications partner for MENAISC for the fourth consecutive year, continuously building the brand and reputation of both VirtuPort and the event.” Samir Omar CEO, Virtuport
  12. 12. 12 About is an independent communications consultancy based in Saudi Arabia. Our understanding of the local market converged with our global reach and knowledge enables us to bridge our clients with their audiences effectively. We are aligned by the objective of filling the gap in communication that exists in the local market. Therefore, our specialty lies in building bridges that sustain relationships and create brand reputation and value through innovative approaches. Our array of services includes, but is not limited to: •Corporate Communications Strategy •Stakeholder Mapping •Crisis Management •Corporate Social Responsibility •Internal Communications •Reputation Management •Media Relations •Public Relations •Public Affairs •Social Media •Marketing & Brand Solutions
  13. 13. 13 Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide Notice: Proprietary and Confidential All the content of this document (text, figures, list, financial information, graphics, designs, diagrams, as well as other graphic elements and/or audio and videos), whichever the format used (paper or electronic), is confidential and proprietary to . This document includes ideas and information based on the experience, know-how, intellectual/creative effort of . For these reasons, this material shall not be used, reproduced, copied, disclosed, transmitted, transformed, commercialized, or communicated, in whole or in part, neither to third parties nor to the public, without the express and written consent of . Worldwide © All rights reserved +966 12 661 4579 +966 56 720 1039 @w7worldwide For more information: Our Official Website: